Eric and Han Ye Seul heat it up in Spy Myung Wol Poster Shoot

Aww…aren’t they just so wacky-ly HOT together? 😀

Tho I’m not so intrigued by the storyline of Spy Myung Wol (story with top spy+ top celeb = interesting ok, but sounds really silly), I have to admit that Eric and Han Ye Seul do look really really good together. Eric has this really bastard-ly hot aura while Han Ye Seul is more than capable of pulling off any sexyhot alluring vibe with her looks alone. So when they come together, what more can you expect? HOTNESS! <333

Plus, when you add another hottie into the picture, it becomes SEXYHOTNESS.

I think all 3 of them are HOT. Eric is hot (has always been). HYS is hot. And my my, MS has certainly done Lee Jin Wook some good, he’s become REALLY HOT!

Check out the poster shoot clip of Spy Myung Wol, which includes the other girl Jang Hee Jin, who played Kang Ji Hwan’s girlfriend in Rough Cut and, who happens to be also a hot babe herself!

Looks like the cast, especially our OTP, are already very very comfortable with each other huh? But helloooo, it’s Eric we’re talking about. I’d be flirting with him every single second if I were there…lol

Last, I have no expectations whatsoever for this drama. I’d prob just tune in to check out the fun and silliness (well, the posters tell) and of course, the hotness aplenty! 😀

Spy Myung Wol premiers this coming 12th July 2011, taking over the awesome awesome Baby-Faced Beauty when it ends (T__T I will miss this! T__T).


2 thoughts on “Eric and Han Ye Seul heat it up in Spy Myung Wol Poster Shoot”

  1. I’d watch ERIC do underwater basket weaving for 20 eps so… But I am so surprised that Lee Jin Wook looks like THAT! Wow! He’s proof MS can definitely turn a bunny into a bear.

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