MyungRi goes for it, YuRi tanks? Maybe not…

EGAD! Major egadddds! *ripgal’s jaw drops right to the floor*

I haven’t seen the episode yet, but what’s that?!!! o____0 LDH’s first all-out bed scene?

Ripley is really going somewhere huh? The anti-heroine is already so f*cked up in here, and now she goes further and gives her all? Just to rise up? WOAH WOAH. LDH, you’re surely brave to have come this far huh?

I’ve read numerous comments on numerous boards. The more general and wide-spread consensus of TV viewers after watching the SHOCKING  rockin’ boating scene – major EWWW and disgust! No wonder the ratings tanked episode after episode. First the kiss, then that?!! Micky fans must have wanted to bleach their eyes aiks. I feel bad for poor ahjusshi Kim Seung Woo. Sighs. Makes me wonder if Micky…err…Yutaka was the one on bed with Miri, would reactions have been a lil more different? And not so drastic? hmmmm…

As for me, you know anything LDH gets my support. I’m not sayin’ her character (altho I actually love Miri’s darkness to bits right now), but the fact that she’s flexing her acting via the ruthless manipulative b*tch that is of Miri. The more people loathe and resent Miri, the more I feel HAPPY for our girl inside. Don’t worry if people throw stones at you LDH, you deserve it! For Miri deserves it! =D

Need to watch before I can give a full-fledged comment on the episode, but if they give me these in Ep 6, I do not think I’d mind going thru all the EWWW or disgust to get here:

Okay, aren’t those Jeju Island shots amazingly BEAUTIFUL? The OTP of course, but just look at the scenery, the picturesque background… love love love em!

But poor Yutaka, this boy is really hell-bent on wanting to get the girl huh? Didn’t she just treat you like trash a while ago? Hello? Now you’re all fluffy and sweetly smiley around her? Makes me think he has something brewing in his mind… cos a person don’t just go from nonchalant to sweetly angelic in one sec?

Arrh… I dunno. All I want is for Miri to fall harddddd for this man, and pay for her misdeeds.

And realize how wrong she’s been for having passed on this:


If anyone human could resist that, I’d eat myself.

Photo credits: naver / Ripley baidu bar / Soompi


One thought on “MyungRi goes for it, YuRi tanks? Maybe not…”

  1. LOLOLOL@Your final comment. I totally agree! That’s Yukata 19 second of full heart-harvesting.

    In Ep. 8, things are getting better. More meanings are injected into the relationships, and Mi Ri is moved by both boys, I mean men. I’m glad that she now tampers with the idea that she could be in love too, since the love of two men are so real. Mi-ri is one lucky girl!

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