Drunken To Love You 21/05/2011 Fan-Meeting

Awww! How cute and sweet? <33

Today is Sunday again, YAY! And as usual, I just cannot live a day without posting or talking about DTLY. The obsession is almost getting out of hand that I can foresee my blog becoming an all-DTLY blog, a central hub for anything DTLY or anything Xiao Ru and her Xiao Xiu

DTLY is indeed riding success in a stride. After having only aired 5 episodes so far, it has already risen to the top of the ratings chart, and is likely to soar even higher (prob after Ep 6 and that “scene”?). Our beloved OTP, Xiao Ru (Rainie) and Jie Xiu (Joseph) also caught wind and attended a fan-meeting in Taipei yesterday to meet their fans (lucky lucky ppl!). Filming of DTLY had already ended a month ago, but it’s really good to see our OTP come together again to promote the series together. They even wore couple-matching outfits, which just adds to the AWWWW factor.

Interview clip:

Translations of the interview:

  • A quote by JX which left Joseph with the most memorable impression – “Those who live in the past will never have a shot at future”.
  • Rainie explains that the scene was about JX trying to get XR out of her misery and heartbreak. She remembers that XR replied him that if she could live in the past, she’d rather not want her future. She also adds that the particular scene had actually helped XR a big deal in getting over YX.
  • Rainie says the upcoming bed scene is indeed a passionate and steamy one. She didn’t do much of a mental preparation beforehand but just went ahead with the filming of the scene anxious and nervous. The first take wasn’t done to their satisfaction so after a round of discussions they decided to take a second shot at the scene. It ended up pretty good and left a deep impression on Rainie.
  • News reported that Rainie had eaten garlic flavored chewing gums before the scene but Rainie denied it saying that she’s not a person to play such a disgusting joke. She did eat normal refreshing chewing gums to maintain a fresher and cleaner hygiene.
  • Joseph mentions that the first scene that they’d filmed for DTLY the minute they arrived at the set was the bed scene. It was very awkward because Rainie and himself weren’t close at all and they didn’t really communicate or talk about the particulars of that scene. During the meal break after the first take, they talked and discussed about the first take further and decided that it wasn’t enough, hence the 2nd take. When the final edited scene came out, Joseph’s immediate reaction was – it’s indeed HOT.
  • Rainie is however thankful for that scene because it was filmed at a stage when she and Joseph were not at all close but after that, they immediately clicked and hit it off (friends). The other scenes which followed after were trivial compared to the first scene. That scene broke off their guard and barriers which enabled them to go all out in their acting thereafter.
  • Rainie says that the bed scene isn’t a display of 2 ppl in love, but more of a outburst of 2 ppl’s contained feelings. Everything was done in and for that particular scene and there was no involvement of feelings off-set or anything.
  • Rainie comments that Joseph has a good body and is a muscular man. When asked about Rainie’s figure, Joseph seemed a bit startled and followed suit saying that she has a good figure too.  (They probed him further and he got a bit stuck. Rainie immediately teased along and said he’s probably lying that’s why he seemed awkward. Joseph denied and said what he said was true, she has a good figure. Knowing that the questions might make it more difficult for Joseph, Rainie immediately asked the reporters to move on to other questions. Awww.. how sweet!)
  • Rainie talks about how her bed scene in DTLY differs from her previous bed scenes. Her previous were mostly discreet and involved kissing done on bed but this time it’s truly an all-out bed scene. She goes on to say she has benefited from her collab with Joseph, as they always discussed and reflected on their performances after each take.
  • Rainie comments on the differences between her lesbian bed scene (the film with Isabella Leong) and her DTLY bed scene, in that the former was more beautiful in a melancholic sense and the latter, more bold and passionate.
  • Joseph relates on a personal experience when boarding a plane (after DTLY finished filming). Somebody called him “Mr. Song” (LOL). He was startled and couldn’t react on time but later realized that they were calling him by his name in DTLY.

More pics from the fan-meeting:

credits: etvorg for Youtube video

Photos: Alina / Rainie baidu bar / Asianfanatics


Other tid-bits from the fan-meeting:

  • Rainie’s mom also attended the fan meeting and is an avid fan of DTLY.
  • Joseph was probed about his 5-year relationship with his GF and was asked whether she got jealous over his crackling chemistry with Rainie. Joseph, in his usual cool self, hesitated and kept his lips sealed. Rainie tried to help Joseph to get around the questions by diverting the reporters’ attention to other stuff.
  • Joseph was also asked about his romance rumors with Angela Chang whom he had worked with in a short Golden Bell promo clip earlier. Joseph denied everything and said that they aren’t close at all and doesn’t even have her number. Rainie teased him and said that he’s having an affair (LOL) and Joseph retorted,” I have your number, but I don’t have hers.”
  • Regarding the earlier spoilers released (about YX and Peggy), both Joseph and Rainie said that they’re not true and we viewers would have to continue watching to find out.

Phew, that was long. Now you know. The things I can and will do for DTLY. 😛

Last, 8 more hours to EP 6!!!


5 thoughts on “Drunken To Love You 21/05/2011 Fan-Meeting”

  1. Awesome. They look great- Countdown to Ep 6…………woohoo!
    I was rewatching earlier episodes of DTLY and realized that I really like the song selection- opening and ending themes and all in the middle.

    Was wondering if you can help me out with finding what’s the song title for the background song playing in this video?

    It is playing in the background at 0:09:29.07

  2. Thank you so much for the detailed summary. They shot out of order. It explains why his ring popped up earlier than it should have in some scenes.

    Damn. They shot that scene first. Wow.

  3. Thanks so much for the mini-translation bits! I just skimmed through it for now haha..I snuck away from my little sister’s Uni grad party for a bit – there’s a little bit of a lull at the moment haha..Can’t wait to fully watch the clip and the episode!!!!!

    *hears people yelling for me so runs off* byyeeeeee

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