Choi Jin Wook (Daniel), why so CUTE ♥ ♥ ♥

Again! I am so doomed. T_T

You see, it’s really hard to juggle so many good dramas at the same time. And it’s even more difficult when the guys in those dramas actually make me heart beat faster, make me swoon, and make me go awwwww.  So Kang (49 days) was initially the only one, he’s just awesome that I didn’t think any character in any drama could ever ever beat him. Caring, gentle and thoughtful. Try beat that.  But then came Song Jie Xiu of DTLY, who posted strong competition, who drove me into candy-land with all his sweet gestures towards the girl in the drama, who made me sink even deeper into fairytale land, hoping that someday I’d meet someone like him. 2 guys apparently weren’t enough to aggravate my condition, drama just had to bring someone like Dokko Jin (Best Love) into the picture, an immature and zany character capable of getting one into fits of laughter and melting hearts of many with his affectionate looks and gazes he gives the lady he likes.  And oh, not to forget, Pil Joo (Best Love), who’s just top 1 ideal boyfriend, ideal husband, ideal man.  That enough?

Apparently NOT, again!

Choi Jin Wook (Choi Daniel) of Baby-Faced Beauty, you’re officially in the run to becoming my favourite leading man in a rom-com this year. Yes, you damn well deserve that contending spot.

Let me tell you why.

I know not a lot of people are watching Baby-Faced Beauty (and I think people are missing out on some great fun; totally pawns Lie To Me a whole thousand miles. Trust me!). It doesn’t have an eye-catching cast, it doesn’t have a very original plot, neither does it have anything to blow your mind ( it’s a trendy rom-com after all). But heck, I love it. I love love love it. It’s fun, it’s cute and it has plenty of heart. And all of that do not overshadow the main story revolving So Young’s lie about her real age at all. Instead it makes the drama all the more interesting and engaging. All the more exciting!

But here I am to talk about Choi Jin Wook, the new guy who has just stolen another piece of my heart (I have none left sighs, but I have Ripley‘s Yutaka coming up soon! Ottoke?!!!). This man started off irritable and annoying, being all immature and childish in the first 2 episodes. But then I dunno what happened, something did for sure, in Ep 3 or so? He showed signs of concern. He started to care. I started to see something in him. He started to make me want to see more of him, and make my heart and tummy flutter to no end. Ohhhhh…. the butterflies <3333

I have a special fondness for male leads who actually fall for the girl first. Cos it’s just plain romantic. In the past, the girl used to fall for the guy first, and we had to go through eps and eps of silent pining until the guy wakes up from his ignorance. That has become history as of recent, as we’re slowly seeing a handful of main leads emerging in K-dramas who actually show interest or fall for the girl FIRST. And not only that, they’re no longer arrogant or aloof or rude, they’re actually NICE for once. And they actually do things for the girl and not expect anything much in return.

That’s Jin Wook for sure.  You’ve gotta watch past Ep 4 to witness his transition from the jerkass Jin Wook to the caring and thoughtful Jin Wook. The way Jin Wook treats So Young (Jang Nara) is just downright CUTE and ENDEARING. I just love how he’s so playful and comfortable around her, and how he constantly looks out for her, takes care and covers for her when she’s in deep trouble. I love how he can just tease her and irritate her without having to constantly gauge on other people’s reactions. And I love that he doesn’t take all So Young’s remarks about him being childish and ignorant to heart. He continues to poke fun at her, he continues to be himself around her. He loves being with her, and he loves that she’s around him. ♥

You see, Jin Wook is no different from Kang or Jie Xiu, both of whom I think are just wonderful wonderful characters in their respective dramas. But Jin Wook is just on another level when it comes to doing sweet things for So Young. I think it’s largely due to his age (he’s 26 in the drama) in that he’s still enjoying the bulk and joy of his youth? Sometimes he’s rash, sometimes he’s irritating, but I tell you, when he really gets down to helping So Young, he’s just DAEBAK! He’ goes all out and he does it all with a genuine heart. It’s just pure pure pure sweetness. (Ahh, I’m doomed, candy is rotting me now! >.<)

