Choi Daniel’s Star Report

First off, HURRAY to The Musical! Having been put on hold for almost a year, the drama has finally landed itself a time-slot on SBS i.e. it will air every 9.55pm every Friday from 2nd of September 2011 onwards. Not a typical drama slot and all, but hey, who am I to complain? I get to see my ILU Choi Daniel (for 16 episodes!), what else gives? <33

I honestly don’t care about Gu Hye Sun, though I think girl’s got loads of talent to boot. But since she is main lead and will probable have a love-line with my ILU, will give her a chance (to work off her chemistry with him). If anything, it’s the music and the man I’m looking forward to in this drama.

My ILU did this Star Report interview with KBS about 2 months ago while BFB was almost reaching its end. But I’d only managed to come across the Eng-subbed clip just as of recent. And as usual, his quirky adorableness and earnestness made me squeeee in delight.


Fortunately The Musical  is nearly in sight. I don’t have to wait that long to see my baby on screen again!


4 thoughts on “Choi Daniel’s Star Report”

  1. Thank you so much for the interview.Don’t know if it’s his real personality but i found him so cute ans real .Makes me want to watch Worlds within ,i tried before but didn’t go beyond the first ep because it was boring for me.i’m also happy that his drama will air , i loved his acting in Baby faced beauty but i really didn’t like the actress in BBF.Hope the drama will be good ,i’m a little worried since they finished it for a very long time

    1. Since it’s a post production, dun think it will be too bad? At least they’ve had a year to edit and polish everything up.

  2. Yay more Daniel Choi in 2011! Wasn’t planning on watching this but as I have a newly found affection for the guy guess I will give it a shot.

  3. thanks for posting this… I like him too,,,he seems like a good guy and I do love him in BFB… am excited to see him again in The Musical…

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