Wookie and Kim Sun Ah SELCAS

Just love it when actors in a project get along well with each other. Just look at Wookie and KSA up there. How long have they been filming together? A week? 2 weeks? But then it looks like they’re already pretty close and chummy with each other? Naming each other Prince and Princess? Awwwww…..

Oh wellz, Wookie has always been known to get along pretty well with his female co-stars in the past (LDH isn’t a question, then Park Si Yeon and Kim Hyun Joo right after). It’s not surprising he’s already warmed up to Kim Sun Ah’s quirks. ^^

KSA posted these set of photos on her Facebook page yesterday and immediately garnered widespread attention from fans all over. And the media is always always right on spot to catch the news.

But who wouldn’t right? I myself am already super uber excited about the drama!

credits: KSA facebook / LDW baidu bar


2 thoughts on “Wookie and Kim Sun Ah SELCAS”

  1. waah… KSA is even slimmer than in CH and even though she’s tall, ‘ur’ Wookie still top her by half a head. I’m very hesitant to watch this drama cos I always needs me happy ending and I don’t see it in this… 😦

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