Scent of a Woman Ep 9 BTS

Scent of a Woman! Can you stop melting my heart into puddles already?!!

Just when I thought nothing could ever touch JW and YJ’s tango scene in Ep 8 (the intensity, the gripping sexual and sensual chemistry..ooolala.. my heart pounds even as I type!), drama releases some more eye-grabbing stills to pique my interest.

Bike scenes are a commonplace in Korean drama (most recent? Heartstrings?). But never have I seen (in my entire life of watching K-drama) and never would I have expected a bike scene to be shot that way o_0.

My first reaction was, ermmmm… it must have been difficult for Wookie. Second reaction? That’s just major major major MAJOR sweetness! Gah, kill me already! XD

Scent of A Woman continues to surprise me with its creative ways of pushing the cliche and typical OTP romance forward. We’ve already got 3 tango scenes in 8 episodes, and in no time we’ll have the bike scene of the century, whereby we’ll get to see our OTP biking together in ONE bike, face-to-face, with love and sweetness abounds in the air. <3333 Although it’s not safe, and not practical in any way, but hey, don’t we love our K-drama romance? 🙂

The scene will appear in tomorrow’s episode (Ep 9). So for sure we’ll be expecting lots of sweet loving scenes (and possibly a kissing scene?) between our OTP. YAY! I’m not expecting it to last longer than an episode (as we know how K-drama romance formula works), but I do hope it will be good enough to help me savour their sweet moments together until the big revelation happens (T__T).

I know Saturday is tomorrow, but can it come faster? Pretty please?!

Picture credits: naver / Wookie baidu


BTS extra from a staff’s me2day:



7 thoughts on “Scent of a Woman Ep 9 BTS”

  1. ughhh I can’t wait for episode 9 (and 10) to air, too! Can’t recall the last time I was _this_ excited about a weekend K-Drama 😀 thanks for sharing the lovely pics, chinggu!

    1. Totally!! And when men wear checkered shirts, I just go CRAZY o_0 if I were YJ on the bike, I’d prob die of overdose of (Wookie) hotness. XD

  2. Did you watched the preview? Killing me!!! XD

    Thanks for the pictures!! Gah the preview makes me think more than a Kiss can happen… lol

    1. AAAH! You know I was totally fine until it actually hit me that this is LDW we’re talking about. I was thinking how much it (the scene) reminded me of City Hall but then I thought OMG what would I do with LDW in the dark, alone, an inch from my face! *shakes thought from head* Right. Hurray up show, I’m ready!

  3. Thank you for the pics! This drama is hitting all the rom-com buttons I’ve been missing since GL . I think we’ve had at least 3 fun rom-coms this year but this one is just mesmerizing for some reason.
    Thanks again. Can’t wait for Sun!

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