Drunken To Love You 醉后决定爱上你 Ep 18 (Finale) Extended Preview

Saying goodbye is always hard. The moment of parting, the feeling of not being able to see that one person again, it sucks. So bad.

Likewise for me, saying goodbye to DTLY is going to be extremely difficult. For the past 4 months, I’ve been living and breathing with Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru, going through ups and downs, sharing moments of joy and delight with them. All the endearing cute and fun coupled with the OTP’s amazing chemistry made me a joyous and thankful watcher. It was just pure bliss.

They say that good things always come to an end (everything comes to an end), one has to accept that and move on. But boy is it hard. I cannot imagine not anticipating Sundays to come. I cannot imagine not seeing JX and XR on my screen anymore. I seriously cannot! Ottoke?!!

I do have a lot of LOVES right now, as in terms of dramas that I’m watching. And I’m sure in time I’ll be going GAGA over another drama or OTP. But for a drama which has been a pleasant company for so long,  it will definitely take quite some time for me to get over. I can only hope that my other dramas will be able to help me ease whatever withdrawal symptoms that I may suffer when it ends for real. (Yes, Scent of a Woman, I mean YOU!)

DTLY, I’m going to miss you loads. Thank you so much for the abundance of joy that is of the last 4 months! 😀

Ep 18 Extended Preview – 醉後的幸福

*sniffs sniffs*

Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru, an-nyeong!


These are purely for Joseph/Rainie fans 😛

# JR Pic 1

Joseph’s second surprise visit, to one of Rainie’s album promotion interviews on the set of SETTV’s Guo Guang Bang Bang Mang. According to the news, Rainie was surprised this time (for real) because she totally didn’t expect to have a guest, let alone Joseph (awwww..). News mentioned she even sang off-tune several times because she was startled by his appearance. LOL

The episode hasn’t aired yet, but you’ll be sure to have first hand news when I manage to get the vid later. ^^

# JR Pic 2

Oooops, caught on camera? Joseph and Rainie spotted together last 8th August 2011 going to watch a play/show or something. 😀 I’m so glad that they still hang out together. Just friends, buddies or what. That’s how close they have become after DTLY. ^_^

There was an outrageous and ridiculous article accompanying the picture (it’s a paparazzi snapshot after all) talking about how Rainie is being actively pursued by both Kingone Wang and Joseph at the same time and how DTLY is actually coming true in RL. Me thinks that such speculations are source-less and peepz should just take them with a grain of salt.

But of course, more Joseph and Rainie? I so do not mind.

They make me hyperventilate! LOL

credits: Joseph and Rainie asianfanatics /DTLY facebook and baidu


18 thoughts on “Drunken To Love You 醉后决定爱上你 Ep 18 (Finale) Extended Preview”

  1. Wow, they still hang out. Gah! so jealous of Rainie. 🙂 They are one of my all time favorite OTPs. I will miss DTLY sooo much. Fortunately I have the OST to keep me company.

  2. Thanks Ripgal for keeping us updated! I too will experience a major withdrawal from these two! Keep us updated with more Rainie and Joseph happenings, OK?

  3. Hope they will have many scenes together so i will not miss them too much Last week, i wanted to skip Ai Wei’s story,fortunaly it wasn’t long.In this drama,Rainie Young looks so mature and is so beautiful especially in the last ep when she was on the wooden horse and was prepared to leave him,

    1. Yup, hopefully they’ll find XR’s mother in a zippy and move on to more OTP moments 😀 I read the text preview and it shows a chock full of events coming up…e.g. JX_XR’s honeymoon botched up by some unexpected circumstances? lol

  4. YAY! I can’t wait for the footage… And BOOOO I have to say goodbye 😦
    Thanks for much for the news! Rainie and Joseph, glad they’re are as close as they appear. It’s nice to meet and acquire new friends. Absolutely loverly!
    I hate that the media likes to ruin relationships with baseless accusations though. It so sucks for everyone involved, especially when some relationships are too fragile(or new) to withstand them. And by relationships, I mean platonic ones.

