醉後決定愛上你 Drunken to Love You Ep 5 Thoughts

This is insane. DTLY is insane. Rainie is insane. Joseph is insane. I am INSANE!

That’s exactly what Ep 5 of DTLY did to me, made me a total insane wreck! &)($&(_*#_)#*)_#*# Read a lot of good reviews before I watched the episode, and I had my expectations up before I clicked play. Was expecting good stuff, and was prepared to go AWWW and all. But what did I not expect? To be so emotionally touched and gratified by this episode that every single scene with JX and XR together had me on the verge of tears. No joke!

This episode proved to me that good script-writing is really one of the crucial elements to making a drama a good drama. Very true. Writing capable of bringing out SO MANY emotive and moving moments. Lines which are capable of striking that inner chord inside your heart. Scenes which make you laugh out loud in one and cry your heart out in another. All those meshed up together, you have an absolute win. And Ep 5 of DTLY did all that in a go. It was just sheer brilliance.

I’m an easy person to satisfy when it comes to rom-coms. You give me laughter and tears (which are convincing enough), I’m all good. You give me good enough lead chemistry, I’m on board the ship anytime. You give me solid enough acting, hey, that’s even better. But if you add a lil bit more into that, and make me feel for the characters, ache for the characters, and connect emotionally with the  characters, you’ve already gained a fan in me. Ep 5 just struck every single bit of the above and made me feel every single moment that JX and XR were going thru. Their scenes made me laugh incessantly. Filled my eyes with tears. And made me bawl like a kid. All in different scenes, and all in 1 single episode.

The amazing thing about DTLY is that everything feels real. Not real in realistic sense, but real as in that you actually can feel and relate to what the characters are going through. A natural and comfy vibe that you don’t always get from watching dramas. I’ve always viewed TW dramas, rom-coms in particular, as very OTT, sugary (cheesy I mean) and overkill. They are still and probably will always be. DTLY is no different and has touches of cheesiness and OTT that may turn some off, drive viewers away. But that’s a side point, when the emotional journey of the characters really take it up from there and hits you wham and bam that you’d forgot that the cheesiness or OTT-ness ever ticked you off.

Putting the crackling chemistry of Joseph and Rainie aside, which really is the driving force of the drama apart from the writing, the characters themselves really amaze me. Of course they’re stereotyped i.e. JX being the richer and higher status-ed and XR being the poorer (but tougher and determined) one. But they are essentially different than a lot of TW rom-com leads that I’ve seen. They argue and bicker non-stop. They tease each other and make fun of each other. They even fight over stuff like kids. But then, you realize that when they argue, they always learn something from each other. They always say things which pierce right thru the heart of the other and wake him/her up from their ignorance and naivete. They unknowingly and unconsciously say things and do things for the other person (like my dear friend ockoala commented in her recaps of DTLY). With no pretense, guise or any cover. What they do for each other, now even in a platonic stage of their relationship, is what makes them different. And you can see their maturity evolve into something more when they’re both together. In short, when they argue, it’s all about and for the other person. (*ockoala chinggu, I quoted your words faithfully. heeee*)

Ep 5 was a moderate paced episode, with a lot of emotional developments in XR and JX’s relationship and their respective relationships with YX and Avril.  It dealt with inner torment and turmoil of the characters. It gave us a ride into both XR and JX’s inner thoughts, on how their respective relationships had impacted their lives. On how they’d lived their lives trying to accommodate their loved ones and to make them happy but lost themselves in the process. I like that JX always has something to say to XR when she mellows over the loss of YX to Peggy. All the words he says to XR, tho hurtful and filled with thorns, they all make XR realize that she can do better and deserves better. One particular line that I really really liked: “He has no right to take your future and bury it along with your hurtful past”. I literally bawled my eyes out when he said that (yeah I’m a super emo person). How close to heart and comforting that was to XR? How impactful was that? She didn’t care right there and then, but deep down inside she knew. She knew how spineless she was and how pathetic she was.  JX understood and tried to get her out. I really really liked that.

The more I watch of JX and XR, the more I echo the words said in the preview by JX to XR: ” With you, I am complete”. Isn’t that just symbolic to how both XR and JX compliment each other in all ways? Not in a romantic sense per se, but in the context of how both of them understand each other in the tiniest ways possible. The recent episodes, in particular this episode, showed how much JX understood XR as a person, and I like that he admits this wholeheartedly to XR (sorta like bragging but you get me). XR on the other hand genuinely cares about JX but doesn’t really know that she’s slowing inching closer toward his heart. All she knows is that her husband is in trouble and she needs to help him out. It’s like she’s oblivious to a budding concern that she has for JX and just continues to shower him with support. In a nutshell, you just feel that they are COMPLETE in each others’ presence.  (Of course 7 days is a tad exaggerating in RL, but I’m okay with that hee.)

