Immortal Song 2: Boohwal’s The More That I Love You (Yesung’s Cover)

This is a random post.

Watched an episode of Immortal Song 2 on KBSW last Sunday. And was blown away mad by this cover of Boohwal‘s “The More I That I Love You” by SuJu‘s Yesung.

I came to know about Boohwal 20 over years late, but better late than never. I’ve only heard a handful of their songs, and I can only say, they RESONATE. And they resonate deep. No denying their status as one of the most legendary and celebrated rock and roll bands in Korea.

The original is already unreachable. But when YeSung came out with his rendition. It just hit me right on my face. I was awestruck. Not because it was the best rendition ever, not because his voice was so great or anything. And not because he was a Suju and I didn’t expect nothing from him.

But because it was earnest, solemn and yet so melancholic. It gave me chills down my spine, goosebumps everywhere. It totally blew my mind away.

Just could not get it out of my mind.


4 thoughts on “Immortal Song 2: Boohwal’s The More That I Love You (Yesung’s Cover)”

  1. There are some performances/performers out there that grab you like a dying man or “have you believing”– as I put it… This was definitely one! I also find that Yesung is that kind of performer. He is a vocalist that reaches in and switches on whatever he needs to make you believe. Did you see the audience? The other artists? That is always a tell-tale sign. They were in his palm.

    Thank you for sharing. I rarely ever watch that kind of stuff so it’s great to see every now and again.

    1. Yes, you got it right on spot. Yesung’s performance was heart-grabbing and heart-wrenching. I was almost in tears by the end.

      Thanks to KBSW I’m gonna watch this every other week from now on. The idols singers they chose to compete on the show, to my surprise, are pretty solid. ^^

  2. I’m watching it too on KBSW!! so glad they choose Yesung. He deserved it.
    I also late to know Boohwal and their songs are great! I’m starting to loves them especially grandpa Kim Tae Won. hehe =)

  3. What a sweet yet powerful rendition of The More That I Love from Super Junior’s best vocals, Yesung!
    Now I really love this Boohwal’s song more.
    I watched this during the actual showing of the episode on KBS. How funny that i post my comment only now. Lol. That’s because i can’t ever forget or let go of Yesung’s interpretation of the song to this day. His is one of the best performances in the all the episodes of Immortal Songs : Singing the Legend. So unforgettable!
    Congratulations, Yesung. All the best!

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