Random on Choi Daniel <3

Okay, this is bad. Very bad.

I know I shouldn’t, but in the end, I did it. Again. (You have any idea how may friggin guys I’m loving right now this moment? Check my earlier posts and you’ll see.)

But tell me, how can one NOT fall for that cute boyish and lovely smile? Insanity.

I’ve resisted and resisted. Restrained myself in all ways possible. But nope, didn’t work. Brain just could not stop self from thinking about the cuteness, liveliness, quirkiness, adorableness, adorkableness of Choi Jin Wook in Baby-Faced Beauty. Brain needed to know about the actor.  Checked out Choi Daniel‘s other stuff in Youtube, Google and everywhere. Dayum, brain got even worst. Not helping at all. So decided to just go with it.

After all, there is no cure for me.

So, I’m very new to this young actor. I Googled him but didn’t manage to get anything relevant or big, prob because he’s relatively new or low-key. All I know, he’s an 86-er (yeah baby 86! but I’m still your Noona :P). A model (okay, if you’ve got his height, lanky bod and legs, why not?). An actor who has a bulk load of talent and charisma. And he can play the piano? (Saw this in a BTS of BFB) That’s all! T___T  There aren’t that many videos of him online either T___T. So now I am contemplating hard, really hard, whether to watch Worlds Within or High Kick just for him. Just to get a daily dose of this beautiful man. Just to indulge in more cuteness of this cutipie.

I found this set of BAZAAR pics of Choi Daniel , and I’m like, that’s not Choi Jin Wook!!!!! )(&U_)*#)*#*#_()#*

The Choi Daniel that we’re used to seeing – with specs!

I don’t know about you guys, I think Choi Daniel has pretty much a celeb-look alike face in different camera-shot angles.  Seriously, I’ve gone thru some of his photos and I saw Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Byeong Hun, Mike He (TW), Wang Dong Cheng (TW) in him…etc. Guess that’s prob why the camera loves him? 😀

Last, a feature of Choi Daniel in KBS Entertainment – Star Date Interview (2010)

(Aiks does the video show? Not sure why I can’t seem to view it. Here’s a link:  Choi Daniel Star Date )

His personality reminds of Lee Min Ki, a bit awkward and weird, but warm and approachable. CUTE!

Okayz, enuff. Better scoot before you guys shoot me! 😛


18 thoughts on “Random on Choi Daniel <3”

  1. Choi is awesome in Cyrano Dating Agency. I think he even stole Uhm Tae Woong’s thunder there.

    But to be honest I like none of his drama roles. His.character in High Kick is cute but boring, doesn’t do much to show off his acting chops. He annoys me to death in Worlds Within and Baby Faced Beauty because of the overacts. He should pick more movie scripts 🙂

    1. Hi ripgal-ssi,
      I guess I should give Choi Daniel more chance in Baby Faced Beauty. It’s not him as an actor per se but his character that really annoys me. The character is so loud and immature and has no communication skills whatsoever in the first 2 episodes. I’m a bit disappointed because Choi seems to have the same interpretations for his character as in World Withins. Two of his characters feel the same. I have high expectation for him after Cyrano (which, I agree with you, bored me to sleep. Choi Daniel’s character is the only one who feels fresh and memorable.) I heard the general consensus is that the script gets better after 3-4 episodes. Maybe I’ll give BFB a second chance.

      But Daniel Choi is a good kisser. Have you seen the famous kiss in High Kick?

      1. Nope I haven’t seen Daniel in any drama before BFB. So nope, haven’t seen the kiss yet. I did hear that his OTP with Hwang Jung Eum in Highkick was a hit tho, maybe I should check it out? *quickly rushes to youtube for that kiss!*

        I guess the reason why I like Daniel’s take on Jin Wook is BFB’s because I’ve never seen him play quirky+fun+cute+sweet all meshed up together before? And he’s doing it with so so much ease here in BFB. I mean I’ve only seen him in Cyrano, but that was a lil bit different as his character had some issues and complexes which required him to act that way. But in here, I like that he has this really sweet endearing-ness in him despite his occasional childish antics. You totally won’t be able to see that in the first 2 episodes, they only come out late into Ep 4, and after that, he totally becomes So Young’s knight in the shining armor, a true caring friend, trust me. I haven’t seen Worlds Within, his character may be similar… but I guess if a character is done right, is able to charm and touch me <3, I have no complaints ^__^

        Give Ep 3 and 4 a chance, if you still don't see the love, then just beat it and move on. ^^

  2. Aww, you don’t like Jin Wook in Baby Faced Beauty? I think Choi’s perfect for the role. OTT-ness aside, which I don’t really see hehe, I really like his take on the character. He did annoy me in the first 2 eps, but then after 3 or 4, he just became utterly wonderful to see. So sweet, nice and romantic. ❤

    Cyrano Agency actually bored me to death. Choi was good, so as the rest, but the storyline and the characters fell flat for me. Just didn't click. Maybe chemistry was lacking? I dunno..

