Ripley Official Poster and Stills revealed

One word – WOW!

Looks like Ripley is fully geared up for its release end of this month huh? From its recent stills to the poster above, you know that they’re aiming for something different.  Just look at that! I have no words.

Are those posters friggin’ kick-ass brilliant or what? I was expecting something different but not THIS! The 4 people buried under pretense and lies, and only Ripley girl Miri is revealing her conniving self with her mask off. How awesome is that? AWESOME.

Of course, I know too well not to get over- hyped before a drama starts. Really do not want this to end up like the super duper MEH Lie To Me. But I just cannot help but look twice or thrice at the posters/stills above and go, “Damn, this is SO GONNA BE GOOD!”

If anything, they’re making me look forward to 30th May 2011 more than ever!

P/S: Read somewhere that the Ripley teaser is gonna be released today as well! *YIPEEEEE!~~*

Poster credits: naver/


9 thoughts on “Ripley Official Poster and Stills revealed”

  1. Wow.. I wasn’t expecting this kind of poster from Ripley. My interest is shooting up. I agree with LTM. I’d still watch it to the end.. even if it kills me (purely for KJH and YEH).

  2. WOOOOW !! Brilliant concept indeed. Me too ripgal. I don’t want to be disappointed too but I can’t control my excitement after seeing the posters. Please Please be great Ripley and of course my girl “Da Hae”.

    1. Yes my fellow chinggu, I’m still in awe on how innovative and eye-catching the posters turned out. Let’s hope that the drama fares as good. *prays hard to drama gods again*

  3. WOW! I have no words. NO WORDS. My interest just shot up through the roof. These posters are AMAZING. I love the crowd of masked faces. It’s a simple concept but it is so loaded with meaning and symbolism. I love that they seem lost in the sea of the masked faces. I also think that LDH being the only one holding a mask with her is quite telling. I’ve never seen any promo posters which was as relevant to the plot of the drama as this one right here. It’s bloody genius whoever thought of this poster concept deserves a raise and a dramatic slow clap. *claps* *claps again after 5 secs.* *claps again after 3 secs.* *claps incessantly*

  4. WOW! I have never seen anything like it before! Impressive! That is one beautiful camera’s work with its uHmazing aperture and shutter speed focusing on the characters just beautifully captured and Dahae’s is my favorite! I’m so hyped right now! Ripley FTW!

  5. hagrid and maccay, impressive feat right? Have to give credits to the person who thought of this idea and the photographer who shot them. 2 thumbs up, I’d even have my toes up for that! (Now where’s imogene to complete the picture? Where are you my dear chinggu?)

    Claps claps claps!

    1. Okay this is a bit o/t but I just can’t get over it. You know how much I love these posters? It is the exact opposite of how I felt with Lie to Me’s posters. That awful poster which made KJH look like he’s gay. Whoever shot that, edited it and the one did his hair should better be careful because they are on my hitlist.

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