Oh, my love Wookie is BACK!

FINALLY, my long time love Wookie aka Lee Dong Wook is back!

20.06.2011, the day of his discharge, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this day.


Wookie’s skin is still milky white as EVER!

Awww… why so shy? ❤

Not used to facing the media after so long? CUTE!

Finally managed to get yourself together?

Now, that’s more like you Wookie. Your signature sunflower SMILE! 😀

Your long-awaited WAVE.

Your fan-gifts too much to handle? 😛

Maybe a lil tongue-stick will solve all problems? HAHA..

photo credits: naver / LDW baidu bar


I’m so so so so HAPPY! Never have I been so excited about a comeback! ^_^And the even better news is that I’ll get to see him on TV in no time. With Kim Sun Ah!

Scent of a Woman has already commenced filming a week ago. Dun think Wookie will have much time to rest as he will have to join the crew ASAP to catch up with filming. But anyway anyhow, I’m just so so so glad he’ll be gracing my eyes soon enough. CANNOT WAIT!

Once again, welcome back my baby WOOKIE! <33333


5 thoughts on “Oh, my love Wookie is BACK!”

  1. OMAGAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Seol Gongchan flashback right about now!! When will we get the obligatory post service shower scene? I demand it!!

  2. WOOKIEEEEEEEEEEEE *dances around in glee* How does his skin stay so milky white?! gorgeousness…..so glad to have hime back!!!!

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