The craze of Secret Garden’s “That Man”

Nope, I’m not gonna write anything about Secret Garden. Hyun Bin. Or the awesome Ha Ji Won. The drama is a big hit enough. And I’m sure the love for it is unending will never cease anytime soon.

I happened to come across this news about Xiah Junsu (JYJ) doing a cover of That Man and curious me decided to listen to his take on this already so amazing song done by Baek Ji Young and Hyun Bin. That led me to several covers done by other celebrities and I thought I’d post some of them here for ya guys to listen. I didn’t fancy Secret Garden, nor did  I buy the craze about it and all. Will probably never understand . But I really loved the songs in the OST, in particular That Man, which moved and shattered my heart to pieces.

First, the original by Baek Ji Young:

Hyun Bin’s version:

Xiah Junsu’s version:

*Junsu sang this song in a noraebang?*

Suju Kyuhyun’s version (short):

Suju Sung Min’s version (short):

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun’s version:

I personally liked Kyuhyun’s version the most, with Xiah coming a close second. 😀

No comparison to the original singers – just cos they’re the original singers. What about you?

One thought on “The craze of Secret Garden’s “That Man””

  1. OMG, listening to Kyuhyun ver. gave me goosebump! Even without the music (or because of that?), I felt totally connected though I don’t understand a word.

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