Immortal Song 2: Male Vocalist Special

Damn this show makes me blood pressure escalate. I am so not worthy. Just so happened to tune in to Immortal Song 2 on KBSW just now, and I was totally owned, by heart and soul, inside out by the performances displayed. The singers involved in this segment were all singers of great caliber and charisma, all who are more than capable in hitting all the right notes and buttons in order to grab your attention. And  your soul. I myself was totally worn out by the time it ended. My immediate thought – I have to blog about this!

Seriously, how does Korea manage to churn out such singers? The way they hit the low and high notes, the way they pour our their emotions and feelings into the songs. The heart. Is it something that they eat or what?

The singers involved in this special were Lee Seok Hoon (SG Wannabe), Hwan Hee,  Kim Tae Woo, K.Will, Im Tae Kyung, Lee Jung, Wheesung and Lee Hyuk (Norazo). All of them blew me away, save for Hwan Hee and Wheesung whom didn’t amaze me as much as I’d expected  (but did a decent job with their songs anyway).  Seriously, I had a very very  hard time choosing a favourite.

The theme for this special was classic/trot from famous singers in the past.

#1  Lee Seok Hoon – One Fine Spring Day


#2  Hwan Hee – Reed’s Genuine


#3  Kim Tae Woo – The Red Shoes


#4  K. Will – Tears of Mokpo


#5  Im Tae Kyung – Miss Camellia


#6  Lee Jung – Green Grape Love


#7 Wheesung – Man of a Yellow Skirt


#8 Lee Hyuk (Norazo) – Kick the Moon

video credits: WooriLoori


How tough was the competition? Only 2 singers, Hwan Hee and Lee Jung, did not manage to beat out the singer who sang before them. The rest won at least once. Like the audience and the host Kim Gura, I thought it was over by the time Lee Seok Heon finished his rendition. But I turned out to be so wrong. By the time I reached Im Tae Kyung, I was like o__0 wat the heck was I thinking.

Everyone gave their heart and soul to singing their best. The emotions, the passion, the conviction displayed by the singers. I felt extremely small and unworthy.

I loved all of the performances. And I thought Lee Hyuk was more than deserving of his victory. But if I had to choose my winner? Im Tae Kyung all the way. His theatrical rendition of Miss Camelia gave me goosebumps. I was left dumbfounded and awestruck the minute he closed his song.

What about you? Which performance did you like better?


10 thoughts on “Immortal Song 2: Male Vocalist Special”

  1. K.Will ,Im Tae Kyung, Lee Jung, and Lee Hyuk blew it out of the water!! Their voice is just incredible. I’ve always like Lee Jung and I hold the bar of standard up to him but , darn those others are as good or even better!!

    1. I was pleasantly surprised by Lee Jung’s performance. The rest went for stronger/powerful presentations, blowing audiences away with the outbursts of emotions. But Lee Jung’s was quiet yet calming and emotive. Was like a calm before Lee Hyuk’s storm. Loved it.

  2. Let me preface: I did not watch the performances. No I didn’t, for fear, I’d be in bed for the rest of the day weeping. As soon as I saw the list of performers, I shuddered. They are all artists that take everything I believe in life and turn it own it’s head when they perform, they “have me believing” in things I try my darndest to tamp down and remain sane about. And it’s crazy too because I’m only a fan of like one or two but all are so captivating that your world is literally rocked when you witness them. Uh.
    Thank you so much for sharing though. Maybe one performance a day?

    1. Oh please do share your thoughts when you’ve seen all. I wish IS2 could release digital versions of the performances… they’re just too beautiful not to be heard.

  3. 2 performances blew me away. All of them are great singers but I prefer Lee Hyuk’s vocal the best. I have no idea who he is until i stumble onto this post. He must be an underrated singer. I must say, it’s a difficult song to sing and one must have that special voice to do it. His voice is superb and so weird that he almost look like steve tyler from Aerosmith. I love his performance but I wish that he carried out 20% modern rock 80% “trot?” to showcase his awesome vocals.

    To me personally – I enjoyed Kim Tae Woo’s performance a lot that I automatically clapped towards the end of the video. I loved that he work out the bands… plus he is able to carry longer high notes despite dancing so smoothly.. it must be tiring to sing this kind of song. he has a good lungs. haha

    To me I love Lee Hyuk’s vocal and I will google his other works. Overall – I prefer Kin Tae Woo’s.. Thanks for all the videos. Is this Korean singers competition?

    1. Lee Hyuk is from Norazo, a somewhat quirky and eccentric band, different from the normal and mainstream pop groups/bands that you see on TV. If you google or youtube Norazo and their performances, you might not even recognize Lee Hyuk in it o_0 their genre is just different. A mix of dance pop and trot-ish element?

      Immortal Song is a show in which they invite singers from all facets of the K-pop world to compete and battle each out. The show features pop idols (who can sing) most of the time but they did a special for non-idol vocalists (male and female) a few weeks back, this being one of them. Try youtube-ing Immortal Song, they have weekly updates and uploads on the show.

  4. Lee Hyuk was amazing… plus, he deserves to be a lot more famous than he is… I think he’s at the level of Freddie Mercury or Adam Lambert…

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