Joseph and Rainie in Singapore i-Weekly

Super duber UBER LOVE & HOTNESS!

Because it’s Joseph and Rainie, HUGE in each others’ embrace <33

DTLY is almost reaching its end. With 2 more episodes to go, I can only see nothing but a sweet resolution and ending for OTP in the end. All the zip, fun and cuteness… sighs, I’m so gonna miss them when it ends for good. Although the recent episodes have been all about unnecessary contrivances put together to make our OTP ache for each other and cry (cos they’re great in dramatic and angsty scenes), I’m sure nobody will disagree with me that it’s together-ness of the OTP which pawns over everything, silliness and ridiculousness of the plot and whatnot.

DTLY has been low on promotions ever since it’s started, so it’s like ice-cream under the sun when we fans of the OTP get to see more JX-XR / Joseph-Rainie together.

Scans by LingShadow // credits: DTLY baidu bar


Notice the words next to the pictures? They’re basically Q&As about Joseph and Rainie’s own perspectives on love. Not gonna translate cos we pretty much get it from all the interviews or shows we’ve seen so far. In a nutshell, Rainie is more forward and initiative in love while Joseph is the usual Joseph (a lil shy but will take action when required).

Now let me just sit back and swoon over the overwhelming hotness all over again.


8 thoughts on “Joseph and Rainie in Singapore i-Weekly”

    1. Yup, I just read ockoala’s recap of Ep 16. T_T Looks like we’re in for a tearful ride, before we get to our happily ever after. DTLY ends at Ep 18.

  1. Omg I didn’t think they could look any hotter together but they can n they do in these shots..such a well matched compatible couple..haven’t seen such a perfectly matched couple since Audrey Hepburn n Gregory Peck!!I can’t read mandarin,so thanks for the gist of it..but don’t they drop any hints about tr attraction for each other at all in ts article?Oo help Dtly has only 2more epis to go..Think I m going to hv withdrawal symptoms when I don’t live,eat n breathe them both ..any remedy?wr m I to go for my daily ‘fix’?

    1. I’m not gonna ponder too much on their answers, for the fear that I might get too way ahead of myself again But I have to say that some of their answers are indeed capable of getting us OTP fans into squee-dom 😀

      Rainie mentioned that she really liked the character Jie Xiu and loved how Joseph portrayed him. The char was honest and forward with his feelings, and made Rainie wish she had a guy like him. She also said she’s never had a BF like Jie Xiu cos most guys in RL are not so initiative and are more shy when it comes to professing their feelings.

      Abt falling for co-stars during filming/ or getting too engrossed in portraying their chars in dramas, both Joseph and Rainie think it’s possible, and good in a sense that it can make the drama and the relationship more believable. But they believe it’s just a period and it’s up to the actors to gauge the boundaries and withdraw their feelings when the project is done. They both have no problems with doing that.

      When asked how they’d react if their co-stars have come to develop feelings for him/her – Rainie said she wouldn’t know if something like that happened, and if it did happen, it would depend on whether she liked the guy. Joseph also said something similar, if he also liked her, he would take action.

      They both preferring falling in love thru understanding and attachment rather than falling in love at first sight.

      When asked whether Rainie was an “ideal lover”, Joseph said YES! :DD

  2. OMG gasp!!!swoon!!!I see stars!! N smell love in the air!!! U have sure made my day…,n nite…thanks for the translation,ripgal.

  3. I haven’t finished the 15th episode, but I left off somewhere in the middle and it was less-than-exciting. Guess 16th episodes return us to an emotional rollercoaster ride.

    1. Ep 15 was more of a fun filler episode, nothing much happened. But oh my Ep 16 totally took for a dramatic turn, which surprisingly worked for me. Joseph and Rainie totally killed their crying scenes like no other. Amazing.

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