OMG, here goes the Red-Headed Miri!

OMIGOSH! O-M-I-G-O-S-H! 0_____________0

Waddaheck is Da Hae doing in that red-colored wig?!!! And bed-room slippers?!!

credits: as labeled/ LDH baidu bar

I’m like WOW.

Talking about a different kind of heroine? Yeah? YEAH!!~~


2 thoughts on “OMG, here goes the Red-Headed Miri!”

  1. JO! So, last night I watched this Filipino movie. In the movie, the characters worked as entertainers in Japan. Not sure what kind of entertainers they were but I have a feeling they were bar hostess. So anyway, there was one scene there that roommate of the female lead was wearing the exact same wig and color when she was running off to work. So yeah, I think Miri’s gonna be working in some bar as a hostess and they’re going with the prostitution part of the story.

  2. Yeap, I hope they go all out on the prostitution thingy. It’s something that Da Hae has never tried before and I believe she will do well with. But poor girl just got hit with a lawsuit hopefully it won’t affect her too much. Hwaiting girl! We will always be with you!

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