Lee Da Hae and her oppa Kim Jung Tae play cute

Gaaaaahhhh… this is just uber CUTENESS!

LDH just has ways with her oppas. No wonder all of her celeb friends think of her as a guy. When she plays, she really goes all out. ^____^

Ripley is ending tomorrow (phew finally!). Da Hae and the rest of the cast (especially Micky) can finally take a break from this emotional wreck and move on (to something lighter). This drama has been a twisted and heartbreaking journey so far that I believe the cast are all worn out from all the drama (especially poor Micky who has to juggle his JYJ schedule at the same time).

Whilst the drama didn’t exactly live up to my expectations (writing and directing were still below par, far from my initial hopes aiks) and whilst there were things that I really really hated (execution and acting-wise, which I will not delve deeper), I give 100% props and thumbs up to the whole cast who gave their all to this production. To Kang Hye Jung who was unfortunately neglected and all, my heart goes out to her. The drama may not have been a huge success as anticipated, but in the end, it’s the effort and heart that count. 😀 Here’s hoping that the cast will move on to better and more solid projects in future. All of them deserve it!

Alright, to the CUTE!

Photo credits: LDH’s twitter


Wow, doesn’t Da Hae look incredibly small when compared to Kim Jung Tae? I think our girl has slimmed down again sighs. But it’s really good to see that she had a great time with Kim Jung Tae while filming that scene. It was a scene filled with high emotion and intensity and yet off-set you get an oppa-dongsaeng pair going all cute and goofy?

Da Hae oh Da Hae, did you force your oppa to do this?

And last, where is yours with Micky? Just one will do?! Pretty please?


2 thoughts on “Lee Da Hae and her oppa Kim Jung Tae play cute”

  1. Completely agree with you, this is cute!! and as you say “the drama didn’t exactly live up to my expectations” too. I just think there’s too much romance in there and i don’t know maybe i want more darkness hahahahaha…. maybe like ruby, the spanish telenovela.
    But their acting are remarkable and i still love Kang Hye Joong!! they really shut her characters and i barely only see her about 5-10 mins every episode? sigh, if only they dig her character deeper.
    Ah, and by the way what ending do you want?


    1. I haven’t seen Ep 15 yet, but I read that they’re gearing towards making Miri redeem herself in the most extreme way possible? Death? I did predict a possible demise for Miri when shit hit the fan, but it’s up to the writer to make it convincing. (Please, Ms. Writer!) I want Miri to pay, but not with her all. Girl deserves a brief moment of true happiness, from her mom, and from someone she loves.

      Regardless, I CANNOT see Miri and YH ending up together. With YH’s step-mom being Miri’s birth mother, there’s just zero chance that they will end up together. First, incest is taboo in K-drama. 2nd, Miri has just gone too far and for YH to forgive her of all and take her back, it would def require more than just 1 last episode. 3rd, her logic is just too twisted atm for her to accept herself as who she is. So OTP ending, not very likely.

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