More “We’re Both Foolish 我们都傻” MV goodies~

Gah, how gorgeous are they? How perfect are they for each other? They have to make babies already! XDDDDD

Okay, mind my senseless and silly rantings. I feel like I’ve been on an overwhelming Joseph and Rainie high recently. From DTLY to their interviews to their recent MV collab, the goodies are spoiling me like mad. Not just because I’m so utterly in love with their on-screen chemistry in DTLY, but because they’re killing it even more for me off-screen. Way more playful, way more goofy and way more sizzling. They’re such crazy oddballs when they come together.

I’m trying to imply something here (I dare say haha)… but hey, I’ll just let fate decide. I have friends whom I can play around with freely like they do. And I still remain buddies with them. So, no matter what happens (if it happens or not haha, I’m delusional), I’ll just be happy and content with the fact that they’d found a good friend in each other. ^__^

Alright, enough with the babbling.

We’re Both Foolish 我们都傻 MV – BTS Clip [Translations added]


Clad in a white single-strapped dress and donning a new straightened bob cut, Rainie braved the immense heat and climbed up to the roof-top to film the MV of her new song “We’re Both Foolish”.


Today is the hottest day of all as of recent. I’m just so lucky!

My yearly schedule goes like this: I either film a drama first then release an album, or vice versa. If I finish filming in winter, I will definitely release an album during summer time. If I release my album during winter time, then I’d have to film in summer?! So in the end I chose to release my album in summer. Because filming is worse compared to releasing an album during summer, whereby I’ll have to suffer under tremendous heat. Phew, it’s incredibly hot now. Fortunately I endorse whitening products, I have nothing to fear.


It’s a bit lonely having to suffer under such heat alone. Of course she’d have to find a partner. Since “We’re Both Foolish” is one of the sub-themes to idol drama DTLY, Rainie invited her co-star Joseph Chang to lend a helping hand.

R: I heard that Joseph had jogged a bit (to look good) for this MV. It’s a very touching act.

J: What did you just say?

R: You did some running just for this MV.

J: Oh? Really?!!

R: It’s soooo hot.


Joseph and Rainie each play working class individuals who meet up and have lunch together at the staircase of their office building. But compared to the heat outside, filming amidst the humidity inside the building resulted in even more sweating. Seeing Joseph sweat profusely even just with him standing still and fanning himself constantly, I’m sure we can feel the pain he’s going thru.

R: Who will have the mood to date in such heat?

R: I’m sweating.

R: Arrrhhh… Zhang Xiao Quan! Your sweat’s gunky!


He used ice to cool himself down, nearly messing up his make-up. Even Rainie’s flabbergasted at his ways of fighting against the heat.

R: I have to bite it again?

R: I think you should film him. Look at how over he is.

R: It’s hot for me too, but he’s way over than I am.


Whenever Joseph gets a chance, he will annoy Rainie to no end. He even dares to tease her during filming.

[Filming of staircase scene, Joseph messes up his dialogue, causes Rainie to NG]

J: You’re the girlfriend?

R: Yeah.

R: I work upstairs.

J: But upstairs is the roof-top. (LOL)

R: Right.

J: Right.

[Even the director couldn’t stand it anymore.]

R: Joseph is a ___.

R: Other than me, who else can he bully?

R: Huh? Who else can you bully besides me?

R: He’s so obedient and quiet in front of others, but you know what? He is in fact very skillful with words.

[Rainie takes the chance to pay back at Joseph]

R: Oh such a coincidence, I work upstairs.

J: I work downstairs.

R: Luckily I met you, or else I’d be an embarrassment.

R: Do you always have lunch here?

J: Yeah, it’s too crowded outside.

R: You have bread only? Is it enough?

J: It’s just a snack.

R: Right of course, you’re so big sized.


Rainie immediately reacted and paid back at Joseph. Both of them played and joked around with each other constantly on set, displaying the close friendship they’ve forged. A total rip-off of Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru.

