Drunken To Love You, how can I sleep tonight?!!

Apparently the 2 previews for DTLY Ep 6 weren’t enough, they had to release the steamy stills to whet our appetite! I was already going to hop on bed to sleep. Tell me! Tell me how am I able to sleep with that? How am I gonna sleep with all those pervy thoughts invading my brain?! URRRHHHH…

photo credits: weibo / DTLY baidu bar


Sunday needs to come right NOW!


And oh, an extra adorb pic of Xiao Ru and her Xiao Xiu Xiu 😀


14 thoughts on “Drunken To Love You, how can I sleep tonight?!!”

  1. *hic* O_O whoa. Whoa. WHOA! haha torture indeed! Thanks for sharing those pics..now I’ll be tortured till sunday comes haha

    Quick question for you Ripgal, do you have any idea if any fansub team has taken this on? I know viki subs it for their site, but half the time the videos don’t work b/c they want you to install the plugin..which ironically doesn’t install -_-.

    1. LOL, torture requires DTLY cure but we only have it once a week. I think I’ll be dying lotsa times in future haha

      I am not sure but I do not think there is a permanent subbing team for the drama yet (BOO cos they’re missing out on this beautiful gem BIG TIME!)? Actually I’ve volunteered to help out but nothing’s confirmed yet. I’ll let you guys know if anything’s up! 😀

      1. Once a week. How we all would survive if not for all the Kdramas airing right now I have no idea LOLS. Thanks for replying so quickly! It would be a shame if they missed out on this gem of a drama ^^ I’d offer my services too, but I only know how to time (and typeset a bit) and I haven’t done it in a long long time. Plus I know nothing of Mandarin haha..granted I don’t really know all that much Korean either XD

        Glad to see you have a blog of your own..I always enjoyed reading your thoughts in Soompi back when I lurked/posted in the My Girl threads haha


  2. Hei, I rem you now! K4ice! 😀

    Yeap, they’re totally missing out on this big thing man. I hope a team picks this up quick. Meanwhile, I’ll get back to you on the so called temporary subbing team for the drama. If you’re interested and really wanna help, I can give you the person’s email or let her know beforehand.

    Thanks, have been blogging for a while now. But not this OFTEN after DTLY started. I guess the drama just re-ignited my ranting and rambling passion? lol blame the spoilers blame JX, blame XR! hahaha..

    1. Yep thats me! ^^v gosh that seems like so long ago haha..

      I would like to but I’ll wait and see that I can fully commit to it before jumping on board. Work has been a little bit crazy for me and I don’t want to leave anyone hanging. Not to mention I have to dig out and dust off my timing skills XDD.

      LOLS I blame the spoilers (oh the awesomeness of those spoilers)…and the awesomeness of JX & XR in here!! 2 more days..just 2 more days hahaha

  3. Is that for ep 6?because next week,I mean this sunday we enter the first half of the drama.I hope April wont interupted the steamy scene between JX and XR well ok but after they done it and she see the glory cuddly nakedly on bed after the heavy steamy love making.oh I want to see that face.haha being a meanie but thats what I want.

  4. i love this drama too!!!!!!!! anyone know where to download this?? not necessary in english sub…. i juz wanna have it… hehehe….

    1. My copies are Chinese hard-subbed copies. Got it from a Chinese download forum. If you’re interested, I can email you the links. ^^

      1. sure i would love to… is it a direct link download or need to use torrents?? anyways send me the link k??? thanx a lot!!!!!!!!!! =)

  5. Did you read the spoiler for episode 6 on ockoala’s blog ? My my …..first these pics and then the episode preview text……I demand Sunday comes more quickly……..:-)

    1. Yeap, I read. Looks like they’re gonna add more stuff to complicate the story? But yea, so can’t wait for tmr!

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