Hotness 2 in 1 ALERT!

Today is a wonderful wonderful wonderful day.

Just because….

1. Scent of a Woman official posters are out.

And I have no other words to describe them – GORGEOUS!

=== AND ===

2. Joseph Chang and Tiffany Xu doing CHANEL for milkX Photospread.

Again, no words other than GORGEOUS!

(I hear Joseph and Rainie / Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru fans screaming NOOOOOO! But the pictures spell nothing more than SEXINESS and SEXINESS alone. We’ll let Avril enjoy her brief moment of happiness with Jie Xiu for a while okay?)

Photo credits: / Joseph Chang baidu bar


5 thoughts on “Hotness 2 in 1 ALERT!”

  1. It’s true you’re right! It’s Joseph. Forget the women. It’s all his fault! I will also admit that even in D2LU I felt they were quite nice together but in these pics… Joseph… what are you doing to sane logical women around the world?

    And KSA and LDW look sweet and in love. I can’t wait! They first stills for the drama were horrible but these a just what I’m talking ’bout!

    1. You’re so right. It’s Joseph working the sexiness and hotness to 100 +++ degrees!~ And it’s his quiet burning charm which makes us GAGA <333

      Have you seen his film Eternal Summer? Man has got some serious intense acting chops to boot!

  2. I can’t stand how utterly gorgeous the Chanel photoshoot is..and Joseph’s hotness just burns through the screen…I wonder if there are more pictures at all…

    Plus. Wookie! Can’t wait to see how cute him & Kim Sun-Ah are onscreen together ^^

  3. The second poster for Scent of a Woman is gorgeous…And then there’s Joseph Chang. So. freaking. gorgeous, it’s actually a little bit wrong.

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