Joseph Chang JUMPS + Drunken To Love You Ep 10 Extended Preview

Awwwwww, Jie Xiu enjoying the company of his missus and ex at the same time huh? Lucky dude. But why do you look so awkward? hmmmmm….


1. Ahhh, I had expected more. Like a more challenging venue? Or like a more difficult jump? With somersaults and all?

2. Where are the sexy swimming undies?!!!!

3. Okay, at least he fulfilled his promise, and showed us his BODY! BARE!

4. More Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru, I shouldn’t complain.

Annnnnddddd… here you go, the extended preview of Ep 10:


Preview Translations:

AW: Jie Xiu, please do not push me away.

JX: The only way for you to stay beside me, is to be my friend.

JX: An ordinary friend.

AW: An ordinary friend?

JX: I don’t wanna to continue with this ambiguous relationship of ours anymore.

JX: Do you like me or not?

XR: Song Jie Xiu!

XR: I beg you. Do not ask me any further.

JX: What on earth are you avoiding? I’ve already drummed up my guts to tell you. Why are you such a scaredy cat?

XR: Who’s a scaredy cat now?!!!

XR: Do you consider taking somebody’s possession by foregoing my conscience is a brave thing to do?


Right, finally! Phew.

To be really honest, DTLY Ep 9 was just alright. It felt more like a filler episode to me, with all the silly and slapstick-ish stints revolving the blunder of XR being pregnant and Xiao Gui’s character coming into the picture… etc. Kinda felt everything was just placed here and there in this episode just to drag things a bit longer. Maybe I was just so deeply invested in the emotional angst of the OTP that the sudden jerk back to lighthearted and fun kinda drove me into an entirely different course of direction? I dunno.

I still enjoy watching our OTP grow as a couple, as husband and wife. But I guess it’s the nit-picky me wanting more from them, and more in terms of their closure and conclusion of their previous relationships. AW and YX no doubt needs to be discarded from the picture ASAP for our OTP to move on, but we need a smoother transition to that. Not just an oh-I’m-so-hurt-next-day-I-can-move-on kind of device. And again, do we need Xiao Gui’s character to pit in as well? I was honestly more annoyed than amused with his scenes in Ep 9. hmmmmm….

Oh anywayz, I hope Ep 10 will be better now that both have finally come to realize their true feelings for each other. We all know XR will reject JX, but let’s hope JX will be able to open her heart and make her understand that when love happens, it happens.

Jie Xiu, GO FOR IT!~~


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