Baby-Faced Beauty thoughts

This is just a random post out of random thought. Just had to blog about something.  😀

Who’s watching Baby-Faced Beauty by Jang Nara and Daniel Choi right now? No? Nobody? Everyone focusing on Best Love (which is all sorts of wonderful I concur) and Lie To Me (which is a total MEH for me)? Ahh, too bad, cos I think it’s a pretty enjoyable and cute drama albeit not the most original. Everything about the drama is pretty much a regurgitation of K-drama stereotypes. It has exactly the right buttons to turn me off right of the bat and have me trash it into the bin immediately. But surprisingly, I really enjoyed what I saw and I want more.

4 episodes in, I’m already rooting for Jang Nara‘s character Lee So Young like mad. She has a somewhat similar character to YEH’s character Goo Ae Jung in Lie To Me, in that they’re both feisty tough cookies (and they lie to get around things too!). So Young is a lil bit more mild and timid. She bends down and give in, she holds her feelings in, but when she feels she’s been deprived or wronged, she will work her ass up to prove her worth. Sure she does back down (because of her own insecurities), but I IMO that makes her a more relatable character than any other because in RL we all have insecurities and I’m sure we all have times when we just have to submit and give in.

As OTT or ridiculous some of the scenes may have been or be (it’s K-drama romcom after all), as much as I want to knock some sense into Daniel Choi’s character Jin Wook, and as much as I resent the annoying-ness of some of the supporting characters in the drama, I like that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It mixes all the zany and impossible together, but at the same time it addresses the issue of ageism with light banter and fun. This drama is nowhere near MNIKSS or the Hong Sis dramas, but then, it has this strange ability to pull you in at moments you’d never expect, especially when you’re already drifting away. Pay closer attention to So Young’s lines or interactions with the other characters, you’ll see it and you’ll want more of it.

Daniel Choi’s character Jin Wook is annoying, irritating and stupid. But he matches So Young’s quirks to a tee.  He teases So Young with unending zeal, and she teaches him a lesson or 2 without hesitation. Their rapport and interactions make me giggle, their bickering gives me fits.  It’s all the same in K-dramas you know it. Bickering turns to love later on? How original huh? I guess I like the fact that both have something to hide about themselves (So Young’s real age and Jin Wook’s real chaebol background)? That something which may strain their friendship or relationship further when everything’s out of the bin later on. Cannot wait for that to happen! 😀

Ryu Jin is again in his stride to become the funniest cool-looking man ever! This man may never become leading man material (pretty sad case cos he def has some good acting chops tho not stellar), but he may end up becoming one of my fav secondary lead actors.  In here he plays serious and grounded in such a way that you’d root for him in whatever he does. He rarely smiles, and when he does you feel warm.  When he does something  out of character in a serious way, or even with a solemn expression, you break into laughter or fits.  There’s just something about the way he plays serious.

Other characters are forgettable, and not likeable in any other way. I’m watching solely for So Young and her 2 men.

Last but not least, what’s a Jang Nara drama without a Jang Nara-sung OST? 😛

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9 thoughts on “Baby-Faced Beauty thoughts”

  1. hello Jo! nope I haven’t been watching BFB but I just had to agree with you with Lie to Me (and of course Best Love). Lie to Me is such an epic fail. I hate that it’s not delivering what I’ve expected it to. I mean, with that cast how can you go wrong. But, yeah Lie to Me pretty much sucks. I can’t say with full conviction given that I haven’t seen the episodes in entirety. I tried to start the first and I fell asleep like a log. I scanned through the second episode and it’s just as uninteresting. I think the story sounds so familiar, which is okay but it’s just too familiar. It’s like I’ve seen it before. Such a pity.

    I have to say YEH is bringing out the chops, but please don’t kill me because I really think KJH is tanking here. I’m not buying his OC, control freak and perfectionist chaebol character. It feels so unnatural for me and it really really appears like it’s acted and labored. I know I’m really not expecting to feel this way about any KJH performance because you know that I really really like him (which is an understatement really) in everything I have seen him in. But here, he’s a little off for me. But, yeah I’m basing it with what little I’ve seen from episode 1,2 and the trailers. I do hope that once I’ve seen the entire episodes and the succeeding ones that I’d get my feelings change. I’m really crossing my fingers because I really really want to like this. It’s just so good on paper that hardly anything can go wrong. But, I can’t say that I’m still that much interested anymore.

