Happy Together with Baby-Faced Beauty Cast + Ep 11 Preview

Awwww…. how cute are they? Sister power rulez~!! (If So Jin were a lil more mature and understanding in the drama…)

And Jang Nara, I have no idea how she manages to look 18. She’s already 31 years old! 0_O

Baby-Faced Beauty Cast in Happy Together (KBS World Eng subs)





credits: boozzang

I LOVE Ryu Jin! He’s such an adorkable ahjuMMA! LOL

The rest of the cast are interesting in their own ways. Daniel, he’s a weird quirk, that’s all I can say! haha..

Meanwhile, SPOILERS for BFB Ep 11

I have no idea how to embed the  youku video in here, so click away: BFB Ep 11 Preview

Poor So Young. Poor Jin Wook. T_______T


4 thoughts on “Happy Together with Baby-Faced Beauty Cast + Ep 11 Preview”

  1. yay, thank you for the preview! can’t wait to watch the upcoming episodes. thanks also for sharing the bfb love 🙂

    1. No probs, I just feel like I need to share the love. ^^ You don’t come across emotionally heartfelt and endearing rom-coms with a solid plot that often nowadays. I’m sure they’re plenty more enjoyable and amusing ones out other eg. Best Love (which I adore as well), but I think a lot of them tend to focus on romance or bickering rather than delve deeper into the characters and their situations.

      BFB is no different, but I personally think it has something more. It has more heart? It doesn’t just strike a chord with our romantic inclinations (with Jin Wook being all sweet and nice to SY, who wouldn’t feel the love? <333), but also with those who have issues like So Young. Her low self-esteem, her unending struggles to prove her ability and worth. It's like when you watch her, you just want so much for her to succeed. Maybe not to become a successful designer or what not, but just for people to recognize and acknowledge her talent and effort.

      I'm easy to satisfy, you move my heart, you gain a fan in me. Drama, I LUB YOU!

  2. thanks a lot for the links of Happy Together
    so much fun to see them there
    Daniel Choi has such a cute and sweet smile

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