Please HUG ME, So Ji Sub

Oh wow, it’s been ages since I blogged about So Ji Sub! o_0 It’s like he’s been missing since forever. Or rather… I just didn’t have the time to check or bother? *miahne*

So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah came together to film their new catalogue/CF/AD for Giordano themed HUG ME. And what can I say? Lucky girl. ^_^


Okay, So Ji Sub is a hottie alright. But man he looks really really exhausted and grossed out in the pics! >.< And he doesn’t seem to be enjoying the shoot as much as Shin Min Ah (who looks really vibrant and cheery btw)?

I think you need a hug from me, oppa!


One thought on “Please HUG ME, So Ji Sub”

  1. LOL, Minah sshi seems to be enjoying herself very much, from the pictures. Too bad SJS is not smiling much, but he was for the pictures they chose for the ‘hug me’ ads ^^

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