My OTP of the year! + BFB Ep13 squee thoughts

While half the K-drama viewing universe are busy fawning over the Ki-Jung (or maybe more to Hwan-Hye?) couple in Lie To Me, some over the Jin-Jung OTP in Best Love, and part of them over the Yoon Sung- Nana tandem in City Hunter and YuRi OTP in Ripley, odd-one-out (that’s ME!) am not losing out!

My OTP of the year – Baby-Faced Beauty‘s Jin Wook ❤ So Young!

(Alright, I love Jin-Jung, YoonSung-Nana and YuRi couple too, but nothing beats Jeokbal Prince’s affection for So Young noona!)

Oh mommmmmaaaaaaa, loved loved loved loved (x 100000000 times) that scene! Jin Wook was sooooooo tender, so endearing, soooooooo sweet… when he blurted out those words to So Young:

“I was waiting for you because I have something to tell you.”

“I don’t care whether you are 34 or 25. It doesn’t matter if you want me to call you Noona. If you want me to show respect for you as a senior, I will do so. That doesn’t change my feelings for you. Whether you are older than me or not, I like you.”

(translation credits: KBS english / Soompi BFB thread)

Gosh, can Jin Wook’s confession be more real, earnest and genuine? The way he held So Young tightly into his embrace, the way he his tone changed (I noticed Choi Daniel has this quirk with his speech tone, it’s very unique, but I think it fits Jin Wook’s adorable character to a T!) , the way he looked at So Young before he went for the last kill “I like you”. Such a wonderfully executed confession. Well of course, it’d be great if he wasn’t drunk, but then that’s a general drama trope that we’d have to live with no? Plus, I have no complaints cos without Jin Wook being drunk, we’d never get to an ever more chummier and CUTER scene of our OTP in Ep 14 (haven’t seen it yet, but saw pics, and I SQUEEEED SO HARD! <3).

Thoughts on Ep 13

Now that the So Young’s lie has already become yesterday’s news, it’s time to see So Young work herself up in The Style to prove her worth and ability as a designer. It’s really good to see the drama take this route as I honestly thought the lie just wasn’t enough to keep the drama going on for 18 episodes. As cliche or typical it may seem, you know, the whole hoo-ha about the under-dog losing in the beginning and then ending up winning at the end, it’s no less befitting to a fun and lighthearted show like this.  It’s slightly less nuanced or subtle compared to Dal Ja’s Spring, which I think the drama kinda takes after save for the age-lying part. But I like that it doesn’t dwell on the complications or troubles too much and instead continues to give us a mix of fun, laughter and poignancy in each episode.

How much more adorbs can my OTP get? If I could stuff Jin Wook in my pocket and take him out whenever I’m down in the dumps or whenever I just need to have a good laugh, I’d do anything. ANYTHING. His selflessness is just undying. His support for So Young despite her age, lie and all, what can I say? Incredibly awesome. Especially for a die-hard romantic like me. heh. Case in point, if you didn’t go YAY or HURRAY for Jin Wook’s standing up for So Young i.e. when he told his colleagues off in the noraebang  for constantly babbling about how age has gotten better of her blah blah blah, nothing else will make you fall for Jin Wook. He’s just that conscious of So Young.

What I really love about Jin Wook and So Young is that they’re not a cheesy or sugary-coated OTP. And the drama does not overdo the histrionics commonly seen in K-drama when it comes to OTP struggling to admit their love for each other. I like that they continue to poke fun at each other. I like that they continue to work together for a common goal. And I like that the drama doesn’t make a big deal about all that and instead focuses on the bigger picture – So Young’s route to success with Jin Wook supporting her all the way.  In a way we’re actually seeing a relationship brew and grow gradually, from friendship to gradual understanding and to affection. Not just  plain old love-at-first sight or opposites-attract doing all the magic. The OTP works right because they’ve been through a lot together, as colleagues, as partners (in work and in crime haha) and as friends. And we were there to see all of that.

By this, I’m not saying that things will not take a turn for the angst or melo for our OTP. Every standard K-drama does. This episodes has already hinted a few things which may pose a threat to JW and SY’s relationship in the upcoming episodes. And I already have a very bad feeling of how things might turn out which will soak out my tear glands.  But I have faith. Writer, I believe in you.

BFB is by no means a flawless drama, in fact there were parts which I griped on but gave a pass due to my love for the OTP and their story. Some silly sequences and minor editing problems aside, I sigh at the level of importance devoted to Seung Il. I have this bugging feeling that the writer had actually diminished the importance of SI in the recent episodes to give way to our OTP’s blooming relationship. No complaints from me (as I got my loaded share of OTP moments) but I feel that his character could have been dealt with or delved deeper into more. Even Yoon Seo got her fair share of moments (tho not very likeable to the eyes) but Seung Il? Like others have commented, his only link to SY is Hyun-Yi and his boss-employee relationship with her. Plus this episode got me thinking when he proposed to YS, what was that about?!!! Did he suddenly realize that YS’s the one? Or was I blind to not notice that he’d only treated her as a close friend? hmmmm….

