Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah – Scent of a Woman Official Poster Stills


Wookie just got discharged from MS like yesterday?!! And today he’s already gracing my eyes! WAH WAH WAH. *ripgal needs to get self-control treatment ASAP*

Gah, can Wookie be ever more deliciously handsome? And Kim Sun Ah, ever more gorgeous and ethereal looking? The drama needs to start RIGHT NOW!

Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. Back to the serious stuff.

So you all know Wookie just got discharged yesterday. I knew he would join the filming crew soon enough given that filming had already commenced 2 weeks earlier, he has to catch up with the pacing and all. But what I did not expect was that he’d get into work right away  and join the crew immediately after BEING DISCHARGED! Yeap, right. Yesterday itself!

It’s been reported that Wookie had actually gone to meet Kim Sun Ah directly after the discharge yesterday for the poster shoot. Didn’t go home, didn’t meet his parents. But scooted away to meet his leading lady of Scent of a Woman, Kim Sun Ah for the very first time. ❤ Awwwww…. His ever-charming co-star was also well prepared for his comeback, gave him a congratulatory cake which caught him off-guard and by surprise. 😀 Filming of the shoot went on well and both leading stars got into the groove pretty fast and clicked right away. 🙂

IMO, the poster isn’t the most original out there, a lil bit on the verge of being boring and plain? I do like the contrast of Wookie’s black and KSA’s white together, but other than that and the fact that both of them look great together (physically), they’re kinda MEH for me.

I’m not entirely confident with the PD-writer combo either (Dr. Champ was fail to me). But I’ll give them a shot, what with such a wonderful cast ensemble they have. Plus, drama revolving impending death is a premise which I’m not very fond of, but if they can do it right, with the appropriate subtlety and poignancy, I’m more than willing to be proven wrong.*please please please do*

Last, if this can be half as good as what I’m watching right now, Wookie, anything for you! 😀

Credits: naver / LDW and KSA baidu bar


3 thoughts on “Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah – Scent of a Woman Official Poster Stills”

  1. Suna so beautiful in the poster!
    I agree, about the poster being boring to look at, I hope they will release a more appropriate poster for this drama.
    Can`t wait any longer to see this drama!

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