Ripley Trailers and Press Con Pics

You know I wouldn’t miss posting this yeah!

Press con for Ripley was held yesterday, with all the cast looking really radiant and happy! 😀 Da Hae looked good as usual (but I wish she would wear something else than black all the time), Kim Seung Woo dashing in blue, Kang Hye Jung adorable and Micky oh Micky, soooooo handsome and cute with that big wide smile of his <333.

2  trailers were released: –

credits:  baidu translations

TOTALLY dig the dark and melodramatic tone in the trailers. Altho the music in the first one kinda irked me, everything else pretty much made up for it. I can already feel the intensity and angst building up between the characters!

One thing I need to get out before it bugs me forever. I am 100% LDH fan, you already know. And I will always love her and support her for what she does. Whatever she does. She is the core and essence of the drama and is the crucial player in this game of deception, lies and deceit. So she has to be good if not great. But I have to say from what I’ve seen in the trailers, she seems to be going all out and a bit too much in her expressions. It’s like she’s trying too hard to get her point and through and when she overdoes it, you can see it. Of course, there were scenes where she did nail her emotions on spot e.g. her scenes with Yoochun mostly. But there were certain scenes which made me cringe, and when it’s cringe-worthy, you know she’s not doing it right.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think she has it in her. And I know she’s capable of killing melo and angst everything. But it doesn’t mean I cannot see what’s wrong with her acting. Sugar-coating? I don’t do that. It always saddens me when somebody bashes or comments negatively about her, but imagine how much bad it hurts for me to say something bad or negative about her as a fan. It truly hurts. Seeing her doing too much when she only moderation or simplicity is requiring, knowing how she can do it when she’s done it before. Oh, the pain. I just hope that she can relax a bit and just let the wind take its course. She has the tendency to be overly-cautious and aware of how she looks and acts and that is IMO bringing her acting down. She has to find her groove quick and just try to be herself. I know you can do it girl.

Contrary to Da Hae, I found the other cast to be very natural and comfy in their characters. Kim Seung Woo and Kang Hye Jung are known veterans and they’re always good so no prob there. But Micky oh Micky, you are just so damn adorable and fine! I liked his performance as the serious and uptight Seon Jun in SKKS, but I have a feeling I will love the cheerful side of him more. The endearing, caring and kind Yutaka. Just look at his smiles, they’ll melt your heart into a pool. <33 The trailers do seem a bit misleading, in that he’s showing interest in both Miri and Hee Joo (Kang Hye  Jung’s character)? I wonder how their relationships will pan out. The one big element that’s pulling me in.

As expected, the press con focused a lot on Micky and his transition from an idol to an actor. A lot of questions were posed and mostly were directed at how others thought of him as an actor. Both KSW and KHJ said that Micky’s down to earth and exhibits a very comfortable and natural vibe whilst Da Hae urged fans not to hate her too much because Miri will be ignoring “Yutaka” until the 4th episode. lol  Careful girl, Micky is one  national darling, you tick him off, you tick off half the idol fan population HAHA..

Hopefully the drama can live up to my expectations (I have quite a bit but not really high). And hopefully Da Hae, you’ll be able to get into character soon without having to rely on too much of your self-awareness. That’s what I want.

More pictures from the press con:


credits: sina/ baidu/ naver


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