Choi Daniel and Jang Nara so CUTE!

Yup, I’m on BFB high.

To the extent that I’m not even rambling about anything else anymore. DTLY? Ripley? (Okay, I promise those will come really really soon!)

But aren’t they just SO ADORABLE together? Awwww… makes me happy that the cast are having a fun and enjoyable time together. 😀

credits: Jang Nara Twitter /


And to add, BFB Ep 12 broke 15% in its ratings today, and managed to knock Ripley off the top spot! (Tho I’m liking Ripley so far, BFB totally pawns when it comes to the story and the OTP!)

Plus, we might possibly get a 2-ep extension!

LOVE. More Jin Wook and So Young makes me a happy girl.


9 thoughts on “Choi Daniel and Jang Nara so CUTE!”

  1. yay thank you once again! for some strange reason, i can’t access twitter so thank you so much for sharing these! i’m so glad they’re having fun shooting bfb, it adds to my enjoyment of the drama 🙂
    i’m so glad that our heroine is not some poor victim who will lie down and take whatever is thrown at her. i really love how the last two episodes addressed the issue of her lie and how she’s dealt with the consequences of it coming out in the open. it felt so good that So Yeong came clean on her own without having to be outed by Yun Seo. also how she admitted her mistakes without making excuses and without giving up on her dream, i really liked that. she seems so much happier now without the burden of her lie and i can’t wait to see her explore her full potential.
    if the extension goes through i’ll doubtless be happy to see more of our otp, as long as it doesn’t compromise the plot progression, writing, etc.
    once again, thank you 🙂

    1. Agree, I really liked how the drama dealt with SY’s lies and her revelation. The pacing was just right on spot. There couldn’t have been a better way.

      I think some ppl are worried that the extension might drag things out? So am I, but I’m willing to give all that a shot if we get to see SY gradually making her way up to success and to see her gain the trust of people that she’d unintentionally “lied to” earlier. Last but not least, more JW and SY never fails to make me HAPPY! 😀

  2. Same here I am also on BFB high! Always loved Jang Nara and even join samsooki in defending her at JBs. At first I didnt watch this as I can’t ‘stand’ Choi Daniel after World’s Within. But my curiosity and so many rave reviews and comments made me start watching. Now, I just love him when he is so cute and tender to SY. I was so happy that he got over his hurt so fast in ep12. I was so scared it will drag on as so many dramas tend to do. But, I think we see a different pace nowadays compared to the older kdramas, no? 😀

    1. Awww, you finally de-lurked and posted! *hi-5ves fellow BFB lover*
      Choi Daniel is just a CUTE BABY. His selflessness is just awesomesauce!

      Yeap, I liked that JW got over the whole age thingy that fast. It’s all so so CUTE. What I fear next is that he will have to deal with his family abt him dating SY (if that ever happens)? I just think there’s more to his family background than just him being rich and all… I’m like 100% sure that his family is going to object, if the drama follows the normal K-drama route. But I’m willing to give the writer the benefit of a doubt… hehehe..

  3. Hi-5! I take a long time to write (type LOL) and also not good at expressing myself. Tonite I spend time posting and have to sacrifice watching dramas. But worth it to join your insanity. Hehe… Just got viki ep12 Best Love subs but guess have to watch tomorrow.

  4. I just watch the ep 15, and I feel sooooooooo angry with Seo Young, she is just there, being alone and half blind, while Jin Wook trying to call her, I can’t believe she doesn’t tell him about her problem, Jin Wook is in cloud nine, and Seo Young is just there alone…..despite ep 15 as the sweetest ep of BFB ever…I still feels that Seo young act unfairly to Jin Wook…

  5. I love this drama BFB sooooo much becos I missed Jang nara acting for a long long time. Frankly speacking, this is the first time I watch Daniel Choi acting. I not so much in favour of male celebrity as long as I can watch jang nara drama. But no deny Daniel Choi in BFB acted very cute and adorable eventhough he got very small eyes. BFB is the best and I can watch each ep over and over again. I’m not in favour of watching Ripley but worst drama is “Lie to me”. I hope to see more of Jang nara new drama soon and not one new drama a year. Too long to wait. Can you imagine you hv to wait one year just to watch yr favourite actress. Quite curious why actress only get to act one drama a year and not given numerous drama project in within a year????

  6. Hey Fans…actress only get a drama gig in year because it has something to do with being mysterious…have u ever realize that drama actresses don’t get into the variety shows too much unless when they have to promote their drama/ because they have to stay mysterious ( I don’t understand why)…Choi Daniel is not a boy from yesterday if it deals with TV drama…he has numerous drama in the past (at least 5 dramas) but he remain silent when it deals with his scandal with his co-star in High Kick 2 (thanks Maya)…and there are less news about him in mass medias…Jang Nara also just like that, no exposed boyfriends, no scandals, no rumors…no nothing…and she remain what the Korean called the “untouchable” K-Wave Stars…it’s because it looks like she lives in the highest golden tower.
    To be honest, I don’t like Jang Nara’s Chinese Dramas, because it lacks of her acting skills, lacks of good scenarios, and timing, she looks good in traditional Chinese costumes, but her last Chinese drama is such a shame..(she has to act with a big fat pig!!!).sorry. And I was surprised to see her acting in BFB…she looks like a real Seo Young…..

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