    1. Oh and let me say, I love Joseph to pieces! He just seems so normal. He always looks like he was just sitting around at the house and got a call to drop by somewhere, so he picked up his keys, slipped on his shades and flops and rolled out. It’s too cute and makes him seem down to earth. Love it!

      1. Totally agree, gotta love him for his I-dun-give-a-damn-abt-fame attitude! He doesn’t go all big headed with his soaring popularity. I follow his weibo on a regularly basis and it’s so cute how he always talks about his funny biking experiences with his gang of friends. He still lives a pretty non-celebrity life. hehe..

        Have you seen 16 and 17 yet? You’ve gotta to watch the BTS parts. This man cracks me up so hard. Poor Rainie, when his playful itch comes, she gets it all. LOL

      2. Yeah dats it!dat s what makes him so attractive…noticed dat s how he appeared when turned up at rainie s concert n guogang recording..o ripgal,does he ever mention chenglin in his weibo jottings?slightest hint?

  5. For those who are interested, more cute and fun BTS of our OTP here:
    *spoilers (mostly Ep 16)*

    Chemistry between Joseph and Rainie cannot be replicated in any way. See with your own eyes. 😀

    1. Hey Ripgal, thanks for posting this. My heart is still warm and giddy from watching the second part of the last episode. Too sweet! I am going to have a hude withdrawal from DTYL!! Can you give us, non-Chinese speaking readers, a summary of what happened in the clip above? Why did Rainie want to retake the shot? Too funny. Do you think Joseph is a pretty intense guy in real life? I mean the way he speaks with intense hand gesture and body movement is very much like SJX (around 2:54 ish) even after the director shouts “cut”. I wonder if it is because he was still wrapped up in SJX character or is it because he was already very close to Rainie that that is the way he is when he is comfortable? What do you think? I gotta tell you, I had never watched a TW drama live until this one and was more than happy to sacrifice my Sunday waiting in anticipation for these two. This drama did it for me (with the exception of a few episodes here and there). Thanks!

      1. Ok, here you go. Mainly Joseph and Rainie’s parts.

        Atmosphere and mood on the set started to light up with Rainie trying to imitate Andy Lau’s gestures and expressions. Influenced by her, Joseph totally went all out in his
        exaggerated actions and expressions, and NGed a lot of times. Even the director couldn’t take it no more. With the director’s warning, Joseph finally made the cut….UNTIL…

        [kissing scene]

        Rainie NG-ed on that scene. LOL peeps kept saying her face was red all over and she was shy. Considering how comfortable she’s with Joseph while filming DTLY all this while, she seemed more shy and embarrassed this time around.

        R: NO! I felt really awkward!
        J: Director, I saw it. She used that tactic, so that she could re-do the scene.
        R: You wish.

        R: The reason why I squat down after the take was because I suddenly felt, “Ermm.. why is it so quiet?” We didn’t rehearse anything after that scene. So I kept thinking what to do after that. Then ppl start mistaking me for wanting to re-take the scene.

        [replay of the NG]

        J: So I shouldn’t have kissed you just now?
        Someone else: Yes, that was sexual harassment (LOL).
        [Joseph falls on sofa and laughs non-stop]
        Someone else: You’re dead meat (Rainie)!
        R: Hey, I didn’t know what to do after that!! Hey, I’ve done more explicit ones with him before. That was just okay.
        [Joseph comes closer to camera]
        J: She blushed. But now she’s framing me saying that the kiss was not required in the script. She wants to frame me! The script stated clearly that we had to kiss, but you said the kiss was not required.
        R: I didn’t say that, I just thought why nothing was mentioned on what we should do after the kiss. Everyone was so quiet.
        J: So did you feel uncomfortable when I kissed you just now? I totally went along with the script. Was I wrong?
        R: Wait..!
        J: Don’t frame me OK?!!!!
        [Rainie covers Joseph’s mouth]
        Fattie: Actually they both love to kiss each other other.
        XR’s friend: That’s why they purposely NG-ed.
        R: You must think you’re overwhelmingly charming.
        J: I never thought I was overwhelmingly charming.
        [Joseph stresses again he never thought so]
        [He notices how Rainie becomes silent all of a sudden and tries to appease her]
        J: Ok it’s because SHE is too charming, making me want to kiss her all over again.
        [Looks at Rainie again]
        J: Delete this take!
        [Both of them laugh]


        SO INCREDIBLY CUTE! Love them!

