Rainie Yang’s “We’re Both Foolish 我們都傻 ” – Official MV


Joseph and Rainie have to make BABIES…errr… ooopss.. a film together! STAT!


8 thoughts on “Rainie Yang’s “We’re Both Foolish 我們都傻 ” – Official MV”

  1. Thanks for sharing the MV, ripgal!

    Rainie is gorgeous. The song and her voice are lovely. Although I’m not a fan of cheating storyline, chemistry between Rainie and Joseph is undeniable.

  2. The story in the MV is a little disturbing at the beginning, but I love the song. I so want Joseph Chang and Rainie to be a real couple! I usually try to stay away from doing that, but with these two I can’t help feeling that way. Rainie is beautiful and talented and well, Joseph Chang is just. so. awesome!

    1. Haha, I get your feeling. Can’t help but drown in their burning chemistry right? Can’t blame us. Blame the OTP 😛

  3. Yes o yes let them make more movies n babies..can imagine how tr offsprings will turn out..rainie has never looked or sounded this good..she has metamorphosed from a cutesy teenie bopper into a refined n beautiful mature woman.she epitomizes womanhood so well… N Joseph….,. Hot! Catapulted to instant fame n into the A list by his charisma,masculinity n chemistry with rainie.this mV is going to win them awards n this song is a sure platinum for rainie!

    1. Haha, we’re such crazy lunatic fans. 😛

      Agree with you that Rainie has come a long way. And her hard work has definitely paid off. I can only wish her more and more success in future because in all honesty, she deserves it. 😀

      The good thing about Joseph’s sudden rise to stardom is that it doesn’t go up to his head at all. He still remains nonchalant and easy with the fame and popularity that he’s gained in such a short span of time. And doesn’t milk it all the way immediately.

      This actor has volumes of talent, and he can only improve the way I see it. All he needs is a strong film or drama role, a more challenging one (i.e. Eternal Summer role) and I assure you he’ll be up there with Zai Zai and Ethan Ruan in no time, maybe even better.

  4. YEA-UH! I love it. These two are just wonderful. This is what I call sizzling chemistry. The kind that could keep us all warm on a cold breezy evening.
    I truly can’t wait for Joseph to do another role. I’m afraid he won’t match his chemistry with Rainie but you never ever know. I’m holding out cause I don’t want to sell either of them short but WOW!

      1. Wow ripgirl we can always count on u for the latest hottest news. Joseph looks brooding n sensual here…but like u say,could someone please ps Tiffany off n paste rainie in there..yes,yes now it’s picture perfect…think I ve gone looney since Joseph came into our lives.

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