Spy Myung Wol Open-Set BTS + Press Con pics [UPDATE: 2nd Teaser added]

Awww… ain’t the duo adorable?

I wonder if the other guy plays his manager or assistant in the drama. Cos ya know, you’re no top celeb unless you have a quirky manager or assistant like Jae Seok in Best Love. lol

KBS had released official stills and BTS pics of Spy Myung Wol a week or so ago, so you’ve probably already seen some of them all over the web. But it looks like they’re dead on buzzing up the drama as much as possible, what with a whole lot more of  stills, BTS and temporary press con pics of the drama being released  prior to the grand premier.

They sure know how to quench our thirst.

First off, our OTP – The Hallyu Star and the Spy

Spy Myung Wol

Hallyu star Kang Woo

The other hottie and the other chic

Plus some from the open-set press con…

Photo credits: naver / Spy Myung Wol baidu bar


Hotness and sexiness abounds!


[UPDATE – 27 June 2011]


Teaser 1 was alright, but teaser 2 totally upped my interest in the drama. Looks like Myung Wol’s really gonna kick some ass!

Gonna miss BFB so much when it ends, but since it’s Eric, not complaining here!


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