The YuRi OTP we’ve been waiting for…

KYAAAAAA~~~~~ ❤ ❤

I don’t hella care how they ended up together in that position. If the lack of Yutaka and Miri (hence YuRi) in the first 2 eps were to pave way to this scene in the upcoming episode(s), the wait is undoubtedly worthwhile. WOOOOOOOOT! 😀

credits: Ripley baidu bar

And more Micky in tux!

How can someone possibly lo0k SO FINE in that hairstyle? It’s like so dorkish and old-fashioned right? But I dunno, I think Micky looks fine in ALMOST anything. ^_^

Can’t wait for Ripley 3 tonight!

Credits: LDH and Ripley baidu bar


4 thoughts on “The YuRi OTP we’ve been waiting for…”

    1. LMAO, maybe YuRi papa and mama can dye bb hair red too? LOL
      News reported that this scene will happen in Ep 4. =D

  1. Thanks for sharing the PICS! I screamed out OMG! CANNOT wait for ep. 4…only wish it was in tonight’s ep. instead, so we can see more of YuRi couple’s interactions. I’m totally shipping these two. At first when I learned that Da-Hae and Micky would be the main leads in a new drama…I thought the pairing was weird, but after seeing the posters and watching the first 2 eps, it totally works! And I love them together! 🙂

    I also LOLed at your comment about Micky’s hair…so true! How does he look so cute and handsome with that (bowl) haircut?! But then again…he does look good in anything & with any haircut…haha

    I’m also a Da-Hae fan and have loved her since “My Girl”. She had great chemistry with Lee Dong-Wook and I hope to see them work together again even if it’s only a CF. I don’t understand all the hate/negativity towards her and it’s undeserved. I hope that “Miss Ripley” continues to do well and that the people who are hating on her come around, but even if they don’t, it doesn’t matter cuz she has lots of fans like us…hehe…who will support her!

    “Miss Ripley” FIGHTING!!

    1. Welcome to the Ripley spazzing team! ^_^

      I actually expected a lot more hype and interest in the show (since it’s Micky we’re talking about?).. but I guess not many are into the melodramatic genre and some ppl are still apprehensive? I dunno, so far the first 2 eps did a pretty good job in bringing out the story and the characters and I liked what I saw. Save for the loud BG music.. urhh… they’ve gonna tone that down!

      At least for once, the main lead and main girl in here are not the typical K-drama formulaic leads that we always see. If you think about it, Kang Hye Jung’s Hee Joo and Kim Seung Woo’s Myung Hoon, they’re the more generic and seen-before main leads in K-drama. While Yutaka and Miri, their personalities are more akin to the stereotyped 2nd fiddles that we always see in K-drama? No? It’s pretty refreshing to see actually.

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