Welcome to my heart, Dokko Jin~

Sorry Kang-ah (49 Days). You’re awesome. And I still love you. But please let me catch a breathe for a while, my heart’s been struck hard by cupid’s arrow. I cannot hold it in anymore.

Hong Sisters, I bow before you. I bow before you. I bow before you!!!

How can you always ALWAYS manage to create characters that are so adorable? How can you always make them so damn memorable and lovable ? How can you always make me fall so hard? From Mong Ryong (Delightful Girl Chun Hyang), Yoo Rin (My Girl), Anna (Fantasy Couple), Hong Gil Dong (HGD), Hwang Tae Kyung (You’re Beautiful) to Gu Miho (My GF is a Gumiho). You ladies rawk. You ladies RAWK SO HARD!

The first 2 episodes of Best Love gave me good laughs. The Hong Sis trademark humor was there, pacing was good, and lead chemistry, crackling. Need a writer to grab your attention right off the bat? Count on the Hong Sis. They’re just downright awesome pilot episode writers. Word.

If the pilot episodes got me all smiley and warm, Ep 3 took it a step further. It made me giggle in happines and squee with overflowing delight. It made me heart thump faster and made me tummy flutter with butterflies all over. And all that? Thanks to the most adorable Dokko Jin. Played by the utterly wonderful Cha Seung Won. UTTERLY WONDERFUL!

Man is just the perfect comedian. 3 episodes in and I can already tell, this man is not your typical comedic actor. He can make you laugh with his gaga antics. He can make you laugh with his solemn expressions. Heck, he can even make you laugh even without emoting! The unique charm and intrigue about him is that he doesn’t need to try. A friend (mookiehyun dear) once commented that he can even bat his lashes or just say UHHH or AHHH and we’ll laugh all over. She’s damn right. Cha Seung Won is a genius. He’s born to play comedy. You know it.

But man isn’t only good at comedy, he also manages to grip your heart during heartfelt moments. Tug at your heartstrings when he looks or thinks of Ae Jung. And make you go AWWWWW~~! The way he emotes, if you take a closer look at his facial expressions, is just priceless. I have no words to describe that.

I know I should be raving about Gong Hyo Jin‘s Ae Jung. I love Gong Hyo Jin, and I love Ae Jung. But if I were to choose my favourite character in Best Love, it would most definitely be Dokko Jin. Hands down. And to reiterate on Cha Seung Won, he’s just so wonderful that I have no words. He just brings comical to a whole different level. You see the typical OTT-ness in his gestures and antics, but for some reason, it doesn’t fall into the “overacting” at all. It feels all so natural to him. So real.

See that? I am already on the verge of laughter. It’s just inside him. LOL

Totally made my day, after the disappointing 2 episodes of Lie To Me. Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan just pale by a whole mile in comparison. Miahne… no matter how much I love you KJH.

Dokko Jin and Cha Seung Won FTW!~

Picture credits: imbc / CSW and Best Love baidu bar


5 thoughts on “Welcome to my heart, Dokko Jin~”

  1. oh what a wonderful insight of DJ. he’s in my heart too, settled as a king. Wonderful performance of CSW. He can do comedic roles so well. The best of best love <333333333

  2. CSW is adorable for sure. He is damn funny in Best Love, especially his sexy voice saying “AHHH” or “HUH”! I really enjoy Hong Sis productions like YAB and MGIAG. Although some may consider their productions way too out of reality or sometimes a bit too makjang, I think they’re really GOOD for realxing oneself in leisure time. 😀

  3. Cha Seung Won is GOLD. And coupled with the Hong Sisters’ way of making comical and hilarious fun, you have a WIN!~

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