Wookie for ARENA (Updated with more KILLER pics)

Why so HOT Wookie? As if SoAW isn’t doing enough for me?!!

Will keep words to minimum in this post, more time needs to be spent on staring, swooning and spazzing!

credits: naver / LDW baidu bar


UPDATED (24/08/2011)

Scans from the magazine itself:

credits: joanee3383/ krdrama.com


Doesn’t Wookie look vampirish in the new set of photos?!! That’s the kind of Edward I’m talking about. YUUUMMMM!


11 thoughts on “Wookie for ARENA (Updated with more KILLER pics)”

    1. Yup, he’s soaking up every single minute. I have a feeling he’d planned this way before he got out from MS – to burn our eyes yaiks. Bad bad Wookie:P

      How does he manage to look good in everything?

  1. Does the bag come with a free Wookie? If it does i’ll take it *then i’ll throw the bag away and drool over Wookie all day and all night long*

    1. LOL I love bags, and I love COACH (tho I can’t afford or buy one to save myself). But if bag comes with a free Wookie, I might just go for it! 😛

      1. i know i can’t afford to buy one but i’m sure i can spare a kidney if it means i get him too!!!!!!!

  2. Heeeeeeeeeee! \o/

    Silly question is question: how are you enjoying the post military service Showers of Angst in SoaW? I love ’em!

  3. Whatever he’s selling, I’m buying. Whatever woman marries this beautiful man must of saved the nation in a past life.

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