Scent of a Woman OTP beautifies Okinawa

Omo, my heart!

Mind my continuous blabs and ranting on Scent of A Woman, sometimes I just can’t be stopped when it comes to my ILU Wookie. hehehe..

I have nothing much to say in this post except that Wookie and KSA look absolutely great together in the stills! Wookie has grown meatier and buffer (and somehow a bit taller?!) and KSA is just GORGEOUS. If looks could kill, I’d have been dead by now.

I was initially worried about how they’d fare together as a couple and all, but when I read about how close and chummy they got immediately after filming together, my worries went away instantly.  From KSA’s surprise army discharge army cake to her wacky and zany SELCAs with Wookie, I can’t be more assured that she’ll create wonderful chemistry with Wookie. She’s just that good.

Aren’t they just BEAUTIFUL together?

Gah. My heart needs to find cure now.


I know Scent of a Woman is supposed to be a melo rom-com. But I totally cannot see it! KSA does not look like she only has 6 months to live in the stills no?! She still looks as bubbly and cheerful as ever.

So, it’s either she’s blissfully unaware of her impending death. Or she’s just trying to live her life to the fulest before she faces the end.

I’m okay with both, as long as the writing is good. Pretty please, missus or mister writer.

photo credits: naver / KSA baidu bar & weibo


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