Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye’s COLA Kiss

Deng. Didn’t see this coming no?

Frankly speaking, I didn’t see it coming either. I dropped Lie To Me ages ago, and I have no single urge or inkling to continue whatsoever.

But hey, who says I can’t indulge in KangJiHwansmooching-ness! (&u_)**$_)*_#()+$*#*#*(=-9

Yoon Eun Hye is famous for her on-screen kissing, and how she really gets into them every single time. This one’s very much milder than Goong‘s or Coffee Prince‘s, but still, you know a real kissing scene when you see it.

That was a really hot kiss for sure. And a real one (not just peck on the lips, or mesh of the lips).

But that’s about it.

I still did not feel a thing for Ki Joon or Ah Jung or for/between both of them (after seeing the kiss), where’s the connection?!!! But then, maybe that’s because I haven’t seen nothing with them after Ep 3. And maybe I just didn’t like their individual characters (trust me, I like both actors). This could have been really good, but I guess, you can’t have everything.

At least I enjoyed it whilst it lasted.


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