    But anyway, each to his/her own. I'm on Jin Wook ❤ right now hehehe…

    1. I remember liking the ambiance and feel of Cyrano Agency, but that was it. Guess the story just wasn’t developed well.

      Oh my apologies for getting you into Choi Daniel craze (if that’s what it is now). Please do join me, I need someone to spazzz along with. ^^ 8 eps of BFB left and I am already starting to miss it.. aiks.. I’m so done for!

      I guess I’ll be seeing you more often on posts relating to BFB, Daniel or DTLY? hehe..

      1. Yes. And Romance Town and Best Love. Except, I am way behind. I’m struggling to juggle all of them. Hence the reason I’m not even attempting to test out City Hunter or Ripley.

  3. Same is the case with me.I really didn’t know much about Daniel because he’s new and don’t have much main roles.But I really fell for him when I saw Baby faced beauty,gosh he’s so cool and cute.I’ve been searching him on google and youtube since but there isn’t much stuff about him ):

    1. Right, there isn’t much about him 😦 I’ve tried searching everywhere but it seems like nothing comes up. I can only watch his older dramas.. and look forward to The Musical! No airing date yet, but with Daniel, ahh… I’m so on! ^^

  4. ❤ this so much! i'm also newly into daniel choi, can't help it haha! i've found very little in the way of interviews and stuff though, only managed to find star date last night (he seems like such a warm likeable guy), and the bfb cast on happy together. going to trawl the net for more haha.
    thanks once again!

    1. I just saw the Happy Together episode. Daniel is def one shy guy… I think he only opens himself up to close friends? Ryu Jin on the other hand, is one FUNNY guy. He’s just so randomly cute and hilarious.. lol

  5. I really like him in Worlds Within (where I first saw him) – his character is frustratingly annoying but at the same time, kind of adorable. And he has this charming, earnest vibe going on. Anyway Worlds Within is a good drama and fear not, two other hotties await: Eom Ki-joon and Hyun Bin.

    I’m afraid Daniel’s slowly getting typecast as the adorkable type, though.

    1. Yeap, I think earnest is the right word to describe Daniel. The way he plays adorable and cute is really different.. very quirky, off-beat at times, but really very natural and comfy to the eyes. 😀

      I only saw like 1 ep of Worlds Within and liked it. Just didn’t get around to watching the rest back then? I’ll try to make time for it when I have the time. (Gosh, 24/7 is really not enuff for me, K-dramas what have you done to me?!!!). ^^

      And as for him being stereotyped, I think it’s inevitable. But he’s still very young, he has plenty of time to prove himself. From what I’ve seen in BFB (his more serious scenes), he def has what it takes to challenge a more difficult role. Maybe a melodrama next? hehe..

      1. Same here about WW. I watched three episodes of it. And I’ve been holding off on it, meaning to finish watching it. Just haven’t gotten around to it.

        And yeah, I liked him there, too. In fact I was glad when I realized he was the lead in BFB. He is too adorable.

  6. I fall for him since Cyrano days, and the fact that he is such a gentle,well-mannered men add more heart for him
    Watch some Cyrano footages and u’ll get what i mean^^

  7. Hi there!!! I agree with everything you have said here~ and I think I felt the same way… especially the “I’ve resisted and resisted” part! OMG! How can we not love this dork! So cute! I loved Episode 10 of Baby-faced Beauty, so sweet of him! Actually I’m re-watching the drama since I haven’t had the time to stream it’s first episodes. And I will do the same with all the re-watching of his dramas / movies just to familiarize myself with this hunk! I want to find HQ photos of him too, mind helping me? I’ll super appreciate the help! Thanks!!!

  8. you know what,,,,i love him when i saw BFB…..he is so sweet!!!!! you will love him more if you watch every episodes ^^

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