Bromance has never been this sexy!

James McAvoy + Michael Fassbender = McBender BROS!

I watched X-Men First Class a week ago. I went in with some expectations, having read some good positive reviews, was hoping not to be disappointed (like Pirates, which was just atrociously bad, even with Johnny Depp), and was hoping to at least get a thrill of fun out of it. After all, no Wolverine? No Hugh Jackman? Hmmmmmm….

And guess what? Not only wasn’t I disappointed with First Class, not only did I love it to bits, I ended up wanting MORE! I ended up wanting MORE!

More of Charles and Erik of course!

The film was no doubt an enjoyable and delectable treat. Story, action, directing and acting, the whole package was wonderful. Plot was somewhat predictable, but overall, it’s a tightly woven film with eye-catching production values. But what really hit me hard, was how engrossed and fascinated I got with the 2 leading characters – Charles and Erik. Their friendship. Their brotherhood. And the underlying tension and rivalry encompassing their relationship, which would eventually rift them apart and bring them further and further away from each other (to my utter dismay T_T).

Charles and Erik share a very unique relationship. They’re friends, soul mates and brothers. Their bond stronger than any family that you will ever have. Camaraderie greater than you and me combined. But yet underneath, darkness lies, divergence lingers, selfishness creeps. Tension arises when both profess to have different perspectives, different goals. Rifts arise when Charles yearns to do good to benefit the human and mutant world while Erik laments and directs his hate on the humans for their hypocrisy. This is when a body of 2, will eventually break into separate formidable forces – Professor X and Magneto.

Never read the comic and never really had good knowledge about the history of X-Men. All I knew, from watching all the films, there were mutants and there were good and bad mutant, each lead by Professor X and Magneto. First Class gave me a better look and insight into the earlier days of both leaders, and made me appreciate the whole story a lil more. It’s not all about mutants fighting each other, it’s not all about Professor X helping the humans and Magneto ruining his plans etc.. It’s also about friendship, brotherhood, loyalty and betrayal. All between these 2 forces.

The contrast between Erik’s  anger-driven character and the rationale-focused Charles is undoubtedly one of the best elements of the show. Fueled by anger to destroy his monstrous creator Shaw, Erik encounters the ever kind and sensitive Charles, who takes him in and tries to guide him back to goodness. I have no idea whether the comic had such profound emphasis on Erik and Charle’s relationship but I sure loved every single minute of it in the film. I loved Charles’ sensitivity and his somewhat naive perception on Erik and I loved that Erik, in spite of his arrogance, made efforts to compromise and give in to Charles. They have this mutual understanding and consensus of each others’ views and principles and yet never try to force the other to change to accommodate themselves. They know that they will eventually split ways but yet acknowledge the fact that they have been, are and will always be friends. That’s the beauty of their relationship.

Thanks to the ever charming duo of James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, who played both Charles and Erik with the right amount of compassion and spunk, no more no less. James and Michael nailed their roles very nicely, giving individually engaging and solid performances. Charles came across as intelligent, charming and earnest while Erik came across as opiniated, consuming and fierce.

But it’s when both of them come together as one, sparks start to fly. You feel the intensified chemistry and rapport. You feel the strong sense of comfort both actors have with each other.

Perhaps real-life bromance did have something to do with all the on-screen chemistry. I googled and youtubed (as always when I’m star-struck) both James and Michael, and it turns out that they’re actually pretty close and chummy in RL. Like really close? (That you’d probably mistake them for ehhemmmmm… j/k j/k)

Check these videos out:



Alright, aren’t they just so super duper LOVELY together? Their camaraderie is just brilliant. No wonder First Class kicked ass.

I so cannot wait for First Class 2 already. More McBender please!


7 thoughts on “Bromance has never been this sexy!”

  1. I swear I heard a collective fangirl sigh in the theatre when the movie’s over… at least, coming from me and my girlfriends. The infinite amount of charisma and hotness overflowing off the screen… We’re not worthy!

  2. “Calm your mind, Erik. Calm your mind.”

    “Thank you for the beautiful memory.”

    I saw this movie recently and happy to report that I’ve become a newly minted fan of James McAvoy and McBender! I seriously love McAvoy, his accent, charisma, talent… OMG.

    Love the vids, ripgal! Thanks for sharing and for dedicating a post to this electric bromance! It was actually this post of yours that pique my interest about the movie and got my ass to the theater. So again, THANK YOU!

    And is it just me or does James McAvoy look a bit like Tobey Macguire?

    1. Yipee, I’m happy to have ignited the McBender love! <333

      James McAvoy is one word = charisma. Everything about him just spells charisma. His looks, acting, accent, everything! And with Fassbender in the picture, oh how my heart thumped. Thumped so hard. ❤

      We are all not worthy. *bows*

      Btw, am I the only one who giggled and laughed about how his name "Professor X" actually came from a woman (a not so important character so to speak)? So didn't see that coming. haha.

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