  6. O ripgal,thanks for feeding my craving for any news /views /gossips /rumors/snapshots to do with Joseph n rainie.,,I m hyperventilating yet again from the snippets of tr off screen chemistry n meetings.the only clip we haven’t seen is the one wr Joseph surprises rainie during the guoguang show,hopefully tt will come our way soon.Life has to go on after dtly,so everyone tells me,my dogs hvnt had a bath in 4mths,my bathrooms hvnt been scrubbed,dishes have been stacked up since April…all becoz I hvnt been able to snap myself out of the heady intoxication with dtly n the Otp!n Joseph..ts god s gift unto women,is making even married women n grannnies weak in the knees..so how can rainie resist him! That airport reunion scene in epi 17 tugged at heartstrings n every other pore in our bodies n I m still feverish from it..o I m never gonna get over dtly or the Otp.tried a few other dramas to cushion the blow after Sunday,alas..,much as I love rainie n think her adorable in SA,wu chun looks like a virginal pretty boy next to Joseph Hunk!help,I m gonna have to check myself into rehab after sun nite n treat withdrawal symptoms..meanwhile,thanks 4 everything,ripgal.

    1. Awww… life turned up-side down because of the OTP huh? Luckily for me, I have too many drama OTPs to fawn over that I cannot possibly choose one over another. If not, I’d be in as much insanity as you are.

      Abt Joseph’s weibo, I rem he’d only posted a few crazy joker pics with Rainie a few months back when they were filming DTLY. He rarely updates nowadays, but when he does, it’s almost always about his bikes or his biking gang. I think he loves them too much lol

  7. can’t believe it all ends today!!!! can’t imagine starting the wek without highly anticipating a recap from ockoala…wat do i do with myself. I mean i’m so addicted to this and Joseph that i went out of my way to make a joseph chang book marker at work. my mom thinks i have a few screws loose. I say blame it on DTLY and joseph chang,…

    1. Mmg you are so incredibly cute! I get your addiction, once I was so into a drama OTP I printed out their picture and put it in my purse. LOL

      Joseph oh Joseph what have you done to us ladies eh?

  8. Oh my god!! Ripgal, you da best!!! Thank you so much for the translation; now it all makes sense. Thank you thank you thank you thank you! *Bowing down to worship you!* I couldn’t stop rewatching the last part of the finale — the review of their relationship. Too sweet and I squee like a high school girl. What a satisfying drama! Sigh…… Thank you Ripgal!!! Keep updating us with RJ news, OK? I wished they do a reunion thing like Goong where all the cast come so we get to see RJ interact with each other. Hahahaha… Thanks again!

    1. You’re most welcome. Anything for JX-XR, anything! 😀
      I haven’t watched Ep 18 yet, but read ockoala’s recap and died of sweetness and happiness. DTLY got me back into TW dramas for sure.

      I’m not sure if this counts as a reliable JR news or what. Take with grain of salt. The pic that the paps snapped of JR on the 8th? Some speculated that they might be… and I stress MIGHT BE collaborating in a stage play of DTLY as they were seen going to that theatrical troupe together that day. And Rainie did leave a message before the finale asking us fans to look forward for JX and XR’s future, and that she’ll leave it at there for us to guess.

      No confirmation of any sorts, but you know fans love to speculate! 😀

      1. Hahahaha! Any collaboration between the two definitely win my vote! BTW, if you have anything newsworthy from Joseph, don’t hesitate to update us via your blog mkay? Thanks, Ripgal! Now what are you waiting for?! Viki has completed the subbing of Episode 18. Enjoy!

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