Both Joseph and Rainie blew my mind with their acting in here. Rainie showed how emotionally engrossed she was with her character XR, and Joseph showed his conflicting emotions with sheer conviction.  I know a lot of people have mostly been heaping praises for Rainie, and I think they are very well deserved and fitting for what she’d been bringing to the plate so far. That scene of her breaking down on the couch in front of JX, wasn’t that the most heart-wrenching you’ve ever seen? That scene there ALONE is enough to win her an award. Joseph on the other hand is relatively unknown and un-mentioned so far. But I think he deserves as much credit and accolade as Rainie is getting. The way he emotes is somewhat a bit different, and has stiffness and awkwardness meshed together at times. But I think that’s exactly what is setting him apart from all the other TW idol actors out there. He’s notably different, but has a very intriguing charm about him.  And I would even go as far to say that he’s the one who’s bringing out the best in Rainie. Rainie once said that Joseph is a very special actor in that the way he acts actually gets her into character and makes her want to do more for her character. Coming from Rainie, do you still not get the point? They perfect each other!

Avril is a character that I’m indifferent to. I do not hate her, but neither do I have any liking or pity toward her situation. JX may have fallen for another girl, and may not admit it wholeheartedly, and heck, he may even be wrong in the eyes of the norm. But then remember what you said Avril? You gave him the go, when he told you that he’s human and he might side-track and do something wrong. You basically persuaded him to enter into that contract marriage (when initially it wasn’t one to begin with, just a mistake prolonged from drunken-ness). And now you’re falling into that wrath which you solely created for yourself. Blame JX? Yes he’s wrong for having wavered in his feelings. But please re-think and recall what you have done for JX, and what you have done TO him. All those years.

Now that this new guy is in the picture, it’d be interesting to see how JX and Avril’s relationship will go from here. It’s interesting because while I think JX has a thing for XR, he still considers Avril a part of him and his life. When he mentioned that he didn’t need Avril anymore, I was quite doubtful. Did he say that out of anger? Or was it true? Why did he ask Avril not to leave with the other model after that? I saw tears in his eyes, what did that mean? Were they mere tears of regret? Regret that their love had in fact faded and were long gone? What do you think? A hopeful me would like to see JX deal with the dilemma, in having to decide on whether to follow his heart (obviously with XR now) and to re-assess his relationship with Avril. The least thing we need is another wishy-washy guy who doesn’t know what he wants and one who dilly dallies between 2 women.

I wonder now if Yi Xiang is totally out of the picture, given his lack of presence in the recent episodes. So far he has only appeared in the first 2 episodes and in XR’s flashbacks. With another character Geng Shi Huai (to be played by Xiao Gui) to appear soon, I wonder how would that round up the relationship chart of the characters. Frankly, I am a bit wary and bothered by the fact that another character might be coming into JX-XR’s relationship. We already have enough supporting characters (Yi Xiang, Peggy, Avril and the handsome film star) to complicate things, the least we need is another “mysterious” character to add to the contrivances of the plot. Hopefully the writer can make it good. *please please please*

All in all, I think DTYL is nothing about contract marriage/fake marriage or near that. The premise is but the context is way beyond that. DTLY never delves deep into the haywire circumstances revolving contract/fake marriages (look at Lie To Me ,total absurdity) and it never gets its characters into situations requiring them to lie to cover up. All it does is make us see, understand and feel how 2 people can find consolation and comfort amidst a complicated relationship. A journey of recovering from heartbreak through the help of someone you’d never expect.

Last but not least, Ep 6 preview! Tell me who is not looking forward to that? It’s weird because unlike a lot of people who expressed their excitement about what’s to come, I actually felt a sense of calmness and comfort. I guess I know Ep 6 will blow my mind again and I will end up an emotional wreck (again). It will be good no doubt, so why not just sit down and relax until Sunday comes? (yeah right, I hope)

Photo credits: DTLY Facebook group / baidu


10 thoughts on “醉後決定愛上你 Drunken to Love You Ep 5 Thoughts”

  1. I have been waiting to hear your thoughts on this episode on your blog. Am I glad that you took your time to put this post together or what…..You said much of which I’ve been unable to articulate

    “Not real in realistic sense, but real as in that you actually can feel and relate to what the characters are going through. A natural and comfy vibe that you don’t always get from watching dramas. ”

    I more than agree..