Choi Daniel‘s take on Jin Wook is just pure ADORBS (and bliss for me XD XD). There is just this something about him that makes Jin Wook so loveable and fun. I’ve only seen him in Cyrano Agency (with Uhm Tae Woong and Lee Min Jung). And whilst I didn’t really like anything about the movie (the characters were pretty boring), Choi Daniel did grab my attention for a bit. It’s not about his looks (I think he’s really handsome, in a down-to-earth boy-next-door kind of way?), or about how great his acting is or anything. It’s just the way he injects life into his characters. How he takes them on and adds a flavour of his own into them. The craziness, zaniness and quirks of Jin Wook, he nails all of them effortlessly. The sweetly in love (or infatuated to be more exact) Jin Wook, he does it even better. The way he goes all out in his emotions, gestures and body languages is just – heaven. Priceless!

Mind you, Baby-Faced Beauty is pitted against the drama Lie To Me, which stars one of my most beloved beloved actors, Kang Ji Hwan, and the nation’s darling, Yoon Eun Hye. While most are still forcing themselves to continue that sucking-ly boring and crap-like drama for the so called OTP chemistry (which I think I’m blind to notice any AT ALL. And yes, I dropped it ages ago.), I am part of that minority group which is having a heck lot of fun fawning over BFB instead. If the LTM OTP have sizzling chemistry, the BFB OTP most definitely have PERFECT chemistry together. Chemistry that would melt your heart into puddles of water, chemistry that would make your face go all red. Wanna judge? Just give BFB a try, and you’ll see.

The noona-dongsaeng relationship has always been an interesting concept in K-drama. The crucial element to selling the concept – a compelling OTP despite the age difference. My favourites, Dal Ja’s Spring, What’s Up Fox, and Woman Who Still Wants To Marry, they all featured older-woman-younger-man relationships. And they succeeded in making me root for the OTP from beginning till the end. And much more, made me adore them to bits! Reason? Simple. Rapport, comfort and chemistry. Jang Nara and Choi Daniel are 5 years apart, but their chemistry together just go WAY BEYOND everything. The level and comfort they have with each other is  no less convincing than a normal OTP of the same age / or the guy being older. The connection they have, the untold feelings they have for each other. Ah, soooo romantic and sweet. It’s cliche and oh-so typical alright, but I guess that’s why I still love my rom-coms, no? <3333

Now So Young has another contender for her affection – Seung Il (Ryu Jin). He’s like the perfect man, one that any girl would fall for, especially So Young who’s never been in love and who’s been quite the center of his attention for quite some time. But otoke? My heart has already found an owner, sealed tight and strong. Jin Wook, if you continue to be so caring, concerned and thoughtful of So Young, if you continue to do things for So Young secretively, you will own me heart and soul. In no time you will top the list, and be my No. 1 man of 2011! My other men will complain of course, but rest assured, I have your back here.

Jin Wook sshi, SARANGHAE! <33333


22 thoughts on “Choi Jin Wook (Daniel), why so CUTE ♥ ♥ ♥”

  1. Thx for your wonderful article about Jin Wook.
    I’m a part of the minority who watch BBFB and I like it too.
    I so agree with you about the perfect chemistry between the two leads.
    I’m just impatient for a kiss between them

    1. Yeah, I’m really kinda miffed that BFB is not getting much attention. It’s typical K-drama of course, but still, the dynamics between the OTP just make me all happy and gooey. Jin Wook ❤ So Young DAEBAK!

    2. I think this is an ideal girl-drama…and u r so right in saying that Choi Daniel make his character more alive!…his dance on the catwalk, his baby-sounds when he comfort So Young (ep 10), the meowing sound when he put something on SY’s hand, even his effort to hug SY in amusement park r really beautiful, and he did it like he is her real BF! (oh I wish so). And his sigh when seeing SY looks like it’s real Daniel and nit his character.

