My ILU for NYLON Photospread

Choi Jin Wook, where art thou?!!!!

It looks like Choi Daniel has quickly snapped out of his dorkiness in BFB and returned to his modeling roots. Here he’s seen shooting a hip-ish and cool-ish photospread for NYLON Magazine (August 2011 issue). And I see no signs of Choi Jin Wook at ALL. That’s the thing about getting too involved and engrossed with a drama character, and falling in love with the actor because of that character. Forever a goner. No cure.

I’d originally intended to do a concluding review for BFB, but trashed it away for the fear that it might end up becoming a random ranting and swooning post about my ILU instead. I know I can get all long-winded when it comes to my lubs, so miahne! You really don’t want to get into all of that (since I’ve ranted enough abt him hehehe).

Will make up with other stuff instead.

Photo credits: Choi Daniel baidu / DC gall

Uberrr hotness! <3333

This man is definitely a chameleon of all sorts. He may be young and he may not be the most talented, but no doubt he has a very unique and distinctive charm of his own. And a sense of self-awareness of how capable he is as an actor. I haven’t seen him in all of his works (TBH, I’ve only seen BFB and Cyrano Agency in full and some shorts and clips of his other dramas), but from the little I’ve seen and observed from, Choi Daniel can definitely go far and has the potential to stretch even further. He’s already done annoying (Worlds Within), cool-ish (Highkick 2), quirkish adorable (BFB) and silly (Cyrano Agency), all with a firm grip of control and comfort. All he needs now, dark and melodramatic. And bad-ass. Which I believe if given the opportunity, he will definitely work his ass off and kill those roles.

Give him a heavyweight role like Cha Moo Hyuk (MISA) or Lee Dae Gil (Chuno), I think I will never see him in the same light again. *prays that one day it will happen*

Last but not least, here’s a glimpse of the adorbs Choi Daniel @ the shooting set of his NYLON photospread:



3 thoughts on “My ILU for NYLON Photospread”

  1. omg I hope Choi Jin Wook never completely leaves him ^^ But you’re right, we need to see him in a dark role. I’m already waiting forever for his next comeback!

    1. ^He’d actually filmed The Musical (w/ Gu Hye Sun) way before BFB. It should be in post production stages right now and pending a final air-date.

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