醉後決定愛上你 Drunken To Love You Singapore Promo Event + Interview Translations

Awwww… my OTP are back in each others’ hands! Kyaaaa <333

Joseph and Rainie  were in Singapore to promote Drunken To Love You (titled While We Were Drunk on SG TV) last 25th June 2011. For a drama which has been soaring high and garnering stable ratings (hovering around 4-5, which is like considered HIGH nowadays), you’d expect bucket loads of promotions, activities, events and what not. But DTLY hasn’t been and doesn’t seem to be gearing anywhere near that, with the scarcity of appearances and promotions it has had so far. One might wonder why, not strike the iron while it’s hot. hmmm….

I’m sure the mass of DTLY fans do yearn for more of DTLY and our OTP, on-screen or off whatsoever. Everything about them is just so off the charts. No? Can you imagine how friggin excited (and envious) I got when I found out about this? I wish I’d known earlier, I wish I’d booked that flight to Singapore back then and not back out due to stupid reasons. Singaporean fans are so damn LUCKY urrhhhhh… (gah, let’s not mention Eric and Han Ye Seul for Spy Myung Wol okay? sighs)

Press Con + Interview Clip


“Hi everyone. How are you all? Have you guys eaten? You’ve waited long. I’m happy to be able to come here with Joseph to promote DTLY. It’s going to air in Singapore very soon. I know that you’ll are able watch it through the internet, but now you’ll get to watch it on the big screen, I’m very excited. I hope the Singaporean viewers will like the drama.


I’m happy that I’m able to come here with Rainie to promote DTLY. And…ermm, that’s about it. Now that you’re able to watch it on a bigger screen, I hope you all will like the drama. (hahaha, gosh Joseph, you really cannot do without Rainie as your spokesperson huh? You basically just repeated what Rainie said lol)


On Xiao Ru.. I think basically Xiao Ru and myself (in RL) are pretty similar. In that we’ve never been married before and suddenly we’re put in such a situation (be someone’s wife). I’ve never given it too much thought and really just went with the flow and the mood of the story. It did bother me a bit in the beginning, that I had to wear a ring on my fourth finger all the time. I understood that it’s a symbol of marriage and all and but I just didn’t have such a habit. It took me about a month or so to get used to it? I hated it at first and would take it off whenever I had the chance. Towards the end, I got so used to wearing it that I’d even take it home unknowingly. The costume cordi was always worried because the ring had real diamonds on it and that I constantly wore it back home. I’m also quite used to hearing people address Joseph and myself as Mr. Song and Mrs. Song (lolz) now.

I think there has been a very huge misunderstanding. When the drama was first announced, the media mistook and thought it’s a sequel to Fated To Love You. So some people could have gotten the wrong information through the internet. DTLY is in fact an original story of its own and has no connection to FTLY in any way whatsoever. I think comparisons and competition are inevitable. So we can only do our best.



Err… well… Rainie was the first to enter the set. She’d been filming for about 10 days before I came into the set. So the first scene I had to film on my first day was in fact the most daring scene in the entire drama (i.e. bed scene). There was definitely awkwardness between us but after that scene, we loosened up and everything got better.


It’s like all the bold and daring stuff came first, it broke our barriers and we got closer faster than usual. But I think it’s a good thing. We spent some time on that scene but the final effect was better than expected.

I had no intimate scenes with Xiao Gui, only a kissing scene.

Awkwardness? Ermm..  I think it was more awkward when I did it with Xiao Gui. Because well I’m sure you all know about my relationship with him. We were classmates before and this is our first collab after 10+ years. Altho the kissing scene merely involved a light peck on the lips, I dunno, it’s weird. I still felt very shy.

Because my scene with Xiao Gui wasn’t romantic, so it didn’t make my heart race or skip a bit. But I  had a lot of really romantic scenes with Joseph, to the extent that I’d wished I were in Xiao Ru’s place when watching the episodes at home. So in comparison, it was more heart-fluttering when filming with Joseph.

Joseph nods when asked whether his heart fluttered while filming with Rainie (gah, our OTP is just sooo cute!).


Yeah, 2 pairs of shorts. It’s not so much an intimate scene, but a funny chaotic scene. I had to take off my shorts in that scene so I wore another one inside.