R: It’s an MV with a story, of course we’d have to find a person who can act. Since I had filmed with him earlier, I immediately thought of him.

J: But the point is, I’m an easy to persuade so she came to me. The rest weren’t willing so…

R: What are you talking about? Who?!

R: You think if I asked, nobody would be willing to come? That’s too much of you.

J: No, because the rest were too busy. And I happen to be free, that’s why I came.

R: I really, wholeheartedly intended for Joseph to do this.

R: Are you happy?

J: I am.

R: Then smile wider.

R: I’m sure if you guys know me well, I’m more of the demure girl-ish type. (laughs) Because we’d developed a pretty good relationship during the filming (of DTLY), we kinda understand each other pretty well now. And we know where our limits lie. So when we joke around with each other, we won’t get irritated with each other.


Filming really brought out the chemistry between Joseph and Rainie. It didn’t matter whether it’s on or off-set, or during filming of a kissing or hugging scene, both of them were able to immerse into their characters and the story on cue. No NG with 1 single take.

[Kissing scene done in 1 take after practice session]

J: So later I have to move forward?

D: Right, you’ll go over.

J: But then do I (gesture: go for it aggressively)..? Or I do it slowly?

D: Do it slowly.

R: That’s scary.

J: I thought about it… if I did that (hand gesture), it’d block my way.

R: That’s too much of both of you, can I just leave and go somewhere behind

[Filming of kissing scene.]

R: Can I just add, “Are you drunk”? after that? Something that you’ll do when it’s awkward.

D: Alright.

J: So I’ll just look at her and do that.

D: Right. And actually inside he’s thinking, “What are you doing”? And you say you’re drunk.


Perhaps due to the fear that they’d get all awkward if they filmed the kissing scenes too many times, Joseph and Rainie showed how professional they were and quickly finished the kissing take in one go.

The kissing scene is the climax of the entire MV, whereby both Joseph and Rainie find themselves developing feelings for each other in spite already being in a relationship with another person. Unable to control their feelings for each other, they go for it with the help of alcohol.

The MV was filmed from dawn to dusk. Even during filming of the intimate scenes, Joseph appeared grossed out and tired, wanting to rush home to sleep.

R: You should be very tired now? Or are you alright?

J: I’m okay. You should be more tired.

R: But you look more tired.

J: Really?

R: Can you hang on a bit more there?

J: Right. I think you’re more tired because you still have to continue later.

R: Right. So, what do you think about our filming of this MV and our drama, what’s the difference?

J: The storyline is different, it’s very unique.

J: Yeah it’s very different. And somehow it correlates to a lot of similar circumstances in real life.


Joseph left Rainie to finish up her last scene, a crying scene. But being the Winner of Golden Bell Best Actress, it wasn’t a big deal for her as she impressed the filming crew with her heartbreaking crying performance.

D: Cut. Okay, that’s a wrap for the day.

R: Thanks. This is the most tiring MV I’ve ever filmed. Because I had to cry non-stop. But it’s an interesting MV.

Video credits:

Translations: Me


They’re just plain wonderful together, don’t you think so? Watching them interact off-screen and tease each other non-stop is just like watching 2 ppl playing each other off in a world of their own. It’s like only they themselves understand what the other is talking about, or joking about.  It’s like they only have eyes for each other, but yet in a very platonic and playful way.

DTLY may not end up a great drama eventually (what with the recent slapstick-ish route it’s been gearing towards coupled with some HUH? sub-plots circulating JX-XR’s relationship), but I’m grateful to have encountered such a wonderful OTP, on and off-screen. They may or may not collab again in future, but we all know, their friendship and rapport is real, genuine and truly utterly off the charts, and it’s theirs to keep.

Joseph-Rainie, DAEBAK!!!


