Joseph and Rainie chum it up for the funny in 醉後決定愛上你 Drunken to Love You

Yup, DTLY time.

Now that I have Dokko Jin (Best Love) to occupy me mind, waiting for Sunday to come isn’t so much of a dread anymore. 😀 However, you know I will still  make time for more DTLY, more JX-XR and more Joseph-Rainie. Their natural chemistry is just TOO CUTE.

Check out their most recent BTS from DTLY (mostly scenes from Ep 4).

I can only say – Joseph and Rainie on and off set are really GOLD together. No wonder their scenes just come out so well in the drama. Their rapport is just like PB&J combo. There right from the beginning. Super uberb cuteness! ❤

More on the BTS:

  • Joseph and Rainie are practising their parts and lines for the “kissing” scene in Ep 4.  Joseph gets it from Rainie and the PD that his comical side is getting a bit out of hand. He keeps adding ad-libs and extra gestures (eyes, hands..etc) and they all think he’s disgusting LOL.
  • Rainie comments on Joseph’s stark contrast during filming and his quiet introverted side when doing interviews and promotions (you have to see for yourself, he really doesn’t TALK!).
  • Joseph agrees that he has gone mad filming DTLY and has no idea what’ll happen to him (how much more crazy can he get) once they finish filming the drama.
  • Rainie comments on the kissing scene, saying that it’s their 3rd time doing it and she doesn’t feel a thing as they’d done a more passionate/heated and longer kiss earlier (apparently their first kiss was the bed scene kiss?! I’m not sure).
  • Joseph follows and tries to joke it up by trying to comment on the kiss in English. He messes up but manages to come out with the words “soft” and “juicy”. MUAHAHA.. cute!
  • Last part is more about Rainie filming her falling down the slope scene. A double is hired to play her part during the fall and she comments on how professional and brave he is.
  • She also comments on how she has a phobia for wet and sticky places. Other than the toilet, swimming pool and the sea, places with water puddles generally freaks her out.

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One thought on “Joseph and Rainie chum it up for the funny in 醉後決定愛上你 Drunken to Love You”

  1. Hey there! I caught on to this drama quite late but I do agree on your thoughts. Joseph Chang does seem different on set. He talks and does his funny expressions a lot. I have seen a vid of press con in singapore i think(it’s the only one in english and I do not understand mandarin and chinese script). He just sits beside rainie and repeats almost everything she says and only when asked. On set, however, they’re absolutely awesome together!

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