    Best Love is LOVE. With the first episode, I thought I could not go through with CSW’s OTT acting. This is my first CSW drama you see so it was not a very good first impression when I saw him over acting like that. But, midway through the second episode I started to get converted with how I feel about CSW and his character. I now laugh at his immaturity and “diva-ness”. I’m thisclose to having a 180 degree change of heart with him. GHJ is solid as always. And you cannot expect anything less from the Hong Sisters, right? So yeah, Best Love FTW.

    Anyway, have you tried watching Can You Hear my Heart? I think out of all I’m watching (which is a lot: 49 Days, New Tales of the Gisaeng, Best Love, Lie To Me) CYHMH is the one I’m most obsessed about. I super love it. Probably I watched it without any expectations to begin with. I am loving everything about it. I love the actors. I never found KJW more attractive before but now oh boy I think he’s so pretty. I think the female lead is doing a fine job and so is the second male lead. I love the characters. They are so complex. I also loved the childhood episodes. I thought the children were so amazing. I really think the story is refreshing, but it has that tinge of darkness to it. I love the intrigue and the backstabbing being planned. I love how creepy the mother is and I can’t wait how she’ll be able to achieve her revenge plot. I love how it pits the villain against another equally competent and manipulative villain and how the lives of all the other characters are caught in between. I don’t wanna spoil anything. But, you have to see it. I think I’m making it out to be too much as a makjang heavy drama but it’s not. You’ll be surprised how light the tone of the drama is and how cute the OTP is.

    1. Hagrid! Welcome back to the rant-sphere! I haven’t seen you in a very very long time. 😀

      Yup, Lie To Me was a total disappointment and failure, drama, actors and everything. I actually do not mind the story, cos K-drama themes are always rehashed and reused all the time. But the writer obviously doesn’t have the right chops for comedy and obviously lacks what it takes to elevate the drama to something more than just a package of charming/talented actors + fun combined together. Editing is crappy, lines are crappy and the least, music is horrible.

      Acting-wise, I agree with you. You know how much I love love KJH too right? But he’s really not making anything out of his character right now. He’s done it before and I know he’s capable of doing it, but I dunno, he’s just not doing it right here. Maybe he’s still troubled about his contract dispute? Or maybe the filming is tiring him out? (Apparently the hotel only allows them to film the drama within the vicinity from 12am morning onwards, crazy!) I am also indifferent to YEH’s acting here. Her character annoys me (a bit too crazy and zany) and it’s just too seen before (Chae Gyung, Eun Chan?). I like her spunk and all, but overall, I don’t find her too intriguing or relatable at all. 2nd episode was worst, but ending got me interested again for a while. I’ll probably stay on for another 2 eps and if nothing pulls me in, I’d probably trash this in the bin. Sorry KJH.

      Have you seen BL 3 or 4? If you haven’t, you’ve got to FAST. If you liked CSW in 1 and 2, you’ll go crazy for him in 3 and 4. He just steals every single scene. And if you read my earlier post on him, you’ll know that this man is just GOLD when it comes to comedy. You will love him! <33

      On CYHMH, I've heard many great things about the drama for sure. They do make me want to watch it. But sadly, I don't think I can take up another long drama with the list of dramas I'm watching right now (check at the right side of my blog). Just cannot manage another good drama. Not for now. And with Ripley coming in 2 weeks, there is no way I can live a normal life again! Ottoke?!!!!!!

      1. haha. I’ve been lurking everywhere. In soompi, LDH’s thread, Ripley’s thread, your, DM’s, DB’s and ockoala’s blog. Gosh, Ripley is looking so good. The new official pics are gorgeous. Although I liked the one where she turned her back better than the other one. Also, I have a feeling that they’re gonna go all out on the prostitution bit of her character. I hope it wouldn’t try to fuse comedy into the tragedy of the story. I want it to go full on melo and never hold back. Yes, I want comedic parts but I want them in small doses as much as possible. I want it to rip our hearts out and never hold back. I can’t wait.

        Yup, YEH is practically rehashing Chae Gyung in LIe to Me that’s why I’m probably not having any problems with her. But, KJH I am surprised that he is putting me off quite a bit. It probably has a lot to do with the incompetent writing.