14 thoughts on “More “We’re Both Foolish 我们都傻” MV goodies~”

  1. Help u have just succeeded in driving me to the brink of insanity with ur latest posting..,before I completely lose my mind over ts most gorgeous pairing in the recent history of twdrama,let me quickly affirm what u say abt tr palpable off screen chemistry n sexual attraction for each other.I don’t think it s platonic or goofy or playful at all.her off screen interactions with all her previous leading men were somewhat different,they were the usual bantering,playful mocking n goofy prodding etc.she
    Was never so candid nor vocal about her caramaderie with her co star s she is with Joseph.she makes no bones about how well Ty get on,she s openly flirtatious n yet tr is a certain degree of coyness, seriousness n sexual tension off screen with Joseph.she s never irritated with him, speaks on his behalf,she s defensive n protective of him n vice versa.o god I m frothing at the mouth from all ts babbling n ranting,,,ripgal,will we ever get out if ts rut?for the past 14 wks,my own love life has taken a backseat coz I ve been too obsessed with these 2ppl’ s on n off screen love lives!!!it s insane it’s lunacy n this is the only haven for lunatics like me!!!get me a shrink!

    1. Oh miahne miahne! I hope you’re feeling better now ^^ I’ll make sure to give you some heads-up or prelude before I bring you the big thing in future (if any comes up that is). And in the mean time, back to RL? haha..

      I really have no idea about Rainie’s relationship with her past leading men, granted that I’ve never paid any attention to her dramas before DTLY. I’ve seen bits and pieces of her dramas with Mike He, and I liked their on-screen chemistry, but that’s about it, I never really got THIS involved. Eg. searching for BTS clips and interviews just to see her off-screen interactions with her co-stars. With Joseph, it’s just magic and sparks all over. Like you said, they’re so comfortable with each other that they never have to gauge each others’ reactions before blurting out something strange or funny. And what more do you need in a friend other than the complete trust and understanding you have in him/her?

      Dun think we will ever know the real thing (as there really could be nothing at all). But for me, as long as they’re still good and close with each other, what else gives? I can’t ask for more. ^^

  2. Mama mia! HAAWT!! Ripgal, I have been curIous as to what they said in the BTS and, thanks to you, now I got it! A million thanks. Any chance I could stretch my luck by asking if you could please (with 2 cherries on top) do the translation for the rest of Drunken to Love You BTS? I found their interaction so interesting to watch, but could not understand very well what they said. May be? Hopefully? Perhaps? 🙂 Thanks again for spending your time doing all the things you do for DTYL.

    1. You’re welcome. 😀 I’ll try to help a bit with the translations, but no guarantee that they’ll come fast. 😛

      Meanwhile, other BTS links of the same MV

      1. i am a super fan of joseph chang/ song jie xiu and rainie yang/ lin xiao ru all because of DTLY.. from then on im following all their interviews and DTLY BTS.. i hope you can share to me all the link of where can i watch their BTS with eng sub.. thankss guysss..

  3. Look I watched this a few days ago and being I had company, I couldn’t freely squee and giggle the way I’m entirely too old to do in public! I have to agree with Queen of Hearts’ assessment. Idk what the heck is going between these two but Lord I’m not sure I’ve ever wanted to know about a star’s personal feelings so stinking bad!
    I’m always of the mind that actors know when cameras are rolling, especially if a drama is airing therefore their interactions are always “acty” but every now and again, there are genuine moments. One thing I like about Rainie and Joseph is those times seem to be more often(individually and together). Usually Rainie is the same with everyone, but there is only one co-star that I’ve seen a staunch deviation and that’s Jiro Wang. Idk what was going on there but they were very odd together. She didn’t seem as comfortable with him as others. She was more distant, nervous and passive, while he seemed to be trying to reflect some type of normalcy between them. There were rumors they didn’t get along, and though that’s possible, I’m not sure that was the root of their issue.
    However, with Joseph, there is definitely something more in the laughter and joking than I’ve seen with other guys and it really could be that they are attracted to one another. Doesn’t mean they like each other per se but I think that most women have that one friend that pokes his head out of the friend box: THE DANGEROUS FRIEND(lol). And I find if guys seem interested, they usually are. Women a bit more complicated, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s open. It reminds me of a BTS vid I watched when Eugene surprised Ki Tae Young at his b-day party. He was so liking her back then. It was written all over his face. Guys are kinda like that, however she was really just being nice. Therefore, when I heard they were getting married(Happy Wedding Day kids!), I was surprised and happy but definitely not shocked.

