Jae Hee’s drama comeback!

Jae Hee oh Jae Hee, finally!

2011 is really turning out to be a great year for me. I’m counting my blessings as I type now. From the bulk load of good dramas (and GOOD GUYS!) airing right now, to the discharge of my fav actors (Wookie and Jo In Sung), and to the the 30th day of May 2011 (Ripley premier!).  I wonder how much more I’m gonna get in the coming 6 months? 😛

To add to already so wonderful month of May, it’s been reported that Jae Hee has finally decided to come back to drama for good! I’m ECSTATIC! I’m in tears! You have no idea how long I’ve waited for Jae Hee to come back to drama. In fact, I’ve waited for him to act in something GOOD ever since Delightful Girl Chun Hyang. 3 Dads and 1 Mom and Witch Yoo Hee were total flops script-wise and I didn’t enjoy them as much as I’d want to. Totally wasted Jae Hee’s talent. Now that he’s finally decided on a project, I can only hope that it turns out good. Again, please drama gods up there!

Jae Hee is to co-star Lee Bo Young (another improving actress, ever since Harvest Villa and BOTR) in the upcoming MBC drama “Woman Who Never Gives Up” (writer: Park Hyun Joo / PD: Joo Seung Woo) which tells of a divorcee, Kang Jae Mi (Lee Bo Young) in her late 20s who overcomes life obstacles in order to improve and make her life better. Jae Hee presumably plays the male lead and the love interest of Jae Mi? No particulars on that now but I’m sure it will be nothing short of what we’ve seen before in other K-dramas.

I said it, the story is really old. I can already think of few older dramas using the same old concept. But again, what’s K-drama without its formulaic cliches and stereotypes? I just pray that  the writer and director will be able to make this a decent one.  Not expecting to be blown away or anything.

Woman Who Never Gives Up is scheduled to replace Can You Hear My Heart (another one which I have to catch up quick) once it ends.


T_____T Jae Hee has officially pulled out from the drama due to back injury he sustained from training for the drama? Sighs.  I’m so disappointed. T_______T But do take care and recover quick!

Lee Tae Sung (9E2O, Playful Kiss) is scheduled to replace Jae Hee.


7 thoughts on “Jae Hee’s drama comeback!”

  1. well if you are not into family stuff iam sorry to say this one is gonna be a very traditional family drama because I am familiar with the writer (SHE WROTE MY PRECIOUS CHILD) actually and being a LBY fan I was VERY disappointed about this choice cause I have been hoping she would be in something better like the princess man BUT there is not alot of good roles anyway and they have to be on screen I have heard of jae hee but havent seen him in anything he looks like the trendy drama guy so even if this will be so traditional I am hoping for good chemistry between them at least

  2. I haven’t seen any of the writer’s previous works so I’m approaching it as something new and fresh. I’m okay with family dramas, as long as they don’t drag things out too much? (I hope! aiks) If anything, I’m gonna watch this for Jae Hee, and of course Lee Bo Young as well. Jae Hee is quite a versatile actor but has not been given a chance to show his chops in drama. His previous drama roles were all comical ones (which he’s really good at, man has a wide range of priceless expressions) and ppl kinda just found him stereotypical. But I have faith in him, he’s done it before in film (3 Iron by Kim Ki Duk) where he showed some deep acting and hopefully he’ll be able to show some of that in here. 😀 And yeah, hopefully they’ll have some good chemistry.

    1. ^Haven’t read a full translation on the news yet…but I think the guy’s playing Lee Bo Young’s first husband? And that he’s sorta like a riot or something?

  3. really he seems so happy about this casting I thought he was the lead anyway I made some research about him and it looks like he has good potential so I am fine with him now and ppl have been saying he looks like rain

  4. Oh no, I read that Jae Hee’s just injured himself and may have to pull out of the drama?!!! O((#*_)$*##_*_)#*_#) Sighs, I was so hoping for his comeback. Hopefully he’ll recover soon.

    No confirmation, but Lee Tae Sung (9E2O, Playful Kiss) is reported to be in talks to replace Jae Hee. I like Lee Tae Sung, but my dear Jae Hee. Sighs.

  5. i know iam so annoyed about this is it final then he is out i was so lookin forward to this pairin what luck

    about castin Lee Tae Sung thats such a dumb choice i mean seriously he is too young and not well known where are all the leading korean men

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