    About Ep6………When will Sunday come 🙂

    1. Thanks, I am nothing compared to the wonderful ockoala and so many others who’ve commented in Asianfanatics. bekky just posted a wonderful insight on JX and XR’s relationship there and I have on words to describe how spot on she was. I wish I was more eloquent haha..

      But thanks for reading, really 😀

  2. The main issue for me with JX still being in a relationship with Avril while falling for XR–it’s not that he may be cheating on Avril. I really couldn’t care less about her being “betrayed.” The issue is, like you said, what Avril means to him and the importance he places on her and his relationship with her.

    Obviously it’s expected that he would be emotional and upset during his confrontation with Avril. If he were cool about it, it wouldn’t make any sense, and we probably would think less of him. .

    I do think he pretty much knew she would walk away again. And his telling her not to walk away proves that he didn’t suddenly just get over Avril. I figure had she not walked away, he would have made an effort to rid himself of the feelings he’s developing for XR (Avril had just pointed out to him the possibility, and he seemed to have realized it might be true) and work harder to make it work with Avril.

  3. Er, I´m not sure if the beginning of my got through. I think it may have been lost somehow. I´ll need type it out again.


  4. So I somehow lost the beginning part of my post. Which basically confirmed that I was also insane.

    And talking about how I don´t feel sorry for Avril at all, even though I still don´t hate her.

    Because she´s the reason for this contract marriage. Avril wasn´t the innocent girlfriend who is forced to go along with this contract marriage, after JX and XR finds themselves in some bizarre situation. Nope She asks them to continue on with this marriage for HER own benefit. Actually, she asks JX, and tells JX to convince XR, She didn´t suggest it to get JX out of a jam. She suggested it because it was beneficial to her.

    JX and XR were about to get a divorce. And when they drunk married, in JX´s mind the relationship was over, even if it was inevitable that he would go back as soon as Avril called him back. Would she even have called him so soon if it weren´t for the scandal and the news of his marriage

    So sorry if I don´t feel sorry for her as she complains about her guy being stolen or snatched. Who the hell tells her boyfriend to carry out a fake marriage, with a person she doesn´t even know, live with that person, and maintain to the world that it is a real marriage

    She´s stupid. She didn´t even choose the girl. It´s a girl the guy drunk married. That alone should give her reason to worry. Would he have really just drunk married anyone?

    1. No worries, my blog is all about insanity anyway lol
      All your comments got thru and are all up ^^

      I agree with you wholeheartedly that Avril was the one who’d brought everything upon herself. Her selfishness is to blame for all. Altho JX had agreed to enter into the contract marriage with XR for the sake of Avril (and her so called promising career), he was still wary and did even request to divorce XR because he was concerned how the marriage might affect her. If Avril had a hard time trying to prove her worth/status or whatever as an upcoming model-turned-actress, imagine what JX has to go thru to balance between her, XR and his work all at the same time.

      I may have a teeny weeny problem with JX going for the kill with XR in the next episode as I do not think he is really truly over Avril yet (love or the pain that she’s caused him). The thing about him cheating behind Avril’s back with XR is quite a sensitive but interesting issue. Physical contact (eg. sex) with another woman other than your girlfriend is one of the most despised and resented thing that a man can ever do, and JX is already on the verge of doing it with XR in the next episode (if it succeeds that is). I know he has already broken up with Avril, but that does not mean he can just go sleep with another woman after that right? But again, it’s up to one’s perception and mind-set. To me, it’s a somewhat blurry boundary to me, having to balance between what’s RIGHT and what you really want to do, what your heart wants.

      I have a feeling there will be a certain outrage or disgust from some viewers, but I’ll have to see what happens first.

  5. Just to be clear, I am not saying they should sleep together so soon. I agree that it is unfair that he is ready to sleep with XR when he still is not over Avril. I don´t think he could be this soon, even if he doesn´t get back to Avril.

    I just care more about the unfairness to XR, and don´t really care about the possible unfairness to Avril is what I mean.

    I completely agree that he needs to fully work out and truly work out his issues with Avril before he sleeps with XR. But I´m not looking at it like from a ´´poor Avril the victim´´ POV.

    I think basically we both agree on the larger point.

    1. Yupz, I got your point. ^^

      And as said, Avril is the victim of her own actions. Can’t blame anyone.

      I’m just worried that with a wrong turn by the writer, JX can become a bastard to both Avril and XR. And we surely do not want to hate our wonderful JX.

  6. thanks for the insight, ripgal! between you and ockoala, i get the best experience with my fave kdramas and TW-dramas. THANK YOU 🙂

    1. You are very very much welcome! 😀 I hope you enjoy reading my long-winded and sometimes sense-less entries. I get carried away all the time 😀

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