    Anyway, regardless, it’s great to think that they have made a new life-long friend in one another. They are cute and fun and regardless of the reality, it’s been a wonderful addition to DTLY promotions.

  4. So relieved to know we r not alone in our insanity.go to Asian fanatics forum when u have time n peruse ixandra s posting in the Joseph rainie thread.she has done extensive research on this theory of ours n like us,sees much more than platonic friendship…her observations r intriguing,hey,it happened to Eugene n KTY n they r married after a one n half yr courtship after falling in love on set.hope Joseph n rainie follow tr hearts as well.

  5. Okay, I bring you guys more goodies. hehe.. was thinking to post in an another entry, but then I figured they’d get too redundant. I’d been crazy ranting abt them too much lately..

    Joseph attended Rainie’s album pre-sale fan-meeting as a surprise guest yesterday!
    Pics and clip included in links below~~

    Awww… the man is supportive of his lady huh? But again, as usual, he didn’t look very comfortable..
    Still surprises me how different he can be on and off the media eyes.

    1. Yea. He’s precious. I total understand though. His face was like “too many people!” LOL. I understand. He’s honestly only comfortable when he blocks them out and focuses on being with his friend. It’s too cute. Thanks for the clips.

  6. It may be a sweltering 36 • in taipei bt over here it s raining cats n dogs..after viewing this very clear version of the event I broke into song(we r all fools aren’t we) n did a rain dance on the street ,barefooted ,paying homage to the drama gods for bringing together this adorable on and off screen pair together n celebrating this bond they have forged..platonic or s obvious rainie adores this hunk,it’s written all over face,body language n the appreciation she never forgets to accord him.Joseph is still a little awkward n withdrawn in crowds but sheds his cool blasé facade whenever he is in rainie s co.I love how he doesn’t posture to the crowd .. He s not acting,he s so himself..that makes him so different from the other idol heroes who r good at playing to the gallery n giving the crowd wat Ty hanker after.o it’s obvious rainie wants to involve Joseph in her future stints n events ..notice how she lights up n glows with energy whenever he s in the room? Ke ke ke.. I m drenched ,soaked to the bone ,embracing nature n the gods above .. Who r looking on bemusedly at the looney below.. Meanwhile the neighbours r saying,,,,,,what a fool !!!!who cares,aren’t we all ? Thanks ripgal!

    1. We’re all fools, mad delusional fools 😀 I wonder whether we’d still be curable or even be alive if news came out that they’re going out? lol

      Yeap I love how Rainie is so protective of Joseph. As friends as buddies or otherwise, it’s just plain lovely and comforting to see. I was expecting a lot more interactions on stage between the 2, but it turned out that Joseph was again his quiet self, just giving her the support that she needed (just like XR’s man Jie Xiu hehe). 😀 Just look again at how they interact off the mic and camera i.e. Joseph telling Rainie that the basket’s heavy and him asking her on how to carry her..etc, I dunno, those gestures, really seemed genuine to me and really not just an act. You see and you know. haha

      The host called Joseph a shy person of few words, hence his awkwardness when facing the media or large crowds. So if he could go all playful with Rainie off-screen (as seen from the DTLY BTS), imagine how close and comfortable they are with each other (assuming that he’d only reveal his cheeky or real side to people that he’s close with). What else and what more can we want really?

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