MBC Can’t Lose releases first official trailer [Updated with 2nd trailer]

Awwww… such a lovely couple!

But nothing lasts forever as Yoon Sang Hyun and Choi Ji Woo‘s characters battle against each other with their wits to divorce in MBC’s upcoming rom-com Can’t Lose. They both play lawyers in the drama, so you can imagine all the bickering and shouting at each other which we’re gonna get from them.

Scheduled to replace Heartstrings this 24th August 2011, here are the trailers, hot from the oven : –

credits: starjiwoo / Anni



Looks mighty fun right? I already cannot wait to see how they will go against each other. Yoon Sang Hyun shouting and screaming here and there, Oska much? (I don’t mind tho, loved him in Secret Garden despite my indifference to the drama as a whole.) And Choi Ji Woo shedding her melodramatic fare to go for quirky and loud? I am sold.

My only major major worry – the writer. Coming from the one who’d penned Great Inheritance (one of the most boring dramas I’ve ever watched), I can only pray that he/she’s improved over the past few years. But if Scent of a Woman has managed to change my impression on the writer-PD team, who knows Can’t Lose may be able to win me over?


4 thoughts on “MBC Can’t Lose releases first official trailer [Updated with 2nd trailer]”

  1. OMO! I am so glad that there is someone else in the world that didn’t LOVE Shining Inheritance! Seriously, I couldn’t get past the first half hour! Then I skipped to the end and had predicted the entire drama! I wasn’t impressed by that drama AT.ALL. (though I adore Bae Soo Bin) and I never understood the hype. So I def think there’s a cause for concern.
    But I am looking forward to this drama. I like these two together. The preview aired this morning after The Shin Show and it looks fun fun fun. I doubt I’ll be chopping at the bit to see it ( I have so much to catch up on Princess, Warrior, Boss) but it’s on the tune in soon list.

    1. Oh-oh.. hahaa.. I meant Great Inheritance by Kim Jae Won and Han Ji Min (you’ve probably never seen it before, don’t cos it sucked). And on Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance, ermm.. I actually loved the show, thought it had heart though predictable and cliche. And I would never miss anything with Seung Gi <33 (I love nation's darling!). But I do understand why some people hated it, each to its own hehe 😀

      Back to Can't Lose, trailer gave me hope. Hopefully Yoon Sang Hyun and Choi Ji Woo are able to work their chemistry off. If anything, CJW is just like Kim Sun Ah No. 2, she can create chemistry with any actor. (Like she even had chemistry with a watermelon in 1 Night 2 Days?)

      1. LOL @ CJW.
        And oops… I do remember Great Inheritance but I’m actually not a big fan of either actor so I never tried to watch that one. I like Ha Ji Min fine (I think she’s gorgeous) but there’s always some disconnect with me. I love her in theory but then… Perhaps I enjoyed her most in Resurrection? Idk cause she and KJH were nice in Capitial Scandal too. But there’s always something off you know?
        Anyway, look forward to CL.

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