        I am going crazy waiting for subs for Best Love. I am checking out 3 fansub sites. HAHA That’s how desperate I am. WithS2, Darksmurf and Viki softsubs. Sadly, nothing is available yet. I don’t want to watch without proper subs. Darksmurf releases softeware generated translation but they are beyond comprehensible so I wait til the fan translation reach 90% before I go watch it with those subs. Oooops, wait a minute episode 3 is kind of available in Darksmurf actually. *off to watch Ep3*

        Tsk. Sad that you have a lot on your docket right now. Please promise me you’ll give it a try once your plate clears up. I really want to try DTLY (yes I try to squeeze in as much dramas as I can watch while I’m on a break from school) but I just have this nagging feeling that it would drag in the mid episodes and I would (as is always the case with me and TWdramas) never have the heart to finish it again (i.e. FTLY). But, I am so tempted.

        Gawd 2 more weeks till Ripley’s premiere. Are you familiar with the PD and writer? What are their past projects? Are they competent enough? I can’t wait although sadly I’m gonna be going back to school come June. I’m afraid I might not be able to follow it religiously. I’ll probably be always catch up with it on weekends but I’ll sure try my very hard to keep up with you guys. Gah LIFE sucks. I hate it when life gets in the way of my dramathons.

  2. I have no idea who the writer/PD of Ripley are, except that they’re husband and wife? I just hope they don’t butcher the stellar cast ensemble that they have right now. The premise is quite unconventional in comparison to LTM and BBF so that’s something different. At least we don’t have to force ourselves to compare altho they bear the same concept – lying to get around things. Hopefully the writer/PD can bring out the best in the script and cast. *prays hard*

    Yeap, I’ll def give CYHMH a try when I have the time. Most probably when 49 days ends or when I drop LTM (high possibility if it continues to suck)? I have a soft spot for Kim Jae Won and his charming smile so yeah…

    On DTLY, can’t guarantee that it won’t drag like FTLY. And I can say that TW dramas or dramas in general tend to drag, especially rom coms. But Rainie and Joseph just have exquisite chemistry together that I can’t help but want to watch more. I think even if the drama drags on and on, I’ll still be happy and satisfied with Joseph and Rainie scenes. They’re just a JJANG OTP. Trust me. But since school’s coming up, you might want to put this on hold until it ends? I’ll be more than willing to share my thoughts with you by then.. hehehe.. altho I think I’d ignore all the faults and flaws and go straight into the OTP ranting hahaha..

    Oh, if you happen to drop LTM, please give BBF a try. First 2 eps were just okay (def way better than LTM’s pilot episodes), but I think 3 and 4 picked up a bit. Very typical K-drama, but the underdog story is compelling enough to get me going. ^^

    1. TSK. Have you heard? LDH is being sued for dropping out of Coffee. I hope all the best for her.

      Re: PD-writer, oh noes. I really hope that they’d do a good job and not waste the good cast and material they have with them.

      Re: DTLY, one thing also, I’ve kind of written off Rainnie from my radar because her OTT acting in Miss No Good made me squirm to no end. I gather she’s not doing that here? Because if she’s still doing that there’s no way I’d get past episode 1. haha

      Re: LTM/BFB
      WOW Jo! The world’s coming to an end. You’re thinking of dropping a KJH drama? Really? You? I would try and watch BFB once my plate clears up. I did like the trailer. It felt upbeat and light weight. As for LTM, I probably be still in the denial up to episode 8 just because I love the main actors, if it still doesn’t pick up Imma hate on it forever, I’d shelf it with Personal Preference which was an equally horrific disappointment.

  3. On LDH, I heard and I’m devastated. We know how hard she’s worked for Coffee, practising and learning for the film? But why is it her fault when the PD chose to delay everything and keep her waiting? I just hope that she’s okay and that her attention is drawn away by the Ripley filming. (psst, will be posting on her lawsuit thingy, we can discuss there..)

    On DTYL, Rainie is all sorts of wonderful in here. You have to see it to watch how different she is in here. Spot on comedic timing, perfect crying-angsty scenes. You won’t regret it.

    Yup, give BFB a try! Lemme know 😀

  4. i’m so glad someone else is showing some love for this drama! for me, it’s utterly adorable, and the story has really picked up in the recent episodes. somehow, despite the fact that the plot is rehashed, i’m really loving the progress of the story nonetheless. it’s my first jang nara and daniel choi drama, and i must confess, i love both of them and the characters they’re portraying in this, they have great chemistry too, which is icing on the cake 🙂
    thank you for sharing your thoughts, i hope we will continue to enjoy this drama/

    1. No probs. It’s currently my fav rom-com after Best Love..err.. no… probably on par if it continues to be this cute and breezy. ^^ Jin Wook ❤ So Young 4evaaaaaa!~~

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