Closure – Drunken To Love You 醉后决定爱上你

You didn’t think I’d leave DTLY just like that?

Of course I wouldn’t. For a drama which has accompanied me for 4 long months, I can’t possibly just let go and move on right? And even if I wanted to, I really couldn’t. T_T DTLY closed its curtains on us 2 weeks ago, but I still find myself browsing thru DTLY forums, googling for DTLY stuff and searching for DTLY videos on youtube. Till today. Not an uber extreme case for me (as I’ve suffered worse withdrawals before), but it’s something that I’ve not experienced for quite some time. Not since Capital Scandal which was about 4 years ago?

DTLY ended on a sweet and fluffy note, just like how the drama began, minimal angst and cuteness abounds. Everyone had closure, and most importantly, Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru got their happily ever after. Though I didn’t like how they crammed everything up in the finale, in particular with XR finding her mom and Avril magically ending up with Ricky, I felt happy for all of the characters. They all ended up content and happy.

DTLY isn’t the best TW drama I’ve seen, and it definitely could have done away with its ridiculous and crazy sub-plots. But all in all, I had tremendous joy and fun with it, taking away from it beautiful memories left by one of the most sizzling OTPs in TW drama history.

Thumbs up to Joseph and Rainie for having created such a wonderful OTP out of JX and XR. And for having brought out the best in each other. Their awesomeness together is one that will remain etched in my heart for a very very very long time. <333

The team (PD, crew and actors alike) may part ways and move on to better projects, they may or may not collaborate again in future. We don’t know and will never know. But what we know, is that DTLY has successfully brought a whole bunch of people together, and made them family. Just recollect moments from their BTS clips, I believe you will agree with me 100% that ALL of them had a wonderful time filming together. It’s rapport and camaraderie that makes you smile wide. 😀

There is always an end to good things. Everything in fact. But it’s the memory together that counts. 😀

DTLY, thank you so much for the beautiful memories. An-nyeong, Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru.


Extra stuff:

Interview clip from their wrap-up party (a bit old but better than none):


Cut of Joseph surprising Rainie on set of Guo Guang Bang Bang Mang:

(He appears around the middle of the clip, for a teeeeeny weeeeeny while :P)


This may be my last post on DTLY. Will definitely miss all the frenzy and spazzworthy discussions with DTLY, JX-XR & JR fans. But who knows down the road, down the years what will happen? hehehhee..

Photo and video credits: DTLY/Rainie baidu bar/ video uploaders


15 thoughts on “Closure – Drunken To Love You 醉后决定爱上你”

  1. Nice! Thanks for the clips. I abandoned it midway through in favour of more cracktastic dramas, but I enjoyed it precisely the reasons you mentioned and will definitely be back sometime to savour the rest of series.

    By the way, have you checked out the drama following it? I’m not into the lead couple, but the rest of the cast seems like it was transplanted wholesale from The Fierce Wife, which I adore, so I’m contemplating watching just for that.

    1. I think youtube has cuts of JX-XR only. You might want to focus just on their parts when you return to watching it. lol

      Haven’t checked out the new drama, not planning to unless someone has something good to say about it. In fact I still have to catch up with Material Queen which I’d put on hold for quite some time. And wait for Extravagant Challenge and that new Ariel Lin drama?

      1. lol. we’re so picky aren’t we? TW-dramas have finally delivered a batch worth watching and here we are cherry-picking not just the series, but the scenes. i’m watching bits of most of the tw-dramas showing now, except maybe lin bei. ><

        extravagant challenge is showing sometime nov/dec if I'm not wrong? so plenty of time to wait. but yes, i'm hugely anticipating ariel lin's new drama, even though as an actress, ariel's never really connected with me, somehow.

      2. I’m not following any TW drama right now so I won’t know, but I’m glad you’re enjoying most of the stuff you’re watching right now. 😀

        Not a fan of Ariel Lin as well, but I dig the friends-lovers premise A LOT. It’s a fairly simple concept on paper, but when it involves real people, anything can happen. I wanna see how the magic works in that drama.

