Lee Seung Gi – Samsung Zipel GrandeStyle CF


Yesterday, a twit-peer asked,“If you could date one K-drama actor in real life; age/distance/lang/culture being a non-issue, who would that be?”

Many actors popped into my mind. I considered up, down, high, low… and came to a conclusion.


The whole nation loves him.

I’m no different.

I  envy the fridge there o_0 watch and you’ll get what I mean. LOL


9 thoughts on “Lee Seung Gi – Samsung Zipel GrandeStyle CF”

  1. I think I might be the only one who hasn’t seen Lee Seung Gi in anything (drama, variety show, whatever). My friend just started watching 1N2D and she can’t stop talking about him. lol.

    1. Hola msclockwatcher!
      Oh no no no, you’re missing out on the Seung Gi mania. This boy is just so adorbs, cute and earnest. He’s not the best actor, singer or host, but his innate charm just overwhelms. Love him <33

  2. Hi..yeah ripgal is sooooo right…there is something homey yet sophisticated about this boy, his sense of fashion is a bit exaggerated, he realized that he is good looking, and he is really keen to study how to fishing and cooking better…SEE Ripgal!!!! a good looking boy next door who is able to cook and fishing for dinner for you, and yet he has this weirdly cute sense of fashion. It’s practically u’ll forgive for every mistakes he make…even if he forgot to call u one night..hahhaha. But he is very determine to reach his goal, he starts for zero, and with his humble manner he become who is today. I have been watching 1n2d since 3 years ago, and he never fails to make me laugh like crazy, his drama is really funny, yet and adorable. Good choice Ripgal!

  3. OMO so cute! But kid is too young, so might as well just let Noona take care of Seung Gi first okay? heee~

    1. It’s so cute because I just started watching 1N2D and it seems like Seung-gi is every woman’s favorite. The one I watched last night the granny they ran into kept saying how she liked the show but couldn’t remember the name of her favorite. Turns out it was Seung-gi, of course!

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