Joseph Chang’s impending leap into the water – YOOHOOO~!!

Joseph oh Joseph, it’s about time! ^^

I haven’t seen Ep 9 of DTLY yet, but I had this gut feeling that “something” would happen, something good! And HOLA, you guessed it right! We’re about to see Joseph Chang (and Tom Price, as well as Xiao Gui maybe?) do their anticipated leap into the water!

Ratings for last night’s episode broke 5.03! It took a lil longer than expected, but wadddaheck, you know DTLY deserved it, and you know you want it to happen! heeeee…. (WOOOOOT, now I really want to see that hot body of Joseph Chang’s!!)

The media is of course never slow to follow up on all the hoo-ha.

Joseph Chang has been reported to be undergoing training (hahaha.. why so serious? lol) in the form of cycling and jogging in order to fulfill his promise. And he even said he’s anxious and nervous about it. I must say it’s funny how the TW media are so into all this sort of stuff, pre and post celebration stuff. lol But I guess that gives for more fun and laughter and at the same time generates more interest in the drama. Anyway anyhow, we know we’re looking forward to that, and I’m sure we’re sooo thankful that Joseph’s doing his job – preparing his BOD for the jump. HAHA.

And another good news, we international/viewers are also being propelled to the spotlight thanks to the drama! Noticed that Viki was mentioned in their news? 😀 Now why I do I feel so goooood. ^^

Kudos, Xiao Xiu Xiu and Lin Xiao Ru! ❤


5 thoughts on “Joseph Chang’s impending leap into the water – YOOHOOO~!!”

  1. Lol, why twdramas always have these type of err ‘stunts’? I rem FTLY Ethan Ruan had to swim nekkid in the sea. I saw the bts but kinda embarrassed as so many girls were really excited!

    Btw, I am waiting anxiously and checking so many times for the raw of ep9 (Megaupload) from Am Addiction but its still not there. I wonder whether its been blocked. 😦

    1. Ripgal,u r a heralder of great joy…so delightful to hear of the ratings surpassing 5!Long overdue for such a top-notch series.Episode 9 was ribtickling and the misunderstanding of the pregnancy issue is finally unravelled!As predicted,it was Peggy-related.
      The preview for next epi has many of us on tenterhooks…his mom is determined to break him n XR up but in the same epi,JX will confess his love for XR???Wow,so fast-paced..epi 13 may be the grand finale after all.Still,we wait with bated breath for each epi..n for ur recaps,spoillers,reviews,news n views…..urs is really a haven to feed our insane cravings for tw n k dramas..thanks.

    2. @simplesim
      I read and it looks like the jump will happen this 16th!
      They did a survey and the results? They want Joseph to jump off a 10-m spring board LOL


      I haven’t seen the Ep yet (urh, blame my overload of K-dramas >.<) but I knew that the preggers stunt wouldn't happen. The previews are always very misleading, but I think we viewers are smart enough to catch their gimmicks and all. hehe. Watched the preview of Ep 9, looks like XR will be the bridge to re-bonding JX wit his mom? And why the heck is AW still in the picture? URRRHHHHHH…

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