Joseph on Rainie:

Compared to before, I find Rainie… (laughs in between).. more chatty now. And… friendlier? (Rainie asked why, was she that unfriendly before?) No, because we weren’t very close before. I used to think she was just an incessantly talkative person, but now that I got to know her better thru filming together, I discovered that she’s not like that in any way. And her working attitude is really really really very good. Some people may not know or understand, why put so much effort into one thing? But I think it represents her determination and passion she has for the profession.


I wasn’t very close with Joseph in the past. My impression of him was that he’s kind of boring. The things he did were random and lame. He was a person who just didn’t catch my atttention. It could’ve been due to the fact that we weren’t close and we didn’t have a chance to understand and get to know each other more.  He was like a boy still waiting to grow up. Now that we’ve known each other more thru filming DTLY…ermm I think he still has that boyish charm. But my perspective on his boyish charm has changed a bit in that I see it as something cute which accentuates his manly side. In a way he doesn’t come across too stern or overly mature. Or even boring anymore. Now we get along and click well in our conversations. And we’re able to get each others’ jokes.

I said before that I’d jump if the ratings broke 10. I kinda regret it now haha. But of course, if it really were to happen, I’d be very happy. We’re only half-way there right now. We’re really excited to see what would happen next and we look forward to the audiences’ reaction. Hopefully the ratings will be able to break more barriers in the coming episodes.


He has already taken the lead, we should leave the rest to the other guys now. (Awww… Rainie cannot be more protective and helpful ❤)



We can only do our best. (When asked about filming with Director Chen who was indirectly involved in Selina’s explosion accident last year.)

I don’t think the length of my hair has anything to do with it (her soaring luck as of recent). It’s my first time sporting a short cut on TV (except for Meteor Garden of course). I was a bit worried in the beginning for the fear that viewers might not be able to accept my new style. Because the general mindset is that the heroine should be long-haired, more fairytale-liked. I was wary that people might think I don’t look feminine enough. But surprisingly I received a lot of recognition, from boys especially. The feeling I had was that I did the right thing by chopping my locks off. The whole image fitted Lin Xiao Ru’s look, and if I sported long hair, I wouldn’t look like Lin Xiao Ru. I’m quite satisfied with my decision.

I didn’t give it too much thought (on bagging awards). Because such things are very unpredictable. It was merely a dream for me in the past, but when it happened, it caught me by total surprise. Having experienced something like this, I can only say I feel honored and happy.


Joseph: I’m just okay.


Yeah, you’re just okay. I’m also just okay. Both of us can hold on pretty long. We won’t get all drunk that easily, but it’s not like we’re that good to the extent that we can hold on for a 1000 glasses or something.

Even if I’m with my friends and I get really drunk, the most I’d do is just sleep. The worst case I’d probably just throw up in the toilet or something. But I’ve never got myself into a messy situation before.


When I’m drunk, I will keep on drinking and drinking. That’s about it.

Rainie (on holding secrets):

I think that depends on the individual’s personality. If one doesn’t say much when he/she is drunk, I don’t think that would happen. Yeah, some people are pretty scary. They actually blurt out everything and anything when they’re drunk.

Rainie on ideal proposal:

I never really thought about that. Maybe I’m not a very romantic person? I think it depends. Take Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru for instance, altho they got together in unique circumstances, but their process of getting to know each other is a romantic one. Some people, they might start off being all romantic and sweet, but their relationship process can be boring. To me the process is more important. It doesn’t matter how it takes off, we’ll see how God brings the 2 people together. As for my ideal proposal, I think it should come naturally? If you try too hard to make it work, I’m not sure I’d know how to react.


I think for me, it all boils down to the right person, right time and right place. I think that would be romantic?


Notice how Joseph always looks to Rainie for answers and prompting when he’s being questioned? That’s soooo cute. I think Rainie is also aware how he’s dependant on her to answer questions. haha.