Although I’m a firm JW-SY shipper, I totally wouldn’t mind to see SI giving a fight for SY’s affection. SY has been giving very mild responses to JW in spite of his boldness thus far, and while I understand that the age issue is her most worried factor of all, it can get a bit frustrating at times.  If she likes JW, she should just go for it right? That’s why I hope SI could spice up the dynamics a lot more. I know, my bad for wanting SY to bear the dilemma of having to choose between 2 men who are so starkly different from her – JW: 7 years younger than her, SI: her boss who is of higher status than her. We know deep down in our hearts who her heart belongs to, but I was hoping with SI in the picture, it’d wake her up from her mildness and get her pushing towards her own happiness.

I said earlier that there’s a slight foreboding of “something bad” which might happen to SY in the upcoming episodes. I pray and hope that it won’t go that far, just for the sake of making up for the 2-episode extension. It works for Best Love because it has been addressed subtly throughout the drama from the beginning. BFB doesn’t need all that. All it needs, is just to address SY’s issues with herself, with JW and with people who have doubted her from the beginning. And that age is just a number.

Last before I scoot off, a huge huge congrats to BFB for topping the ratings chart! Testament to the writer’s solid writing and wonderful performances from the cast ensemble. Not the perfect of best drama this year, but definitely one of the most fun and lighthearted. One of the most endearing and meaningful. 😀

And you know it works when the cast are having great fun like this:

photo credits: BFB baidu bar


9 thoughts on “My OTP of the year! + BFB Ep13 squee thoughts”

  1. Hello ripgal ,
    i love your blog and it’s because of you that i started BFB .I love JW so much ,just looking at him and my heart melts
    Daniel Choi is awesome ,i love his acting, There’s nothing new in this drama but he interprets JW with so much natural and conviction.
    I love the last scene when he confessed ,it’s his second time but even if he did it 100 times ,i would be excited and amazed

    1. Awwww, thanks! It’s nice to know I kinda helped a bit in the spreading of the BFB ❤

      Yeap, Daniel Choi is really good. And IMO because of him, Jang Nara ups her game as well, making the OTP all the more enjoyable to watch.^^

    1. Gah, wish I had the chops and the patience to do so. One day maybe, when God suddenly bestows upon me the gift to write like DB, GF or Koala hehehe.. 😀

  2. Ripgal, You make me want to watch this drama. My favourite drama is not flawless either. as long as that drama give me warm feeling, and make me feel involved along with character. Based on your review, It seems this drama will give me what I want from a romantic comedy drama (?) genre … … Thanks for your review ❤

  3. i’m continuing to love this drama so very much! ❤ his confession was so sweet. i'd love it if she'd reciprocate and they have some time to just, enjoy each other. unfortunately, i'm running out of time and school is starting for me so i'll have even less time, haven't even watched the last 2 eps with subs, only watched them raw. sigh, i'm also worried about so young. i really hope her eyes and sense of taste is alright. ah well, we'll see how things are cleared up in the upcoming episodes.
    thank you once again for sharing your thoughts!

  4. I think I perfectly agree with you, Jin Wook would wake up from his – Seo Young- syndrome (his love to her is like a fever, he just need the right medication), and Seo Young being disbelieve to Jin Wook (for God’s Sake, she has him as a boyfriend, just go and tell him about your problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) . It pains me when I saw Jin Wook trying to call her in comical way and she just switched off the call, And I pray please….please…please….let Jin Wook be the shoulder to cry on when Seo Young desperately down, don’t let anyone come between them…please….

  5. Hahahahaha…..Jin Wook questioning himself for his girl preference……and he knows he is good looking!!!!!!

  6. Hei, a new reader of ur blog here 🙂
    got ur blog when i was googling about baby faced beauty…
    and i absolutely agree with you!! They are my OTP!!
    Jin Wook is so so so so so so so so adorable!! God, I love him!! and my love is bigger than So Young’s :))
    What i really love about this couple is, So Young is perfectly know her feelings to Jin Wook…She likes Jin Wook and only Jin Wook…And so does Jin Wook…He doesnt see any other girls besides So Young…please please see me Jin Wook…I love you so much (okay, now i start losing my mind…hahahhahaha)
    How adorable Jin Wook’s face when he sees So Young!! His smile is sooooo cute!!

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