Hae Meets Hyuk(s) @ H&M Opening

Ahhhh, Da Hae looking really sweet and classy in pink!

Finally we get see her in something brighter and lighter. =D

Whilst other celebs were busy trotting down the red carpet at the 47th Baek Sang Awards on the 26th, Da Hae was seen at H&M’s store opening, with a radiant and lovely smile. It’s a relatively low-key event compared to the Baek Sang (of course), but I dare say that her outfit here pawned a lot of other female celebs at the grand event. Biased as I can be, there’s no denying that she looked amazingly pretty and chic in it.

And plus, she had 2  HyuksJang Hyuk and Eric (Moon Jun Hyuk) to accompany her! <33 (not that they really came together, but I think there were the only 3 celebs who attended the opening?)

Da Hae

Da Hae’s favorite Oppa, Jang Hyuk

Eric, whom Da Hae should have worked with in “Sweet Guy” (later renamed to Hello Miss)

The Hyuks meet

Awwww, that’s really polite of them huh? 😀

Both guys looked really good and handsome that day. Jang Hyuk looked amazingly young hip. And Eric? Need I say more, this man can wear drag and still look as handsome as ever. I wonder if Da Hae had a chance to speak to them? hehehe.. (I secretly hope so she did..)

photo credits: naver / LDH-JH-Eric Baidu bar



I will be away and MIA for 5 days from today onwards and will not be able to update my blog. If I find time I’ll do so but chance is high that I’ll be drinking or boozing away somewhere instead HAHA. I’m sad that I will not be around to catch my dose of DTLY 7, Baby-Faced Beauty 9 and 10 and most importantly, Miss Ripley‘s grand premier! >_______< But oh wellz, I guess it’s also good news that I’ll be able to watch all em’ together in a go when I come back? =D

Alrighty then, off I go!

Have a great great weekend guys! =D


6 thoughts on “Hae Meets Hyuk(s) @ H&M Opening”

  1. *drools* ERIC! This guy can do no wrong. EVER.
    Oh and I love H&M also haha.

    Enjoy your 5 days away boozing hahaha!! Wish I could do the same ^^ Have a drink for me!!

  2. She looks amazing!!!!!! She’s just the meaning of perfection. Man why will she and ERic do a drama!!!!!!!!! I love them so much!!!!

  3. Our cheerful girl, love her look a lot. I hope too that she have conversation with Hyuk oppa.

    We will miss you Ripgal, it is a pity that we won’t reed your comments on Miss Ripley once it airs but enjoy ur time we will wait for you 🙂

  4. Yo chinggus, I’m finally back from my HOLS!
    I read that Da Hae garnered pretty good reviews for her performance in Ripley? SHO HAPPY for her ^^ Need to get home ASAP to download the eppie, so cannot wait!!!

    Rest assured, I will be rambling non-stop from now on hehhee..

    1. Welcome back dear, I am soooo happy too for that. Our girl was really amazing in ep 1 I didn’t see episode 2 but I hope she did well too and the rating of the show is also good. Waiting for your post about it keke 🙂

  5. lee da hae is really beautifull ..hope to see another drama of her together with yoochun.. shes great in ripleys. her role as a bad girl turn to a good one is very convincing…she’s a good actress…

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