You’ve probably noticed my lack of babbling and ranting on DTLY nowadays. No worries guys, I’m still watching, am still updated. And I still adore and love our OTP Jie Xiu-Xiao Ru to bits. Altho I have to admit that the recent episodes of DTLY have kind of reached a stalemate, with all the silly bits of Alien Huang’s character interfering etc, I still hold hope that Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru will continue to carry the drama with their awesomeness together. Most TW dramas suffer from redundancy and overkill of filler elements towards the end,  and I’m almost expecting that DTLY will fare the same. But in the end, it’s Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru who matter the most to me. Their love story.

All DTLY needs to do – Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru to kick ass together. Nuff said


13 thoughts on “醉後決定愛上你 Drunken To Love You Singapore Promo Event + Interview Translations”

  1. I live in Singapore and I had no clue any of the events that happened. :/ *fail* Would have been interesting to see their chemistry in real life….

    1. Missed out big time! T_T Eric and Han Ye Seul were there to film Spy Myung Wol, did you get to see them? Sighs, why all celebs go to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur only?

      1. HAHA. Unfortunately all these celebs’ visits are mostly publicised in the Chinese media, which I don’t follow, so I miss out on all of them. 😦

  2. Thank you so very much for the translation. I’ve been MIA as well, because there are/were too many things for me to keep up with. But I have still been following the show as well. Just haven’t been as active.

      1. No, not yet. But since there are only a few episodes left after this, I think I’m just going to watch the remaining episodes all in one go. So just wait till it’s completed to watch. Helps my sanity, because or else I’ll be sure to re-watch all the JX/XR scenes and eat up time that way.

  3. Yea I saw they were in Singapore and was elated (not that I was flying there or anything). Just glad others get a taste of the most solid OTP this year. Though I didn’t know people were trying to boycott the show 😦 That’s a mess and sad for the actors, not to mention the audience missing such a wonderful story, but I guess I understand the principle.

    And Joseph is friggin’ adorable! He’s too cute and is extremely shy and guarded it seems. The media definitely isn’t his thing. I think it’s moments like these that bubble the breakup/hookup rumors. But it’s to be expected if you have great chemistry and seem to have a good rapport off camera as well.

    Ah, I can’t wait for Sunday to get here…

    1. Yeap, I think Joseph is just naturally camera-shy. It’s like he doesn’t know what to say or approach questions. But it’s rather cute how Rainie always comes to his rescue.. :P.. I even saw this vid where this reporter asked him whether he felt awkward that now Rainie’s not by his side (to help him) and he said yeah. *cute*

  4. Why on earth does anyone want to boycott a terrific show with the best otp of the year ?pray tell me?

    1. Yeap, because the director Chen Ming Zhang was said to have been partly responsible for the explosion accident with Selina last year? I didn’t go thru all the news and whatnot, but I kind of remember that news reported that he kept mum for quite a while after the accident and only came out to clarify stuff later on, and that rendered some anger and fury from Selina or SHE fans?

    2. Yea, just to echo ripgal, the accident was pretty deadly and Dir. Chen seemed very emotionless and unremorseful in his statements regarding the “I Have a Date with Spring” leads’ accident, as well as, rumored to have not done his part in preventing such dangerous shoots to occur. Therefore, many people were outraged at him.
      Again, I could understand if it was my friend or family member in that situation because it did seem as though Chen had little sympathy for those injured nor was he apologetic that it was due to his own decisions (budget cuts, lack of planning and supervision etc) that created the mess.
      I also don’t think that fans are overreacting, necessarily, it’s just sad that we as people can’t see the effects/affects of our actions. The cast and crew of D2LU aren’t responsible for the accident last year and may have even chosen to do the drama long before the backlash of Selena’s project really got underway. But regardless, it’s a different project and a different time and we don’t know any of them personally, therefore, it’s hard to judge what really transpired or more specifically, how anyone was truly feeling.
      The way the media has spun it, the man seems rather despicable but many private people seem hateful and mean, so I won’t be quick to condemn. What’s best is just to pray for those injured, their speedy recovery and if there is personal resentment or miscommunication, it all gets rectified privately.

  5. O yes,imagine how we fans wud feel if such a tragic accident were to befall rainie or Joseph on set.thank goodness Selina s on the road to recovery.I gues we really can’t judge dir chan n his actions coz wat we know is bsed on media reports n hearsay.only Selina n insiders will really know the kind of person he really is.thanks guys for clearing the air abt ts issue ciz I had really been in the dark.

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