  2. I like BFB, too. It’s a good, breezy drama and I agree with pretty much everything you said. I never really thought of Jin Wook as an ass, though. I would be pissed as he was, too. Especially after her kicking his face and running off–leaving him with the bill (even though we see why she had to do it). All of it would have been avoided if she just explained why she needed the jacket back rather than fighting with him.

    Also, her constantly hitting his head bothers me. It bothers me in all the Korean dramas, actually. WTF people. That’s someone’s HEAD!!

    I’ve been a bit behind this week on my drama watching, so I haven’t been able to watch the last two eps with subs yet (watched them raw on Mon and Tues), but the the other chick is just dumb. So Young has SI’s sister’s support. Does she think that’s not going to make its way to him?

    1. Nah, Jin Wook is such a cutiepie! Ass? HWAT? hahaha.. I love him. ^^
      People who got turned off by Jin Wook in the first 2 eps are really missing out big heaps in not tuning in for more. Have you watched 7 and 8? He was even more adorable and sweet… speaking of which, I need to grab 9 and 10 ASAP!

      Hitting the head is just like the wrist grab. You know it’s Kdrama when you see it! HAH.

      1. I still need to watch 7 and 8 with subs before getting to 9 and 10. I’m behind on a few dramas. Sigh. Will try to catch up within the week.

      2. Jin Wook is a cutie pie. Even with his bad fashion. 🙂 Immature, yes–though he’s growing. But so damn cute.

  3. i love daniel choi!! im also probably in the minority who likes BFB. hhehehe you should watch daniel in worlds within, high kick too! i tried watching goob job for him lol. he’s so much fun! untapped talent i say. hehe. i like his quirkiness if you saw happy together with BFB cast uber fun. he’s relatively not a newbie.. but he’s low key.


    1. Okay, now you make me wanna watch those dramas. But I have SO MANY to juggle right now T_T wish I could buy time. I heard High Kick was really good (save for the ending I thnk?). I’d definitely watch it just for him hehehe..

      I think he’s pretty weird and quirky in real life? I saw this KBS street interview with him, and he’s like so adorkably CUTE and weird haha..

  4. you are right, he is good in BFB
    and I like BFB more than the big names dramas Best Love, Lie To Me and City Hunter. Have dropped those fast.
    And So Young’s landlord is so funny
    Though, I do skip the business parts

    1. He IS. And I love how natural and comfortable he is when being all comical and playful. His smiles, his eyes.. he just lights up the screen whenever he comes out. Just saw Ep 10 last night (should have slept early for work today but just COULD NOT resist), and both Daniel and JNR were wonderful in the episode.

      Rom-coms will always be rom-coms and you probably don’t get to see much deep or really great acting. BFB is no different. But it’s the tiny heartfelt moments which make me appreciate the drama more than what it is. What else do you need?

    2. The minority who watch BFB!!! hahahhahah….well tell u what…it means that they miss something fun!…Okay LTM has YEH and KJW…they r match made in heaven, but all i can remember is YEH kissing almost all cute boys and cry over one-side love..Daniel Choi perhaps wont open his mouth for a deep kisses I dunno ( my side, I want him to kiss Nara like no tomorrow…hahahhaha…I mean his lips r sooooo yummy) but have u seen his scene with Nara in bed? now that’s what I call “head over heel”…I watch Lie To Me from ep 1 to 3 and I was kindda questioning myself what I did that. So all I can say is that watching LTM or Miss Ripley or City Hunter is good, but in the end of the day I will choose BFB for my warm and sweet night….I wont trade it with other drama..not even a bite…hahahahhaah

