Wookie and Kim Sun Ah collab?


May is obviously my month.  So many dramas so many news! =D  Not only do I have loads of good dramas to keep myself busy this month, I’ve also been flooded with so many LDH-related news in the past week that it’s crazy madness (MBC has just released some official Ripley stills of Da Hae and I was like WOAH, that’s what I call a different type of heroine!~ Miri’s damn GORGEOUS!). To add to my excitement and already overflowing happiness, I’m happy to say that I’m already on cloud 9 now that- my dear Wookie (Lee Dong Wook) is finally going to be discharged in a month! *dies-of-happiness*

And not only is he coming out from MS soon, reports has it that he’s been seriously considering a script “Scent of a Woman” (SBS), an upcoming drama to be written by Dr. Champ‘s writer-PD team and which Kim Sun Ah has been in talks to participate in as well. Wookie and Kim Sun Ah?!!!! That’s just friggin awesome that I really dun have nothing to say.  I think 2011 has been too good for me, too good!

Well both of them have not sealed their confirmation as they’re still undergoing schedule and contract negotiations. But I really REALLY REALLY want it to happen. Truly. Both Wookie and Kim Sun Ah have been away from drama for 2 years, the former currently doing (and finishing) his MS and the latter having taken a break after the mega-popular City Hall. It’s perfect timing! Kim Sun Ah’s a charismatic actress who’s capable of bringing out some good stuff from her co-stars, and Wookie’s been improving ever since La Dolce Vita. And does it hurt to mention that I’ve been forever waiting for Wookie to come back? In something or anything? So many male celebs have gone to MS and I’ve missed him the most. =D

I’m not particularly drawn by the writer-PD team to be honest. Thought Dr. Champ was just meh and the female leads annoyed me to the max in it. But then I didn’t finish it so I wouldn’t know better. Hopefully with Wookie (if it happens for good!), I’ll be able to sit thru whatever is brought to the plate.

Scent of a Woman is scheduled to replace New Tales of Gisaeng (weekend slot) this coming June.


One thought on “Wookie and Kim Sun Ah collab?”

  1. Dr Champ’s storyline sucks ass. It was so mundane and so sleep inducing.

    I can’t believe we’ll have Lee Dongwook back soon! Gahhh, let the fangirling begin yet again!

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