The Princess’ Man First Teaser Trailer

2011 has surely been a fun year for me. Altho I can’t vouch for the quality, I can say that I’ve pretty much been happy and impressed with most of the stuff I’ve seen so far this year. I still think they’re a far cry from year 2007, but overall, this year was solid. It made me squee hard, laugh hard, and cry hard. What more could I have wanted? What more do I need? ^^

The drama gods have indeed been too kind to me. They granted my wish, gave me a Wookie comeback drama just RIGHT AFTER his discharge i.e. Scent of a Woman. And It brought sexiness and hotness back to drama ala Spy Myung Wol.

Now they’re giving me something more to feast on!

The Princess’ Man.

Yeap, and it’s Romeo and Juliet in delish sageuk style.


I like! I like! The vibe, the music, the intensity and the engaging feeling. All of that slickly conveyed thru the teaser. Short as it may seem, but it pretty much sums up everything in one go. Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won’s characters love each other but cannot be together. The characters shown in the middle are their biggest obstacle(s). Classic Romeo and Juliet. And classic K-drama romance (in uber melo style).

Not a groundbreaking story in any way. But can’t help it. The cast is too delicious for me to pass. Moon Chae Won is a darling who has got loads of potential. Park Shi Hoo is capable of charming hearts with his charisma. I like both Soong Joong Ho and Hong Soo Hyun. Plus, don’t think the veteran actors in it can do any wrong?!

I do have some qualms with the writer, but hey, I’m always always willing to be proven wrong. 😀

Bring it on, Ms. Princess!

credits: naver / youtube


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