  5. Such a long explanation…hahahhahaha and I perfectly understand that. I watch BFB since the first episode, and I just don’t care about Lie To Me, no offense, I just don’t see it interesting. It’s funny for me because Jang Nara is not my fave, Daniel Choi is…so when I heard about this drama, i went frantic and seek for downloaded BFB videos. But start from the beginning I love Nara too, and even more Daniel…( I remembered felt crushed when he got a scandal with his leading lady in ” high kick to the roof”).
    I watch several of his clips and I think he is a deep person, he doesn’t follow trend too much like having too bugled up muscles, or etc…and I think he is such genuine young man ( I watched him in Star Date KBS, he hugged his fans like hugging long lost friends) and he has this very unique way of thinking.
    I love the storyline of BFB, love in the office really refreshing hahhhaa…but what I like most about this drama is that Jin Wook see So Young in her true color and on the same time get blinded by his little-bit-too-selfish-love thingy…which I find it cute. And it’s also nice to see So Young react in such stoic way. And in Episode 11 Jin Wook goes berserk about So Young betray him, I understand it…I mean a girl that means a world to him is liar…but this is his beginning of becoming mature. I love this drama so much, and it’s in third rank nationwide!!!! that’s not bad!

  6. @the bishops, @ Liv, I’m glad you guys are enjoying BFB as much as I do. I’ve been prowling and scouring everywhere, here and there for reviews or just simple write-ups on BFB but to no avail, so I decided to just do one up myself. Rant non-stop on the drama and the lovely OTP we have.

    I kind of understand and see why Jin Wook would get upset about So Young’s lie. I’d def feel like a fool if I were him, for having done all the stuff like a big old brother towards SY, telling her how he’s gonna look out for her…etc when in reality she’s the older Noona who knows a lot more abt the world than he does. But then, I’m pretty sure JW will figure out his heart sooner or later. SY, wait for Jin Wook!!!

  7. OMO! Chanced upon your blogpost and i must say i really agree with you! Baby-faced beauty is really a hidden gem which i dismissed in the beginning and then got hooked after watching episode 4 on TV because there wasn’t any other shows to watch then. Then i continued watching on and was appalled by how i almost missed watching this brilliancy!

    And yes, now i’m in the same state as you…blown away by Daniel Choi’s awesomeness. He portrayed Jin Wook so well, i’m convinced that is his real self! Haha. As i’d put it, Jin Wook in BFB is so awesomely annoying yet so annoyingly awesome! Those hyper megawatt smiles, cute little frowns and stupid jokes made me giggle like crazy.

    It’s those little things like waiting for her outside Seung Il’s house to pass So Young her shoes because she told him not to call her, swapping places with his hyung on the bus so So Young could rest her head on his shoulders, reappearing when So Young was crying and giving that cute little hug, etc…that made me fall so badly for him. Awwwwww. And not forgetting all the things he did for So Young just so her design could be made without her knowing…he is so dorky yet so lovable! You know all the things he do (no matter how childish) is because he really cares and that makes him all the more irresistable.

    He and So Young is just too adorable together so i hope he realises soon that age is nothing more than a number! He needs to stop emo-ing now (i’m at episode 11!) because i miss his usual quirky and goofy antics :/

    1. Well said, Jin Wook is just pure love. <33
      Please spread the love if you can hahaha.. as if I'm not doing my best..^^

  8. Ladies…now I know why people assumed that Choi Daniel had this crush on his co-star in High Kick2…because he is a real one. When I watch him got head over heel with Seo Young…I see something in his eyes…that perhaps…just perhaps it’s his true feelings. But Daniel said that people can guess whatever they want but he remain different in real life…..
    Btw…have u watch ep 17? i watched it raw and even tough I don’t understand Korean but the look in SY’s eyes before she kissed him is unforgettable (JW was taken back), makes me want to cry. And surprsingly they kissed …I mean not just ( in the past I hate K-Drama kissing scene, it feels like watching someone who just kiss a wall) a light kisses…but the KISS with capital words!!!! And I never see Jang Nara kiss someone on screen with open mouth hahahahahhaa…JW definitely one happiest guy at that moment.

  9. One True Pairing!!! That is soooo true for SY and JW…but lately I feel little bit worry that the ending will be sad for JW and SY…so please..please let them be together…I promise I will be a good girl this year….Has anyone knows the ending?

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