Lee Da Hae and Kim Hee Chul are SISTERZ!


This really made my day a better day. =D I’m suffering from an internet line-cut and it’s frustrating me out because I can’t download anything, have my Drunken To Love You Ep 4 fix, and most of all, I cannot post anything about it. I’m currently hogging someone’s line (done secretly and discreetly so hush sssshhhhh ok?) and all I can view are short clips! *)&)(&(#_*_)#*_$*_)#*)#*)_*)## *kill me now!*

But you know anything Lee Da Hae gets me up and excited right? She just did an interview hosted by MBC Section “Rising Star” segment, which totally got me into HYPER mode! She may not be the nation’s favourite girl, but she’s definitely still the LDH I know from before (since My Girl 2005). The goofy and playful oddball who just loves to have fun and have a great laugh.

The whole interview spans about 12 mins. How I wish I had put my 12 years of K-drama watching to use sighs… cos I didn’t really get what they were saying. >.< I got the last part (thanks to Hee Chul fans) but I really really want to know what she said thruout the interview. Anyone, if anyone could just translate, I’m going to be OH SO ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!

credits: mrrrrripley

Isn’t Da Hae just so freaking ADORBS? I love that she’s always so open and playful during interviews. Notice how she just blurts out something and laughs hysterically after that? That’s just SO SO her. Even Hee Chul thinks she doesn’t even have the slightest feminine traits! LOL..

Just FYI on the last part, Da Hae was asked to call someone she’d like to enjoy the night scenery with and she called Hee Chul. Hee Chul mentioned that they’d gotten to know each other in Lee Hong Ki’s birthday party last year (she attended the party with Ssangchu) and got closer after that. She actually met Hee Chul before that in his radio talk show together with Jang Geun Seuk earlier but I guess that was work-related. He even called Da Hae “Aegi” (“baby” in Korean)! When asked about what he thinks of Lee Da Hae, he complimented that she’s pretty and nice, BUT acts just like a guy with no feminine traits at all! LOL Da Hae  then said Hee Chul didn’t have any masculine traits so they fit right together as SISTERZ! Omigosh I love them already! HAHA…

Looks like our girl really has close connections with the singing industry?! I mean, look at her circle of celeb friends – Ssangchu, Kim Jong Gook, Hee Chul, Gina, Se7en (she’s closer to Park Han Byul)…etc. And Seung Gi was even mentioned somewhere in the middle? Ohhhh…. I hope they can be friends of some sort. I’d do anything to see them work together. ANYTHING!~~


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