  2. Aww.. Ripgal, you never disappoint me. Thanks so much! I woke up and went to your blog and saw that picture. Totally made my day! I love it when you talk about DTYL. I have gone back and rewatched some favorite parts. Do you know the direct link to the youtube videos that upload only JX-XR parts? I also rewatched some of the BTS and wonder what they talk about. If you don’t mind, can I ask you what they talk about in some specific scenes? There was one where Joseph and Rainie were talking to the director, and the three of them laugh, but I didn’t understand what they were laughing about. Hahahaha… If OK, I will give a better description on which episode it aired with. Thanks again.

  3. Ripgal!!!thanks for making my day!glad to know I m not the only one who s still browsing for anythg remotely related to dtly,JR n SJX/lxr.,. I am Normal after all! Is it true a dtly musical is in the works??n dat Joseph has signed up to reprise his role??yippee!!n I read sometime back dat rainie may also be considering doing some theatre!o I sure hope the news is reliable!keep us posted!we r counting on u!!

    1. Nope no news about DTLY being adapted into theater yet, BUT news came out today that DTLY will be adapted into a cartoon, and Joseph and Rainie will again reprise their roles as Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru! 😀

      Altho it’s only a cartoon and J and R are only going to provide their voices in here, it’s better than nothing right?

      Another side news mentioned that writer of DTLY is planning to go into theater and hopes to secure Joseph as lead in her new play. No mention of Rainie here.

  4. Woohoo…. Queen of hearts, welcome to the club! 🙂

    Ripgal, thanks so much for doing this. Here is the video that was uploaded a while ago and has mostly things about Joseph. Can you provide the gist, please? Thanks so much!! Muachhh Muachhh…

    1. The clip basically highlights Joseph’s soaring popularity as an actor after his DTLY stint. He’s been in the industry for 10 years, and has received numerous accolades for his acting in dramas and film. However, it is precisely only after DTLY that he has become even more recognized and well known.

      DTLY opened viewers to his Joseph’s comedic talent, and showcased how playful and OTT the actor can become when his comic button is on. The set becomes livelier with his exaggerated antics, and everyone is amused and entertained non-stop. He became the jokester and laughingstock of the team, and brought lots of fun and laughter to the set.

  5. Oh BTW Ripgal, no need to translate the bits from the drama, just what the reporter and the people are saying in the BTS. Thanks so much ya!

  6. our feelings are mutual.i love DTLY esp LXR and Mr. Song…since the last day of DTLY…i always everyday searching their BTS..if you have BTS of the last episode..just keep us posted. Thanks!

  7. Yo,thanks,yosan,have been a regular visitor to rip gal s blog since the start of DTLY..felt like I found a soulmate in rip gal s she too was raving n gushing abt LXR-SJX,jc-ry and DTLY!!guez there r many of us hard hit by it s been 2wks since the finale but m stil missing it..n I can’t bring myself to watch office girls or material queen…even sunshine angel doesn’t captivate s DTLY did..although Rainie is also adorable in it..wu chun,cute though he may be..lack s Joseph s charisma n masculinity…not a fan of Ariel Lin either so I doubt I d be hooked on her impending drama..guez To fill the void,I will just have to rewatch LTM for the 10 th time…but then again I could just continue to gawk n ogle at DTLY,the BTS for the 199 th time while I await the next JC&RY collaboration in a drama/cartoon/theatre/fashion show…anything….to materialize!

  8. AAH! I’m so glad I finally read this! I really am going to miss this drama. And who could ever say a coarse word about the Joseph/Rainie combo!
    I’m new into TW-D so this is one of my favs but there are so many that I’m trying to get caught up on. There are a few that have intrigued me, but alas, I just don’t have the time. I’m thinking the kdrama wave will calm down around mid/end Sept., so hopefully I can watch Material Queen and Fierce Wife around then.
    Hate to see them go but it was amazing while it lasted. Won’t be forgetting this gem of a pairing for a long long time.

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