Jeon Ji Hyun and Li Bing Bing glam up for TrendsHealth July’11 Edition

Friendship between 2 women. Wicked and interesting.

I saw the trailer of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan on ockoala‘s blog a while ago. And I still remember how mesmerized and awestruck I was after the 2-min video ended. Breathtaking visuals. Visceral tone. And heartfelt music. All combined into this depiction of friendship and bond between 2 friends.

Adapted from Lisa See’s novel Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, the story tells of 2 women’s friendship which transcends the norm, bound by mutuality and emotional connection.  2 women closer than sisters, more intimate than husband and wife, who understand each other inside out, and who would go all out for each other in any circumstances. (This is where the interesting part comes in, friendship out of the norm? What gives?)

Jeon Ji Hyun and Li Bing Bing each play the other half of the pair, and are all set to blow our eyes (with their beauty of course) and  minds away in the film that premiers this 15th July 2011.

And like all films,  you get lots and lots of eye-candy and goodies before the grand premier.

Jeon Ji Hyun and Li Bing Bing

Jeon Ji Hyun

Li Bing Bing

credit photos: TrendsHealth /


Both Li Bing Bing and Jeon Ji Hyun are great beauties no doubt, each in their own unique ways. Don’t say men, I myself cannot help but stare twice, thrice or more. Then, they are not labeled “goddesses” for no reason.

Regardless, I think Jeon Ji Hyun killed the spread more than Li Bing Bing and totally took over. Her stares, expressions, poses and all. Being away from TV or film for so long did her some good huh? But oh wellz, remember the sexy Giordano ad with Jung Woo Sung? Girl is made to model. And she does is right.

15th July 2011, come to mommaaaaa!


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